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01 January 2013 @ 01:14 pm
Welcome to my journal! Entries which are about fandom stuff only, like cosplay, convention reports or random thoughts about anime, manga, and Japan stuff are public, but personal entries are friends-locked. Not really because I have anything to hide, but more because I think people who come here for the fandom stuff aren't interested in reading about my boring life. X'D

I don't really have a friending policy or anything like that, because "friends don't need qualifications!"  =D  But if we've never really talked before and you want to be my friend, please comment here or send me a message saying who you are and why you're interested. Then I'll very likely add you back. ^-^


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09 October 2015 @ 08:30 pm
Another day with lots of walking today, 17000 steps. =P  And I wasn't even out all day, 'cause in the morning I translated about half a chapter for work. But in the afternoon I met up with sindraa again to see some stuff around Shinjuku. First we went to the national garden, Shinjuku Gyouen. It was just as pretty as I remembered it, and the weather was perfect!

 photo SAM_5908_zps0whcglui.jpg

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08 October 2015 @ 10:02 pm
So I did get a new translation project in yesterday... But I managed to finish the first (60-page...) chapter within the day somehow, so I could still go and hang out with sindraa as planned. We met up at Noborito station and went to see an open-air museum, Nihon Minkaen.

It's a museum of old Japanese houses, and they had over 20 of them, so the park was really big! At first we thought we might be done pretty quickly, but there was so much to see, and one of the volunteers took us on a free guided tour around some houses for about two hours as well, so we ended up spending most of the day there. I got over 18000 steps today O_O;

 photo SAM_5874_zpsgb6ap2to.jpg

The whole museum looked like an old Japanese village, so walking around there was like stepping back in time. (Well, if not for the planes and helicopters flying over all the time xD )  Apparently they "collected" all these houses from various areas in Japan, broke them down piece by piece (while keeping track of which piece goes where, of course...) and then moved them and re-built them all here in the park.

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05 October 2015 @ 07:44 am
Yesterday night was the Yona event! It turned out to be a lot like the radio shows, except this time they had all of the happy hungry bunch (+Su-won, lol) there. Apparently it was their first time having an event with everyone present, because it's really hard to schedule something like that. But I'm really glad it worked out, because it was awesome~

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04 October 2015 @ 10:51 am
Yesterday sindraa and I did the Takao - Jinba hike, the first time somebody's been crazy enough to do that one with me, haha. it's about 20 kilometers, or 30000 steps. I've walked it 3 times in it's entirety before by myself (Don't think I ever posted pictures of those times due to bad timing / being busy though... ^^;) So this was the 4th time, but since the last time was almost two years ago, a lot had changed since then! I almost didn't recognize parts of the route... ^^; So sometimes I wasn't sure if we were still going the right way. But we found out that if there are no signs where the path branches into multiple paths, all of them go to the same place, so no worries about getting lost. XD

 photo SAM_5819_zpsqznctdfz.jpg

Seriously, the paths after Mt. Takao going to Shiroyama were so nicely refurbished, I thought it was a shame because it doesn't look very natural anymore this way... Too many wooden stairs, fences, and nicely raked gravel paths... ^^;

anyways, we went up Mt. Takao by trail 6, which hadn't changed much. Except that it was more crowded than I've ever seen it, probably because it was a saturday, and we started hiking later than I used to when I lived closer to the area. When I lived about half an hour away, I'd start at about 7:30 or 8, but since it took me about an hour and a half to get there now, we only started at 9. Still plenty of time to finish the 6~7 hour walk though. And we took plenty of rest, so we got to the bus stop at the foot of Mt. Jinba at about 4.

