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01 January 2013 @ 01:14 pm
Welcome to my journal! Entries which are about fandom stuff only, like cosplay, convention reports or random thoughts about anime, manga, and Japan stuff are public, but personal entries are friends-locked. Not really because I have anything to hide, but more because I think people who come here for the fandom stuff aren't interested in reading about my boring life. X'D

I don't really have a friending policy or anything like that, because "friends don't need qualifications!"  =D  But if we've never really talked before and you want to be my friend, please comment here or send me a message saying who you are and why you're interested. Then I'll very likely add you back. ^-^


=> For seeing some of my cosplay, you can go to my Cosplay.com account.
=> For my Hunter x Hunter drama cd and lyric translations, please refer to my translations masterpost.
=> My HxH doujinshi translations are posted at hxh_doujinshi.  Please join there for access.
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29 November 2015 @ 06:45 pm
I have no idea how many times I've been to the Mt. Takao area to hike by now, but today I went again, this time with my lovely roommate~ <3   The end of November is perfect to view the autumn leaves there, although apparently they're turning red later than usual this year because it's been pretty warm. There was still plenty to see though~

 photo SAM_6444_zpskfa3soc0.jpg

Like these~

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24 November 2015 @ 04:42 pm
Finally got around to sorting out the rest of the pictures from Mocket2 Studio. And also received the pictures from the professional photographer, Jin-san.  They turned out so pretty!

Well, some of them. =P  A lot of the pictures ended up looking the same, because I didn't get to switch poses all that often. So I just picked one photo I liked for each pose. ^^;  The photographer didn't really give any directions, and if I changed my pose too much (like sitting down, or facing a different direction), he'd go and adjust the positions of all of the lights and change the settings on the camera, which took a couple of minutes every time. And since I thought we only got a 30-minute photoshoot for the three of us, I didn't want to take up too much of the time on my turn, so everyone else could get plenty of time too. (The shoot ended up being much longer, but I didn't know that during my turn because they made me go first. =P ) So because I felt rushed, I couldn't really get creative with the posing... ^^; But I'm sure there's one or two pics in here that I could use for a meishi or something... =3  Once I have the money to order some... >w<

 photo _JIN5088__zpspdixyuvz.jpg

Like this one. =3

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21 November 2015 @ 12:58 pm
Yay~ I finished sorting out the first batch of pictures from the photoshoot at Mocket2 Studio.  I think I already flailed enough about how pretty their Japanese-style room is, so I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves. =3

 photo IMGP9326_zpszugmvj90.jpg

Such a random batch of characters, but they looked surprisingly well together. =O  Me as Natsume obviously, Mario-san as the Medicine Seller from Mononoke, and Simon-chan as Hakutaku from Houzuki no Reitetsu. <3  They'll probably post lots of pictures of their own cosplay on their own pages, so I'll just post the ones with me and us together. (If I posted their solo ones too, this post would get way too big x'D  We took almost 1000 photos...)
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19 November 2015 @ 04:19 pm
Yesterday I went to a cosplay photo studio for the first time. It was amazing, but so exhausting. I'm sore all over, mostly my legs. I feel like I climbed a mountain O_O; I guess it's from switching between sitting and standing positions all day, both while posing and while taking photos of others from all sorts of angles.  But I'm sure the cool pictures are gonna be worth it!

This post just contains some silly behind-the-scenes kind of pictures from my camera, 'cause I don't have any of the actual pictures yet. But I guess it'll work as some kind of preview.

We really did spend about 10 hours at the studio just taking pictures... ^^; I thought 6 hours would be PLENTY of time to take some photos, especially if you're only wearing one costume all day (I did two, but my friends only did one). But I learned that once you get really into it, it's not all that difficult to fill the full 10 hours.

We were the only group at the studio too, so it was like a private photoshoot! My friends said that usually you end up wasting lots of time standing around waiting for other groups to finish using certain rooms, and you have clean up everything and switch rooms every 2 hours or so to give way for other groups. But apparently there are so many new photo studios now that a lot of older ones are going out of business due to the competition. This studio used to be really popular and crowded, even on weekdays, but the owner said that he's barely getting any customers anymore lately, so starting next year he'll only open the studio on weekends, so he can get another job for the week. It's too bad for him, but it was lucky for us that we had the whole studio to ourselves this time!

It was pretty big, and because we didn't have to be considerate towards any other groups, we could leave our stuff where ever we wanted, and change the setups of the rooms and move the props around without having to put everything back in a hurry afterwards, and use whatever room we wanted for as long as we wanted. My friends never really got to use the Japanese style room for this long, so that's where we spent most of the time. It really fit all of our characters perfectly!

