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01 January 2013 @ 01:14 pm
Welcome to my journal! Entries which are about fandom stuff only, like cosplay, convention reports or random thoughts about anime, manga, and Japan stuff are public, but personal entries are friends-locked. Not really because I have anything to hide, but more because I think people who come here for the fandom stuff aren't interested in reading about my boring life. X'D

I don't really have a friending policy or anything like that, because "friends don't need qualifications!"  =D  But if we've never really talked before and you want to be my friend, please comment here or send me a message saying who you are and why you're interested. Then I'll very likely add you back. ^-^


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04 May 2016 @ 08:06 pm
...Again probably "part 1", because I didn't take a single picture myself this day. ^^;  Reason one is because it's really hard to do so with Kija's dragon hand glove, and reason two being that there were barely cosplayers of series I knew or liked this day. ^^; There was mostly just LOTS and LOTS of Yowamushi Pedal and Touken Ranbu, for some reason... The only cosplayer I ran into which I would've wanted a picture of, was a Matoba from Natsume Yuujinchou, but I saw him while I was shopping the doujinshi area, where it's not allowed to take pictures.
Other than that, there wasn't a single other Akayona cosplayer, and not even ones from any other Hana to Yume franchises like Kamisama Hajimemashita or Akagami no Shirayukihime, even though today was the day when doujinshi for those were being sold. u.u

At least I managed to make the day of the people at the 3 Akayona circles that there were. And that's pretty much the only reason why I decided to wear my Kija cosplay today, so I guess all's well. I was already surprised that there were as much as THREE circles because I only knew of the Jae-ha x Kija circle that would be there. After changing into my cosplay, I headed there first, and the girl behind the table pretty much freaked out after seeing me. xD So I bought her new book and another one that I didn't have yet, and I asked her for a sketch too. She wasn't officially doing them today, and didn't even have a pencil or anything, but she drew one for me anyways when I lent her one, because she liked my cosplay so much. =3 Apparently there really weren't any others today, because she said she hadn't seen anyone either, and you'd think that anybody who cosplays Akayona would visit the circles for it... But it was really cute how they were freaking out, and everybody wanted to shake my hand. xD

 photo SAM_7424_zpshhql9q2e.jpg

Chibi Kija and Jae-ha! They're so cute! <3 <3 <3

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03 May 2016 @ 08:46 pm
...Part 1? I'm still going to get pictures from my friend's camera, so if there's any good ones I'll post them later. But for now I'll just post some from my own. =3

It was lots of fun! Super Comic City isn't nearly as crowded as comiket, so there's no need to line up early at all. The event opens at 10, so I met my cosplay friend Ryuri at Kokusaitenjijou station at 10, and we could comfortably walk straight into the changing toom without having to wait in any lines. The changing room was pretty big, so there was plenty of space to sit and get changed. Not that I really needed to get changed though, 'cause I already put on all of my clothes and done my makeup at home. So all I had to do was take off my jacket, change my shoes and put on my wig. =3

 photo SAM_7398_zpscuddc07a.jpg

Yay~ It's rare having a cosplay picture with Big Sight in the background WITHOUT it being crowded, lol.

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02 May 2016 @ 09:10 am
AKA, I'm turning into Nyanko-sensei... xD

Yesterday I went on a fun day trip to Okutama with my roommates! The main part of the trip was to go kayaking, but there was lots more than that to do, see (and eat!) in Okutama.  ^o^

 photo SAM_7383_zpsmvpfbxla.jpg

We left at about 6:30 in the morning in order to be at Mitake station a bit before 9. The station looked really familiar, and then I remembered I've been there once before when I climbed Mt. Mitake some time two years ago. xD That time I only went into the mountains, so I had no idea there were so many other things to see in the area.

