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01 January 2013 @ 01:14 pm
Welcome to my journal! Entries which are about fandom stuff only, like cosplay, convention reports or random thoughts about anime, manga, games, and Japan stuff are public, but personal entries are friends-locked. Not really because I have anything to hide, but more because I think people who come here for the fandom stuff aren't interested in reading about my boring life. X'D

I don't really have a friending policy or anything like that, because "friends don't need qualifications!"  =D  But if we've never really talked before and you want to be my friend, please comment here or send me a message saying who you are and why you're interested. Then I'll very likely add you back. ^-^


=> For seeing some of my cosplay, you can go to my Cosplay.com account.
=> For my Hunter x Hunter drama cd and lyric translations, please refer to my translations masterpost.
(Please note that I'm currently NOT available for additional translation requests. Sorry!)


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24 July 2016 @ 06:31 pm
The only thing I ever visit these big department stores for: Manga exhibitions. xD

 photo SAM_7659_zpsrsbdynmh.jpg

And then I remembered why... These buildings are like mazes!  it took me about 40 minutes wandering around the massive complex to find the gallery ^^; Apparently it consists of 4 buildings, each with up to 7 floors, and having "north" and "south" parts and also certain sections within those, like, A, B, C, etc... And you can only move between buildings on certain floors, so if you're in the wrong one, you have to go up, or down, and up and down, etc... ^^; I don't know how, but somehow I ended up in the parking garage, and couldn't find an elevator that went up to the floor that I wanted. ^^; Seriously, why have elevators that only stop on the B2, B1, 1st, 4th, 5th and 7th floor, but not all of them!? And why have staircases that don't have entrances to every floor!? And why aren't there signs saying where anything is!? And is it really necesary to make the routes run THOUGH random expensive shops, so that you're not sure if you're even supposed to be walking there or not? Ugh, so confusing...

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24 July 2016 @ 10:58 am
Yesterday night I went to a firefly-viewing festival at Senzokuike park. Yeah, apparently that's a thing. ^^; I really had no idea to expect, but I'd seen posters for it a few weeks ago, and I usually go for a walk there almost every weekend, so I figured I might as well check it out with a friend. =3 I'd never seen fireflies for real before, and for certain Natsume Yuujinchou reasons I was really curious to see them >w< I listened to the Hotaru story from the sound theater again during work in the morning, to get in the mood >w<

According to the poster, it was starting at 19:30, so we went there right on time... Although I thought it was strange that it started at a specific time, because don't fireflies just come out whenever it suits them? xD But as soon as we arrived, we learned what the catch was: apparently there weren't any natural fireflies! ^^;;; Even though the park seems like a good location for them. But it seems they just don't show up in the middle of the city like this.

So what it was, was that they'd set up several tents and 'cages' made of fine netting on top of a bridge over a part of the pond, in which they had captive fireflies. I really wonder where they got them from, or if they were raised in captivity maybe... But you could see them really well that way. They were so pretty! I didn't know that they flashed like that! I thought they just lit up the entire time, but their lights all went on and off with a different timimg, so that the whole place looked like a big sparkling christmas tree. xD Some had even escaped from the netting, so it almost looked like there were natural fireflies above the pond. =O (I bet it would look really cool if they just released them all >w< )

I didn't take any pictures though, because I wasn't sure if it was allowed (nobody else did ^^;) and I was too preoccupied actually watching them. And it was pretty crowded, so we didn't want to stand still and block the bridge either. There was even a big line for it... I think we waited over an hour before we finally got in. ^^;;; But in the end it was well worth it, for a free event like this, right in the neighborhood. I'd really like to go and see fireflies in the wild somewhere some time now though.