We were all cosplaying different series, but there was this common theme of youkai, so I guess you could call it youkai meetup? =P I was Natsume (with Nyanko-sensei~), and my friends were the Medicine Seller from Mononoke and Hakutaku from Houzuki no Reitetsu.

 photo 12227785_746245155508356_8434192361239619521_n_zpsbtjtb4xf.jpg

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15 November 2015 @ 06:03 pm
Another lazy day for me today... I think I'm coming down with a cold or something, 'cause my throat was suddenly hurting when I woke up this morning, and it's not getting any better. (I'm afraid it's getting worse actually... >< )  Maybe that's why I've been feeling so sluggish lately. I studied a little today, but that's about it. No energy to do much of anything else, except maybe watch some more anime...

I've started watching Houzuki no Reitetsu, since my friend will be cosplaying it when we go to the cosplay photography studio on Wednesday. I'll likely be taking photos of her there, so I wanna at least know what it's all about and what her character is like. And I don't know how I missed this series when it was first airing, since it's right up my alley with all the youkai and their cool outfits. =O   But the story is... really weird. Definitely one of the most unique anime I've seen recently. It's not for everyone, because the jokes are mostly based on references to other anime, and also Japanese history and folklore, so if you don't get the references it's probably not very funny, just really random. xD But I'm really enjoying it so far!  And the main character is really cool. Which is pretty much the premise of the whole story; he's the only 'cool-headed' character amongst a whole bunch of weirdos. xD

Anyways, today in the afternoon I went to a bunny cafe in Jiyuugaoka. It's just like a cat cafe, except with rabbits. =3 They were so cute!

 photo _SAM_6374_zpslrolcwsh.jpg

The interior... It was tiny but very cute and cozy. (There were only 5 tables, two more around the corner you can't see in this pic) Most of the bunnies were in cages, but you could request for certain ones to be taken out so you could play with them, and you were also allowed to open the cages and pet the ones in there.

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09 November 2015 @ 09:07 pm

Yesterday Sindraa and I went around Machida and saw lots more stuff than we originally planned~  We were just going to go to the Risu-en (squirrel park) at first. It was pretty small, but lots of fun! It would've been nicer if it hadn't been raining all day, but yeah... Squirrels! And lots of other cute fluffy animals!

The park was pretty far out there, it's not near any station so we had to take a bus to get there. And the bus isn't one leaving from the bus station either, but in a random street somewhere to the north of the station. xD So there weren't a lot of people there, especially not because it was raining, I guess. But because of that, we could get plenty of time with the squirrels for ourselves. =3

 photo SAM_6294_zpsr0dicacv.jpg

The squirrel park~ There were lots of them walking around freely in an enclosed area, and it seemed like they each had their own little home.

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07 November 2015 @ 12:23 pm
Last Thursday I climbed Mt. Oyama with sindraa.  And I'm still feeling my legs...  So many stairs!! In terms of distance, we didn't walk all that FAR compared to some other hikes I've done (about 18.000 steps - 12km? ), but we had to climb up quite high (1.252m) and go back down again within that short distance. So the climb was really steep!  I definitely prefer walks were you can actually, well, walk, instead of climbing up stairs and rocks the entire time (at times on all fours because it's so steep... ^^;) with no flat parts in between to catch your breath, but it still was a nice experience to explore a new place.

There's still plenty of other trails in the area (including one we originally wanted to take, but it happened to be closed =_=;), so I wouldn't mind going there again some time to try some other routes. The Tanzawa-Oyama Freepass makes it easy enough to get around at least, 'cause it allows you to use the trains and buses in the area freely within one day. Thanks to that, we were also able to go to an onsen at the end of the day, without paying anything extra for train or bus tickets. =3

I had to get up at 6 in order to be there at 9 though... ^^; It's probably easier if you're already on an Odakyu line station, but after getting off the train, you have to take a bus for another 30 minutes to get to the actual mountain. I was surprised at how many people were actually on the bus, with the only destination being the mountain, considering it was a weekday. It was mostly old people though, and a few foreigners. =P

 photo SAM_6224_zpsekcprjxs.jpg

The village at the foot of the mountain pretty much consisted of stairs... Stairs and souvenir shops. =P

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02 November 2015 @ 09:29 pm
It seems like Japan suddenly decided that it's winter now. =P Up until now I've been walking around in summer clothes and without a jacket for most of the time, and it was warm enough for that, but it's so cold all of a sudden! For some reason, the 5-degree difference between 18° (warm) and 13° (cold) feels so much bigger than the difference between say, 20° (warm) and 25° (warm), or 30° (still warm). I've probably said it before, but I always think a bit weird that they're so proud of their "four seasons" here, because I've only ever counted two; warm or cold (with maybe just a couple of perfectly nice days in between xD )