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30 April 2016 @ 06:05 pm
Since I couldn't find a nice case or sleeve for my phone in the right size, I decided to make one~

A coworker gave me some sheets of felt because she was getting rid of some crafting stuff she didn't use. And I almost had the right colors to make a Seigaku-themed one... Almost, except the red wasn't the right shade... ^^; But I already had the idea, so I had my roommate pick up some red in the right color for me last Thursday. And today I finally had some time to try making it.  It turned out... Just about as I had it in mind, I guess. The stitching could've been straighter, but that's hard to do by hand though up to four layers of felt... ^^; Oh well, close enough. xD

 photo IMG_20160430_160957_zps44mcehrk.jpg     photo IMG_20160430_161010_zpsoneuzv4d.jpg

Front and back... The diagonal parts on the front are pockets that could hold card or whatever. And I made it into a pouch with a drawstring, so that the phone won't fall out from the top.

And my phone itself...

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Currently charging... The battery life doesn't seem to be nearly as bad as they said in the store. Maybe they just give a bad estimate so that they won't get any complaints; They said you had to charge it every day, but I've had it on for almost a week now, ocassionally using it to take pictures or use the wifi, and it was still at 45% after 6 days. So it seems only slightly worse than my old one. (which lasts about two weeks).

Now I need to figure out how to actually use it... ^^;
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16 April 2016 @ 02:11 pm
Yes, there was an earthquake in Japan. No, it didn't affect me in any way. xP  For some reason many people seem to think that Japan=Tokyo, but it happened at the very other end of the country, so... To be honest, I didn't even notice, not even the stronger one that supposedly happened last night. ^^;

Well, Thursday at 9PM I did notice a noise of what was apparently a 'foreshock' to the earthquake that was to happen half an hour later in Kumamoto... At the time I didn't think it was an earthquake though, I thought it was just the house creaking in the wind, or maybe the landlady downstairs loudly shutting a door. But when the news about the earthquake hit half an hour later, I looked at the Meteorological Agency's website later, I noticed that there'd indeed been a small one in Tokyo at the exact time I heard the noise. >w<

The only people I really 'know' in the area are Midorikawa Yuki and Kusanagi Mizuho, so they're the first people I thought of when I heard the news. But they both seem to have posted on their twitter accoungs that they're okay, "for now", at least. Kusanagi posted that she's trying to work on her manga as much as possible, while ocassionally diving under her desk during all the aftershocks. Poor her, and all the other people in the area... I hope the aftershocks stop soon.

I'm also wishing I'd travelled to Kumamoto prefecture sooner... I've always been wanting to go there once, because that's where Natsume Yuujinchou takes place, and it just seems like such a beautiful area. But due to the earthquake, some of the landmarks that appear in the series might have been destroyed... One day, I WILL go and see whatever's left to see though... >w<
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10 April 2016 @ 04:38 pm
Yesterday I made an epic trip to an island on the very south of the Miura peninsula with some friends. It was not really a 'mountain', but I'll tag this entry as such anyways because it involved a lot of hiking and climbing. XD One of the people I went with I actually met while hiking on Mt. Takao three years ago, and he'd also invited three of his friends from his martial arts club, who I only met for the first time yesterday. But they were awesome to hang out with. I don't have that many friends who like mountains, hiking or sports in general here, or if they do like it, they're usually not willing or able to go "all out" with it, like I usually prefer to do. (As in, leaving around 7AM and taking all day to walk a ridiculously long distance, or a high-difficulty course.) But this group was just as crazy as I am, if not crazier, so that was nice. xD

Apparently there is this combination train ticket, the Misaki Maguro ticket ("maguro" meaning "tuna) which you can get for 3000 yen. It covers train fare from Shinagawa to the nearest station to the island, AND bus fare for buses in the entire area, and it also includes a ticket for a free meal at any of the tuna restaurants in the area, AND a ticket for access to the onsen. (or any other leisure activity like renting bicycles, but we chose the onsen =3 ) So it basically covers all the costs for an awesome day out. The island is very close to the shore and connected with a bridge (just like Enoshima) and small enough to explore on foot in a day.