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We also got dressed up in yukata, because it was kinda like a summer festival~ And luckily we weren't the only ones! There weren't really any stalls or fireworks, or other 'festival-like' activities other than watching the fireflies, so I didn't think that many people would bother to dress up for it, but lots of them did! Again no pictures cause it was too dark outside, but just imagine how cool it looks when lots of people are dressed up in traditional Japanese clothes. I definitely wanna go to a 'real' festival or fireworks display some time this summer too! >w
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20 July 2016 @ 10:35 pm
Is it really 2016...? Cause here I am, waiting for the release of the new Pokemon game, and crying over the latest episodes of Dragonball, like I was in elementary school... ^^;;;;

Seriously, can we talk about Dragonball Super? I'm not caught up entirely, but I watched a few episodes on the weekend, and it's... I don't even know where to start! >wwwwww< It's... totally NOT okay, but at the same time it's awesome? I dunno... The latest arc is just so... Hnnngh >< It made me realize all over again what I love about this show; on the surface it's a cool kids' show about fighting and superheroes and silliness, and it does have plenty of funny moments, but if you think about what's REALLY going on with the characters, it's just so messed up, so sad, so touching... >///< I'm kind of surprised that I can still love it this much after all these years, but I guess that just shows what an amazing job this latest arc has been doing. And we're only just a few episodes in!

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19 July 2016 @ 09:17 am
On Monday, Ocean day, I went for another long walk along the Tama river. Not quite the ocean, but I already went to that a while ago, and... Hey, it's connected to the ocean! Does that count? xD And it's cheaper to go there than to take a train to the actual ocean.

 photo SAM_7653_zpsjxdafttv.jpg

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18 July 2016 @ 10:47 am
Watching Tenimyu this weekend made me realize it's been almost 10 years since I first got into Tenipuri and Tenimyu! That was in 2006, when I was in high school, and the original Hyouteimyu had just come out. So that was the first one I watched on DVD. Then 5 years ago, in 2011, I saw my first Tenimyu live, which was 2nd season Hyouteimyu. And now, in 2016, I got to watch 3rd season Hyouteimyu live, and from the 2nd row, at that! Which was pretty awesome =3 Not my first time being that close, I had 2nd row for 2nd season Hyoutei once as well, but it's still the most awesome way to watch Tenimyu. Combined with my new glasses, that gave me an awesome view.

 photo IMG_20160716_221415_zpsljnzq3p7.jpg

Everyone is so pretty! Not that I have any special attachment to the actors, but it's still a little sad that this Seigaku cast is graduating already, just as I was starting to get used to them >w<  And then there's the new Hyoutei cast! They're definitely well cast, nobody really looked out of place to me. They just did a really good job portraying their characters, and I'm looking forward to seeing them grow in the coming years, because they have so much potential! Especially Atobe, OMG! Not my favorite character by far, but his actor is such a good dancer and singer! The only thing that was a little lacking was his stage presence (He looks a lot younger than most other Hyoutei members ^^;) , but hopefully he'll work on that as he grows into his role.

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13 July 2016 @ 10:01 pm
More stuff I wrote when I was bored at work... >w< The LJ post editor still seems to be having issues though, so I hope it shows up alright...

Last weekend I actually went to onsen two times! Once near the beach in Shimoda on Sunday, and once to the local onsen on Saturday. It's quite a different experience of course, but I've been going to the local bathhouse almost every Saturday evening lately, because it's just so relaxing. I know I probably shouldn't because it costs money every time, and a cold shower at home would work just as well for getting my body clean, but I can deal with that if I think of it as a contribution to my general physical and mental health. =3 As long as I remember to go later in the evening, that is... ^^; I tried going around 5PM once, but there were so many kids then! Not exactly relaxing... But around 7-8PM it's usually nice and quiet.

And it's addicting to keep going every week, because there's a lot of variety in the baths. For one, there are two different bathing areas. That in itself is pretty normal, because all bathhouses have a men's side and a women's side, but while usually both sides are exactly the same, at this bathhouse, the types of baths offered on both sides are completely different! That's why the men and women switch sides every week, to give everybody a fair chance to use all the types of baths.

One side focuses on the calm and stillness of water, and the other side is about enjoying the movement of water. What that means more concretely, is that one side has baths with 'still' water in which you can relax for a long time, like herbal baths (a different scent every time! Yet another incentive to go every week), a bath with low-temperature carbonated water in which you can sit for a very long time without getting overheated, and an outdoors bath that has a part that's not very deep, so it seems to be designed to lie down in.