I did find a local sentou (bathhouse) about a 15 minute walk from the house though, so that's definitely something worth going to more often, especially when it gets even colder than this... If I had the money, I'd want go there every other day or something.  Or at least once a week. Although, it's only 460 yen, so compared to an actual onsen (+ the travel costs to get there, 'cause for onsen in Tokyo it's either Toshimaen or Oedo Onsen, both are pretty far ^^;), it's very cheap, I guess. I could go to the bathhouse about 4 times for the same price as one onsen visit! Thinking of it like that, it doesn't sound all that bad. =P

It IS quite a bit smaller, and the baths don't have natural spring water, but the experience is just as relaxing. =3 It's so nice and quiet. I went on a weekday night, so there were almost no other people, except for a few obaachans. But most of them left again after just a short dip (or they were just sitting in the changing room, chatting to each other), so I had the baths all to myself most of the time. There were even outdoor baths! With turtles! Well, the turtles are not IN the baths, but there's this little pond right next to it, so you can watch them swim around as you're bathing. It's so cute and awesome. Maybe there's fish too, but I didn't see any 'cause it was dark when I went. But yeah, definitely wanna visit again~ It'd be perfect for another cold day like this. =3=

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01 November 2015 @ 11:55 am
Yesterday I went to yet another Halloween event. Japan sure does love Halloween, they seem to celebrate it all month. Even today, the event is still ongoing apparently, even though October is over. xD But I don't care that much about Halloween anyways (never celebrated it), so to me it was just a really big anime cosplay event. xD I don't really have any elaborate costumes with me in Japan right now, and some friends wanted to do a Tenipuri meetup, so... That's what we did.

 photo SAM_6217_zpsvklvvrje.jpg

Pretty much all of east Ikebukuro was part of the event, so you could actually go into all the shops, restaurants and game centers in cosplay. So of course we took purikura~ =3

But because it was so massive (and they required everybody to change in the changing rooms, you couldn't just show up in costume), the lines were worse than at Tenipuri Bunkasai, seriously! Me and sindraa arrived at the venue at about 10, and it wasn't until about 11:40 that we could go in and start changing. It was in the same location as the Bunkasai actually, and the entire hall was being used as changing room. So there was plenty of SPACE for everybody to have gone in all at once (probably...), but because everybody had to pay and get their registration tag before going in, it took them ages to actually get all the people inside. (And by the time they got new people inside, the first people would've already finished changing) So when we got in, the room was largely empty. So yeah, they really needed to get more people to help with the cash desks. ^^;;

And we got interviewed again for Fuji TV, although by different reporters this time. They kept insisting we talked in English, even though it was much easier for us to talk in Japanese, because then the interpreter they had wouldn't have to repeat everything we said.  And again they were really pushy about getting certain answers out of us, like "Do you think Ikebukuro is the place where cosplay originated?" We know that it's not, as a matter of fact (I read so much research about that for my thesis, lol), but that's probably not what they wanted to hear, so we just said "we don't know", but they kept repeating the same question. =_=;  So I'd be surprised if they aired it, but who knows... Apparently our 'interview' at Kawasaki actually got aired on TV as well. xD

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27 October 2015 @ 08:38 pm
Today I shopped in Ikebukuro (although almost none of it was for myself ^^; ) and went to the cat cafe in Ekoda, for the first time in about two years.

 photo SAM_6035_zpsroqwzdpx.jpg

Yeah, I checked on my point card, and the last stamp was from October 2013. But the lady STILL remembered me. She must know the history of all my trips to Japan by now. xD Some of the cats were still the same as well. THEY probably didn't remember me though. ^^; My favourite cat (Who was known as chibi-shachou when he was a little kitten, but wasn't as chibi anymore now) was just sleeping most of the time, and when he did wake up, he just ignored everybody and walked around on the beams near the ceiling. Oh well, some of the other ones were really playful.
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25 October 2015 @ 10:50 pm
Today I went to a Halloween party/parade in Kawasaki. It's a massive event with thousands of people. So unlike at regular 'cosplay' events in Japan, there were no changing rooms for all visitors (just for the people in the parade or competitions). Which meant I could either find a spot to awkwardly change clothes at the train station or somewhere else in public, or get ready at home and go on the train dressed as Natsume -- by myself...  Because I was meeting my friends at Kawasaki station. xD  So I chose the latter, because it's so much easier to do wigs and makeup and such at home, and not having to carry around an extra bag of clothes.