So made it our mission to walk around the entire circumference of the island, as close to the sea as possible. Well, we didn't really decide that 'mission' beforehand, it was more like "we'll see how far we can get, and if there are any good places to swim, we stop there and play around in the water", but there weren't that many good places (Jellyfish! Seaweeds! Low tides! D= ) so we ended up walking most of the day and made it around the entire island. =P

 photo SAM_7276_zpszym3ybdv.jpg

Bridge to Jogashima, as seen from the bus. The whole fishing town reminded me of the scenery in the anime "Nagi no Asukara" =O

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07 April 2016 @ 09:12 pm
On Tuesday I bought volume 20 of the Natsume Yuujinchou manga, which is finally out! So glad I can drop by the animate before work to pick up new releases. It was such a long wait since the previous volume, but it was well worth it! I've been reading it on the train to work for the past two days. One day's worth of commutes is JUST barely too short to comfortably read a full chapter while fully appreciating it, agh! I don't wanna blow though it too quickly, I wanna look at the art and ponder on the stories, but it sucks being stuck in the middle of a story and having a full work day ahead of me... xP
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31 March 2016 @ 09:49 pm
Because I can't get enough of them, and now's the chance to see... My 'lunch break' (if you can call it that ^^;) is just long enough to walk to Ueno park, I've noticed. 15 minutes to walk there, 15 minutes to sit there and eat my lunch, and then 15 minutes to walk back, lol. I'm supposedly allowed to take an hour-long break, but since nobody else usually even leaves the office (or they just leave for a few minutes to buy lunch at the konbini and then eat it at their desk), I still can't bring myself to actually take all of it. ^^;

Nobody has complained though, and I still get just as much work done (if not more) than the people who only arrive at the office at around noon or later... ^^; I still find it strange that in Japan, someone who works from 14:00 until 21:00 (for example) is generally perceived as more of a "hard worker" than someone who works from 10:00 until 19:00, just because they did "overtime" and therefore must be more "dedicated" to the company. Oh well, I can't help it that I'm more of a morning person... x_x

Anyways, flowers~

 photo SAM_7260_zpsbu1m6nwq.jpg

My view from where I sat and ate my lunch~

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30 March 2016 @ 09:32 pm
On my way back from the dental hospital today I dropped by Kanda shrine again. It was actually right on the way, so I pretty much had to walk though it anyways to get to the office. =P

The hospital visit itself was alright, it just took really long. I went to the Tokyo Medical and Dental University in Ochanomizu, so I could walk there from Akihabara station before work. I arrived right at opening time at 9am and was inside for about thee hours, but I only talked to a doctor for about 10 minutes at most. ^^ They also took an x-ray, although I'm wondering why they don't just use the one the dentist made a few weeks earlier...? What else is the point of getting a referral...? I thought they would've sent it along, but apparently not... ^^; But then again, they didn't even make an appointment even though I had a referral, so maybe it just doesn't mean much...  After this first visit I did get an appointment to actually have my wisdom tooth extracted, but that's about all I accomplished within those three hours. ^^;

First I had to wait at the reception desk, then I got a form there which I had to fill in, then I had to wait to hand in the form, then wait again while they read it. Then they called me and told me which floor to go to, where I had to wait to see the doctor (The longest wait). Then I talked to the doctor for about 5 minutes, after which I got sent downstairs for the x-ray (for which I had to, yes, wait...) Then I went back upstairs and had to wait before I could see the doctor again, and then we talked for another 5 minutes deciding the date of the appointment. Then I had to go to the reception again to wait so I could pay (1200 yen for all this...). I was glad I had a book with me to read. =_=

So around noon I found myself outside again, and when I passed by Kanda Shrine, the sakura were so pretty that I had to stop and take some pictures~

 photo SAM_7234_zpsraa27ww3.jpg

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28 March 2016 @ 08:50 am
After hiking about 20.000 steps on Saturday, I got to walk another 15.000 steps on Sunday. xD I wasn't planning on it, but all the short walks must've added up. After doing some laundry in the morning (which involved walking around the house a lot), I went grocery shopping, and after I brought my stuff home I went to the park to check if there were any flowers yet (not really... ^^;) and if the stalls for the hanami festival were already opened, before heading to the butler cafe in Ikebukuro in the afternoon.

 photo SAM_7219_zpsjqnk0gt6.jpg

And some were! Not everything yet, I'd say about half of them were open, I walked around the whole park, but only the ones nearest the main picnic area were open. But a lot of stalls sell the same thing, so you could already get most of the festival staples already there, like yakisoba, takoyaki and yakitori.