The other side, with the 'moving water' has things like bubble baths, massage jets, a 'walking bath' (a waist-deep long pool with handrails, in which you're encouraged to do exercises), and an outdoors 'cave bath', which is literally built inside of an artificial cave, which makes you want to move around and explore it. The cave is also lighted in a way that makes the reflection of the water on the ceiling absolutely mesmerizing to watch. And the inside is decorated in white with blue polka dots 8D Just the perfect bath for me. =3

Both sides also have a sauna and cold bath, but since the sauna is charged extra, I haven't tried it yet. (If I wanted to go to one, I'll just go to the other bathhouse 10 minutes away, which has less variety in baths but the sauna's free) Although I have used the cold bath to cool down after sitting in the hot baths for too long. xD

Having the onsen so nearby is one of the reasons why I'm really glad that I chose to live in this room! >w<
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07 July 2016 @ 09:27 pm
...And Killua's birthday! =DD

Not that I'm doing anything, and it apparently isn't an official holiday either, so I just went to work, but I thought this decoration in front of Nagahara train station was really pretty!  They had this box with pens and paper set up, so everybody could write their wishes and put them up. I didn't take the time to read them or make one myself, but it's a nice idea >w<

 photo SAM_7587_zpseougtcxi.jpg

That's all for now~ Gotta get up early tomorrow to work again. ^^;
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03 July 2016 @ 07:32 pm
Saturday afternoon I went for a walk along the Tama river. I walked TO the river before, but it's a little far to go for a walk along the river and walk back home again as well, if I've only got an hour or two to spare. So this time I decided to walk along the river to Futako-Tamagawa station, so I could take the train back from there, which only takes about 15 minutes =3

 photo _SAM_7548_zpsjykr7i8x.jpg

Arriving at the river... It was really hot and sunny, so some people were sunbathing, and some were even swimming in the river.

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22 June 2016 @ 08:18 pm
So I watched the first episode of the new arc in Dragonball Super...

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20 June 2016 @ 09:23 pm
I went to pick up my ticket to the Lala 40th anniversary art exhibition today! I actually ordered it earlier last weekend, but I kept forgetting to go to a Family Mart to actually pay it and pick it up. (Or when I did remember and was standing near a Family Mart, it was when I didn't have my wallet with me. ^^;;;) But I passed by one on the way to work today (And thanks chiisai_hime for reminding me!), so... yay!

 photo SAM_7533_zpsesjnkdsm.jpg

I got the pre-order ticket of course, so it's cheaper and I'll get a free poster / 2017 calendar with it! That would look so awesome on my wall, now that I finally have my own walls. xD

For now it doesn't look like Kusanagi Mizuho-sensei is participating (Although I don't blame her, after the Kumamoto earthquake... Is the manga still on hiatus? =O ), but Midorikawa Yuki-sensei and Akizuki Sorata-sensei's art will be there! And probably lots of others whom I've read manga by, but don't know by name. ^^; I'm so excited to see their beautiful artwork in person! I already saw some of Kusanagi-sensei's artwork in real life at the Yona seiyuu event, and it gave me the chills just to look at it. >ww<

And it's in Ikebukuro, so if I have to go there for the exhibition, I'll finally have an excuse to go to all the other cool places in Ikebukuro as well. =D On my lunch break today I went to the Mandarake in Akihabara, but they barely had anything interesting there, so I'm really itching for a trip to Ikebukuro. >w< They do have a floor for doujinshi aimed at women (yes, one floor out of 7 or so of male-oriented stuff ^^;), but I couldn't find any Karasu x Kurama doujins for numbercut3, nor the "Gon Hunt" HxH doujin for angel2heart. u.u  And no Akatsuki no Yona doujin at all, and for Natsume Yuujinchou only a few that I already have or have owned at some point. So Ikebukuro it'll have to be! The ticket is valid for any day while the exhibition is running, which includes two weekends, so I'm sure I'll find some time to go within that time. >w<

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20 June 2016 @ 08:45 am
Every time I walk to work, I've been thinking that I should take some photos, because the area around here is really pretty! But I usually either don't have a good camera with me, or I'm in a hurry to catch a train, or carrying grocery bags, or when I get back from work it's too dark to take pictures. So this weekend, before going to the store, I went around and took some photos~

 photo SAM_7501_zpsuwyefdl4.jpg

My little street~ I love how the people made these little gardens in flower boxes and pots in front of their houses, even though there's not a patch of soil to be found near the street. xD Well, maybe the trees are in a little bit of soil. Not sure about that. ^^;
The entrance to my building is on the right.