So yeah, I went around in in cosplay in public (outside of the actual event venue), which is generally very much "not done" in Japan... It was kinda bimyou though. Not sure how else to put it, but I was just wearing the black pants and white shirt on my way there, and I had Nyanko-sensei hidden in my bag, so it's not really obviously "cosplay". So people who don't know the series wouldn't notice that I was even wearing a costume. Heck, they probably thought it's my real hair and eye color. =P So I didn't get THAT many strange looks on the train, not more than usual at least (just for looking foreign). But then I did notice these two girls in a corner, whispering, pointing at me and giggling, so I'm pretty sure THEY knew. That was funny. x'D

At Kawasaki I got out the rest of my cosplay (jacket, mask, plushie...) and met up with my friends, then we had lunch and went to watch the parade. Well, kinda. ^^; I'm sure the costumes were amazing, but it was waaaay too crowded to see anything properly or to take pictures, so I mostly just saw people's heads come by, and some props sticking up from the crowds. ^^;

 photo SAM_6069_zpsz0tao4ml.jpg

Here's one pic I got by holding up my camera =P

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24 October 2015 @ 04:12 pm
Yeah, I caved in bought it... ^^;; I kinda didn't want to because it's the last one before I catch up (at least with the tankobon releases) and I know it'll be a long time until the next one... ^^;

But I wanted to read at least the "Aoku naru mori" chapters, so I can finally listen to the drama CD that came out last month. I'm on the middle part of it now (ch.107), and... OMG, this is seriously creepy... >www< I had to do a double take when Kija and Jae-ha came across all the seiryuu ghosts in the cave, like "are those what I THINK they are...?" 'Cause even though it's a 'fantasy', there hasn't been THAT much supernatural stuff going on in the series up until now. So I was really surprised with the direction the story is taking here!

Although it doesn't feel out of place at all, especially not after Zeno's casual comments about Kija being posessed by all the hakuryuu ghosts as well. =P Although those seem pretty harmless, while the seiryuu ones are seriously out to harm people, it seems... >w< Poor Shin-ah, I hope they can turn him back to normal soon, 'cause he doesn't seem like he'd be able to keep the ghosts under control himself, like Kija does. >w< I can totally see why they chose this part for a drama CD though, because Shin-ah finally gets to talk a lot. Even though it's not really HIM talking but... It'd still be awesome to hear Okamoto's interpretation of all those out-of-character lines. =P

And Animate has a report of the talkshow event up, with pictures! I wish they'd release dvds or at least some videos of events like these, but pictures are nice too.... Now I can show everyone how adorkable everyone was. =D And if you can read Japanese, the report probably has a lot of details I couldn't remember in my post about it, so go check it out~
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18 October 2015 @ 10:06 pm

There are more details about the Akatsuki no Yona play! I haven't been buying the Hana to Yume magazines, but I kinda want this week's magazine now, just to see a bigger version of the picture. >ww<

I don't really know any of the actors, except Matsushita Yuuya of course, 'cause I saw him as Sebastian in Kuroshitsuji.  But that's pretty much the only role I've seen him in, so I'm not sure if I can imagine him as Hak yet. He looks fine in the picture though At least he got the man-cleavage right =P

Everyone else looks fine at first sight too, except Yona maybe looks a bit too old (...or too buff? I'm not sure what it is exactly that bothers me about her...), and Kija's wig REALLY needs a trim and some bangs... (especially the flippy part of his bangs... It looks so flat now...) It always bothers me when Kija cosplayers don't bother to cut bangs, but this is an official stage play, so they could at least try to make it a bit more accurate. ^^; I do like how they seem to have gone with the manga version of his outfit, with some kind of pretty detailed pattern on the trim. (Same for Jae-ha's =O )

I'll have to keep a close eye on when tickets sales start... And I hope I'll know if I can actually go by the time they go on sale. >w<


Today I went to Yokohama for some kind of Oktoberfest celebration with my two roommates (who are awesome for letting me stay in their living room for so long =D ). And it's actually October right now... Usually Japan seems to celebrate 'Oktoberfest' all year round in certain places, so yeah, that was special... =P  I don't really drink beer, but the food was nice, and we had great weather too. =3

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10 October 2015 @ 06:24 pm
Nothing interesting to talk about today (I worked...), so time to throw up some more pictures from my backlog. xD I got some more photos from the shoot with Kija at the hortus in Haren in August, and I really like them =3

 photo IMG_7269__zpsmjmaefbj.jpg

All pictures are by Re:plica again. When I just looked at their facebook page again, I saw that they did a photoshoot with a Yona in the same location the other day! I don't know who it is, but their pictures look awesome too... ^o^ Wish we could've done it at the same time somehow, 'cause the location is just perfect.  It's a garden, but the forest parts don't look like they're planted at all, and the Chinese garden just looks like Hiryuu castle, or any 'Asian' type of buildings in general. >w< I really wanna do a full Akatsuki no Yona group here some time, or maybe at a similar looking location in Japan. I'm sure there is one, somewhere...  >w<

Anyways, here's the rest of my pictures~

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