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30 September 2015 @ 05:05 pm
I said I'd post more pictures of the Tenipuri cosplay meeting two weeks ago (because we have plenty... =P  ), and I don't want my efforts of sorting out those 3000 photos to go to waste... xD  So here they are~

 photo IMGP9032_zpsdvv8ksqf.jpg

...Wait, you're not a buchou. xD  *hides*

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29 September 2015 @ 08:28 pm
I finally picked up volume 1 of Nyanko-Sensei ga Iku! (And I updated translations with the latest chapters here, btw =3 )

The printed volume doesn't seem to have that many extras though. ^^; It has a couple of new pages with 'games', like one where you have to spot 10 differences between two pictures, or one with a paper dress-up doll of Nyanko-sensei that you can copy, cut out and play with.

 photo SAM_5813_zpsybl7cfiu.jpg

But there don't seem to be any extra comics. (thank goodness I don't have to translate anything extra xD )  The comics are really nice quality though! Usually in these kinds of manga, there's two 4-koma strips on one page, but the volume only has one strip per page. So they're printed nice and big, even the small handwritten bits of text are easy to read. It also has textless version of the 'covers' of each chapter, and an afterword by Midorikawa Yuki herself with a couple of illustrations (just one page). But that's about it for new stuff. I guess it's worth the purchase if you just want a nicely printed version of all the comics (or if you want some short bite-sized comics to read on the train, like me xD ), but if you've already read all the comics when they were published online, there's not a whole lot to see.


Things are finally quieting down a bit, now that I finished all the translation assignments I had. Well, at least until I get in my next ones, probably some time next week... But I managed to sleep past 8AM for the first time since I got to Japan...! That's something. xD And I took a whole day 'off' today, to go out and see stuff, which was very nice too. =D I met up with Sindraa, but we both didn't really want to spend too much money on anything (and both of us have already visited the most popular tourist spots in and around Tokyo), so we ended up just walked around some random parks and temples in the Meguro/Shinagawa area.

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28 September 2015 @ 06:46 pm

Today I finished work at about 3PM, so after that I went to check out Todoroki valley~ I'd heard that it's really pretty, but not all that big / long, so you can walk trough it pretty quickly. And Todoroki station is only 10 minutes away by the local train, without any transfers, so it was really easy and cheap to get there.

And once you step out of the station there, and walk for... less than 5 minutes I think, you'll find yourself all surrounded by green~ It's hard to believe it's still in the middle of Tokyo. Once I stepped inside, it was really quiet except for the sounds of birds and cicadas and the running water in the river.

 photo SAM_5738_zpsfes2j69i.jpg

Then you can walk alongside the river for about... 1 kilometer, I think. It really wasn't all that long, so I just took my time to look around and take some pictures. =3

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27 September 2015 @ 05:11 pm
I couldn't fit it in my previous posts, but last Tuesday evening after the bunkasai, my friend and I went to see a stage play that two Japanese friends were in. It was so random, I probably would've never gone and watched something like it if our friends hadn't been in it. But I'm glad I did, 'cause it was really interesting.

The play was called "Flying Pirates" and it was loosely based on Peter Pan, but the story and setting were totally different. Kind of like an AU sequel to the story of Peter Pan, I guess? Really weird, but they managed to write it in a way that it actually made sense. xD
There was this group of four Japanese girls who really wanted to go to the Neverland they knew from the book, but when they actually got there, it turned out that everybody there had grown up, and Neverland had turned into an "adult society". So Captain Hook was the president of a company (with Peter Pan being an overworked salaryman in the company), and the mermaids were escorts, etc... Then the Japenese girls had to try and 'save' neverland and turn it back to normal.

The acting and dancing was really impressive (especially my friend's dancing ^o^). And the theater was tiny, and we were in third row, so I could see everything really well up close! It was just too bad that most of the songs were pre-recorded though, so the actors weren't actually singing on stage, just lip-sinching to the music. I guess they did it that way because they weren't using any microphones, so singing might be hard to hear if they did it live... But it kinda took something away from it all, because the actors all seemed like they could sing well enough. (Especially compared to certain actors in Tenimyu, haha. xD) But I still really enjoyed it! And we got to go backstage after the show to see our friend, which was really cool. ^o^


Today after doing some work (60 pages... >w<) I went for a walk to the Tama river. Apparently it's about a 30 minute walk from where I'm staying, and you just have to follow a big road to get there, so it was really easy to find.

 photo SAM_5695_zpswurej3q6.jpg
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26 September 2015 @ 03:11 pm
So I'm into volume 16 of the Akatsuki no Yona manga now, 'cause I had quite a bit of time to read on the boat to and from Kozushima... And I'm really enjoying the water tribe arc so far!