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18 June 2016 @ 03:53 pm
This morning I got three deliveries! Well, two were ones I had to have redelivered sometime this week, but the third one was a surprise. Apparently it was shipped just in time to arrive today, so the mail guy just bought with him at the same time.

The first thing was my curtains... Or rather, fabric for curtains... ^^; I hadn't been able to find any lace curtains in exactly the right size for my window, and the ones that were the most similar, were only one big curtain so you wouldn't be able to open it in the middle. And having it custom made would be too expensive... So I ended up getting one of the cheap big ones, then first cutting it in half to create two (and hemming the halves where I cut it), and then hemming the bottom to fit the length of my window. All of that wasn't really difficult since it's just sewing in straight lines, but it took a long time to do by hand, without a sewing machine. I may need to invest in one some time... Once I have a desk to actually put it on. ^^;;;

 photo SAM_7496_zpsi24dmgfm.jpg

The room looks dark, but that's just because the camera was trying to adjust to the brightness outside. It's ridiculously sunny today, so the room is actually pretty bright as well. ^^

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16 June 2016 @ 09:48 pm
Today on my way to work I passed this "Sorry for the wait!" poster at Toranoana again, and I just had to take a picture, 'cause it's just too true for words. xD


There must be so many people who, just like me, got into HxH when they were in elementary or middle school, and are still reading it now that they're adults with jobs. In that sense, the manga has really grown up and changed along with its audience, I think.

I'm STILL trying to plough through all the Dark Continent exposure, but the political stuff just goes on and on... Not just the politics between countries and organizations, but also within the Hunter Association. I think I'm going to have to read it again (and again...) to really understand everything that's going on. There are just so many layers to the story, it's hard to get it all while you're mostly focusing on trying to read the kanji. Well, the readings are no problem 'cause it still has furigana, but the meanings... I seriously wonder how many elementary school kids could read and understand this...  ^^;

But apparently Volume 33 has been the best selling manga for the past two weeks! It makes me just a little proud knowing that my purchase must have been counted somewhere in those 939,409 copies... =3=

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07 June 2016 @ 09:24 pm
Ugh, bureaucracy... Tuesday morning I had to go to not one, but TWO ward offices to register my address change >_> I've never moved within Japan, when I left from my year abroad, I just unregistered as a resident at the ward where I lived in, which makes total sense because I didn't have a new place. So I thought it would make sense that too if you move to a different ward, you would have to go to the office at your NEW address to register as a resident there, and then you'd automatically be unregistered at your old address, because logically speaking you can't be registered at two addresses at the same time.

But nooo... I'd forgotten that nothing is "automatic" in Japan; Everything has to be done by handwritten forms - with multiple copies to boot! >__> So when I got to the ward office near my new place, they told me I had to get some kind of document from the ward office near my OLD place first, before I could register my new address... Which was fine for me, because I only moved one station away, so I could go and get the document within about 30 minutes, go back to the office in my new ward, and complete the procedure... But what if you've moved to the other end of the country by plane, and THEN they tell you that you need to go back to get some handwritten form at your old address!?

And the funny thing is, the forms I had to fill in at both offices, were almost exactly the same. ^^;;; On both I had to write my name about four times... "The person who is requesting this change" (Me!) "The person who is moving" (Me!) "Relationship to the person requesting the change" (Hey, that's me myself!) "The head of the household of the previous address" (Not me, but they didn't seem to care...), and "The head of the household at the new address" (Hey, me again). Then I had to write my old and new address two times; at the first office they printed it out as an "official document" so I thought I'd just hand that over at the second office, but no... I had to copy it to a different form by hand... >___> Seriously, a simple address change should not take an hour and a half, even if you have to go to two offices to do it! ^^;;;

Hopefully I won't have to deal with it anymore for a very long time... Well, two years at least, because that's how long my current tenancy contract lasts. >w
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