Lili and her two bodyguards are so cool! I remember Kusanagi-sensei talking about how she wanted to add more cool female characters in the authors' notes once, and I guess this is how she did it. And Yona has gotten even cooler as well! I loved how when Lili was in trouble, you'd totally expect one of the guys to go save her, but nope, Yona herself went in and saved her! That was one gorgeous kick! (Guess she really has been watching Jae-ha's techniques. xD) And she actually managed to stand her ground in a sword fight too. Sooo cool! I wonder if Lili's going to grow to be just as cool as Yona from here on out... She seems to be inspired to do so, at least! I wonder if girls are allowed to be tribe leaders, or if Lili has any brothers... =O She'd make an awesome tribe leader herself. I was really surprised that the water tribe learder even had a daughter of the same age as Yona though, 'cause he looks pretty young himself... ^^;

And omg, I can't believe Yona and Su-won finally met, and now they're working together as if it's the most natural thing in the world for them to do. But I love how they seemed to come to some kind of silent agreement immediately, both of them knowing that it would be bad if their true identities were revealed. So they're just playing along with whatever the other says... I was actually pretty amazed that Yona was calm and composed enough to do that (More so than Hak at least, omg... >www< ) , considering how she reacted when she saw him last time in Awa. I wonder how long this situation can last though, it's obviously very strained between them... If they have to spend any more time together, or if they meet again and are left alone together for some reason, they're gonna HAVE to have a proper talk some time soon... >www<

Also, Su-won HAS to have noticed that something is up with the guys hanging out with Yona, right? I mean, he's GOT to have noticed Kija's hand, at least... But he didn't actually believe in the legend, or any gods, did he? So is he eventually going to realize that the four dragons are real? And what would his reaction to that be? =O

I'm also really enjoying the author's notes columns every time... One really caught me off guard though... There is a drama cd for the love potion chapter!? It said so in one of the columns in volume 15, but I've never heard of that! I want it so badly now!! >ww< Even though I still haven't listened to the latest one, despite buying it... ^^; But I'll do that after catching up with the manga, 'cause apparently it covers some stuff from the latest volume. ^^;


And I also watched the OVA...
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25 September 2015 @ 07:32 pm
Everything with the talkshow was organized so badly... As if we hadn't stood in lines enough on the first day... ^^;

When we arrived at about 9m, first they had everybody with tickets line up in the SAME line as everybody else who was just there to visit the exhibition in general, and then the staff went and talked to everybody in line one by one, to pick out the people with talkshow tickets and guide them to a different line (still one by one... ^^;) It took them over an hour to gather all the people. Then a little after 10, they held a lottery where you had to exchange your winning talkshow ticket for a numbered ticket, which would determine the order in which you got to go into the hall. But I couldn't help but wonder why they just didn't put numbers on the tickets in the first place, so they wouldn't have had to go through all this. It all just took so long... The show was supposed to start at noon, and ALL those three hours in between arriving and the start of the show, was spent lining up in different places to get our actual ticket for the show, and then waiting while the staff split all the people up into different blocks, who could then go in one by one. Nobody in the staff seemed to have any idea what was really going on, because they kept building fences to set up different lines, and then breaking them down again without using them, then setting up new lines, etc.... ^^;;;

Anyways, thanks to my friend's injury we actually managed to get great seats. At first we got standing tickets, and with some of the worst numbers possible (in the 380~390 range out of 400 or so people?). But because my friend can't stand up for that long, we tried to talk to the staff when they were sorting all the people according to numbers, and asked if there was anywhere for her to sit. At first they didn't really seem to know what to do, and made us (and another injured girl) stand outside in the burning sun for... I don't even remember how long. ^^;
But when it was time to go in, they found out that apparently not everybody who had tickets in the seating area showed up, so there were plenty of open seats near the front. I was expecting them to fill those up with the people who had the highest numbers for the standing area, but they didn't... So even when we sat down, there were still quite a few open seats while the standing area was packed. ^^;;

But the seating area was right in front of the stage, so we had a great view on Minagawa Junko, Kaida Yuki and Nagai Sachiko. They were so cute and energetic, it's hard to believe they're almost 40 years old now. =O They were fangirling along about each other just as hard as the audience was, lol. And Kaida Yuki is so tiny! I know she was pretty short, because as Kurapika she was shorter than Gon and Killua in the HxH musical, but she looked even tinier in person. So cute!! It still feels unreal I actually saw her up close (like, REALLY close), while I've been watching her in the HxH musicals since I first got into HxH over 10 years ago. >ww<

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After the talkshow it was a LOT less crowded in the actual exhibition area, so we went in again so we could take better pictures of/with the setups and character cutouts. The previous days we weren't even able to go around ALL the areas just because it was so crowded, but now we could see and do everything no problem. =D

 photo 12064211_10153327207243547_121463504_n_zpsnprtsrpb.jpg

No comment... xD
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24 September 2015 @ 07:36 pm
Today I worked on doujinshi translation (about 40 more pages to go until I finish this request... =3) , did laundry, shopping, trimmed my hair, and some other uninteresting stuff, so instead I'll talk about the Tenipuri Bunkasai (cultural festival) I went to the past two days =3

...OMG, so much standing in lines... I think we stood in lines for over 4 hours, and that was just on the first day... ^^;;; It was so crowded! Basically, first we were lining up to get in, then lining up to see the different exhibition rooms and take pictures, then lining up to buy merchandise, and finally lining up for J-world to get food there (and a stamp for the stamp rally). And then lining up at the Animate to exchange our stamp rally cards for a clear file... ^^; And that was about it for the first day. xD

 photo SAM_5680_zps1jwvgtvm.jpg

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23 September 2015 @ 08:49 pm
So I'm back from the island trip... And a bunch of other things and events since then, but I've been making such long days that I haven't had the time to update about anything @_@  Let's see if I can catch up in the coming days, when hopefully things will quiet down... Or so I wish, at least... ^^;

Last Friday night we went to the island by an overnight ferry, which took about 7 hours. And I didn't manage to sleep at all on board. ^^; Some people's tickets gave them a space in a Japanese-style room, where you could stretch out on the floor and sleep, but we were in an area with chairs, kinda like on a plane. They did recline a bit more than average plane seats, but still, I just can't sleep sitting up (or slouching over) in a chair. So I ended up wandering around the boat in between my attempts at sleeping, going to the top deck looking at the stars and the lights from the islands we passed, having some snacks, (Fried chicken from a vending machine may sound weird, but it was pretty good for a midnight snack xD ), and talking to the people in our group. We went on a group tour organized by the Tokyo Snow Club, a club organizing various outdoor activities and trips mainly for foreigners living in Tokyo (but there were plenty of Japanese people too xD )

I should probably be glad we at least HAD seats though, because the entire ferry was filled to the brim with people sitting or sleeping on the floors in the hallways and outside on the decks. Apparently they carry many more people on the ferry than there are seats or rooms, and a ticket is cheaper if you don't reserve a seat. But it was a very strange sight seeing all those people sprawled all over the floors. I had to do my best not to step on them when I wandered around the boat. ^^;

The view on Tokyo bay was so pretty at night~

 photo SAM_5484_zps0ixbr8nh.jpg

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15 September 2015 @ 03:27 pm

Yesterday I took it easy and tried to get some things done. I made some calls to figure out the working visa stuff, and ended up with a list of documents I'm gonna need. Most of it is things I'll need to ask from the company, so I forwarded it to them... Hopefully they'll start working on that soon. >w<

Then I got in another translation project yesterday... Of course it's right before next weekend, when it's a long holiday so I'm going on a trip with my friend (still have to prepare for that... @@ We'll be needing a tent, amongst other things xD ) , AND to two days of the Tenipuri Bunkasai... So I basically won't be able to work 5 days out of the 11 days I'm getting to work on this (The deadline's next Friday). Thankfully my workload this time is only about half of what I usually do (because I told them I'd be busy), so I think I should be fine within half of the time. I'll just have to do the same amount of pages per day as I used to do before.... Lol, so much for reducing my workload. ^^;  But I finished the first chapter today at least, and that seems to be the longest one... =3


There are about 3000 photos of the cosplay meeting O_O; Just as I'd finished going though the first batch of about 200 pictures yesterday (and I already thought THAT was a lot...) , all the other stuff got posted. No time to go through all of that now though, so here's just some pictures from the batch I got first. =P

 photo 0457_xlarge_zps9nvnhir5.jpg

I would've probably never thought to ever see myself in this cosplay, but I actually like it a lot...! Except for the design of the Yamabuki shirt kinda emphasizing places that shouldn't be emphasized when crossplaying... ^^;;;

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14 September 2015 @ 09:37 am
The weekend was exhausting but filled with awesome Tenipuri stuff~

On Saturday I met up with aionephyra and her friend, who are visiting Japan for the first time~ It was fun to hear what they've been up to so far, it reminded me of when I first visited Japan. We met near the Tenimyu venue because we were gonna try and get them tickets for the evening show. So in the afternoon we hung out around Tokyo Dome City.

First I took them to see Koishikawa Korakuen ('cause they hadn't been to any Japanese temples or gardens yet xD ) and had some ice cream there to cool off (kakigoori~ =33). It was more crowded there then I'd ever seen! All around the pond, there were lots and lots of photographers with tripods and huge cameras lined up. Curious about what they were photographing, we asked an old man about it, and he was kind enough to show us some of his photos. All the pictures were of kingfishers, a rare bird to see in the middle of Tokyo. Apparently they took up residence in the garden, so everybody was looking at it. xD (All the previous years I visited Korakuen, they were doing construction work, but it seemed to be finished now... So maybe the birds finally found it peaceful enough to live there. xD)

After that we went to some shops around Tokyo Dome City, like the Jump shop, and we took purikura.
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At 4 we went to line up for the Tenimyu tickets, and met up with two other friends there. There weren't all that many people, so they just sold the tickets directly without doing a lottery. So we could all go to the show together, yay~

I hadn't seen any of the 3rd season cast yet (other than the dvd we watched the other day), but I really liked them! Or rather, there was nobody I really disliked. xD Individually they weren't really the best of singers, but together they sounded good enough. And The new Eiji is really cute, I love his voice! He actually sounded a lot like Takahashi Hiroki to me =O
I still can't really get into any of the new songs though. After so many seasons, the new songs all kinda sound the same to me. I enjoy listening to them and watching the dances, but nothing's really catchy enough to stick in my head immediately. So I really enjoy that they keep using old songs, wether as-is or remixed. I teared up a little at hearing Shizukanaru Toushi, Dream Maker and Aoku Moeru Honoo live.
After the show they did miokuri, where you get to walk right by the actors and they wave goodbye to everyone. For this show it was Fuji, Eiji, Akazawa and... One more of the St. Rudolph people Uchimura, I didn't remember. ^^;;;  But my friend injured her ankle a while ago, so we couldn't walk up the stairs along with the rest of the crowd. So the staff made us wait on a bench right around the corner from where the actors where, and then we got to greet them last. They looked so surprised, pulling that typical "OMG, gaijin!" kinda face that Japanese people do. xD It was so funny. Even when we piled into the elevator, they kept reaching out to wave to us.

After the show, aionephyra and her friend went home, but I went for karaoke for about an hour with the others. Of course we sang all Tenimyu songs, like the ones from the old St. Rudolph myu. I probably really shouldn't have gone because I was still feeling sick from exhaustion and I need sleep, (I've been having a constant headache since I got here, I'm basically living on painkillers xD), but it was just too awesome.


Then on Sunday there was the Tenipuri cosplay meeting~ Another exhausting day, haha. We met up at 10 and basically walked around Odaiba taking pictures all day, until about 5pm. ^^;
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