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So yea, in the afternoon I went to the butler cafe. Yes, THE butler cafe. xD I wasn't planning to go there any time soon because it's just so expensive, but a friend had made a reservation for two and the person she was going to go with had cancelled, so she asked if I could come instead (And the person who cancelled already paid, so I basically got to go for free... Of course I couldn't say no to that. >w< )

It was... pretty much just as I'd expected, from everything I'd heard. What I found funny though, is that the interior kind of reminded me of my grandparents' old house. guess it's because they tried to make it an old-fashioned European kind of style and it really was! Dark wooden floors, dark wooden tables and chairs with curly ornaments, and even the tableware was really... ornate. My teacup was white with pink flowers painted on it, exactly something like my grandma would have. There was also this old longcase clock, and a cabinet filled with all sorts of porcelain, also just like at my grandparents' house. I almost felt 'at home', if not for all the hot butlers roaming around.

And they were actually really professional! Not just random boys hired for their looks (although for some that must've definitely been part of it), but actual BUTLERS, like, all sorts of people, including older ones. It felt like they were really catering to women's different preferences in men, 'cause there were a lot of different 'types'. Like the obligatory one with glasses, one with long hair, one with slicked-back hair, short ones, tall ones, etc =P And they tended to your every need as if it's the most natural thing in the world, even though it's all one big role-play, they were so natural at it that it didn't feel awkward at all.

And yes, I did end up dropping my napkin and having the butler pick it up for me. xD My friend said that it's something that some people do on purpose just to have an excuse to call the butler one more time, but mine was an accident, I swear! xD When you sit down, they drape this napkin over your lap to keep your clothes clean, but it falls off really easily if you shift in your chair only a little bit.

Other things you could call them for was to pour you tea (you got a whole pot of tea, but a tiny little cup with it, so it took about 4~5 cups to finish the pot, and they poured it for you every time. xD), or to accompany you to the bathroom (to the door, of course, not inside! xD) and of course for food! The food was pretty good, too, although served in very small amounts to make it look 'fancy'. =P

You aren't allowed to take any pictures inside, but there's pictures of the menu on the website here.

After going to the cafe, we looked around Otome road a bit (or, a lot... ^^;), which is probably where I got the rest of my steps from. I didn't buy anything this time though. Although there's lots of stuff I want... I really need to save money. U.U

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26 March 2016 @ 10:46 pm
I did something touristy today. =D I didn't even remember when I last hiked (Maybe in Korea in December...?), and with the weather getting warmer lately I figured it was time to do something about that, and enjoy a day out in the sun. Well, that was the idea, at least... ^^;; Let's just say it wasn't exactly as I expected, but it was really fun in a different way.

When I went to Mt. Oyama with sindraa in November, the path we'd originally wanted to take, turned out to be closed. And the map I still had, showed that there are lots of other interesting-looking hiking trails in the area. And it's probably less crowded than the Mt. Takao area on a Saturday. So I set out a route including our original plan from November, and then for if I had any time left, another part tacked on to it. Take the same bus from Isehara to the mountain, go up to the summit the same way as last time, but then go down the opposite side, to Miharashidai, and then further west towards a place/temple called... Hinata Yakushi? Something like that. And take the bus back from there, with the convenient Tanzawa Oyama free pass. =D )

I won't bore you with pictures of stairs, 'cause I already posted plenty of those last time... Just know that I climbed the same ones yet again. ALL of them! =P And the first part was even steeper because I climbed the "otokozaka" (men's stairs) instead of the women's ones we did last time. xD

 photo SAM_7164_zpsco0ojwoz.jpg

Instead, here's a view down on the cablecar station and the little town below.

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23 March 2016 @ 08:45 am
On Monday we were going to have a hanami party, because that was the only day that everyone's schedules lined up so we could get together... It's way too early for the flowers to bloom though, so I guess it was more like a regular picnic than hanami. Should've brought some fake flowers to decorate a tree with, lol... xD

 photo 1936470_10153671720808547_5713632980109901095_n_zpsmjrwvwyp.jpg

Setting up our spot... And yes, I wore a yukata, so at least there'd be flowers somewhere. =P I did get some stares though... One old lady in a wheelchair started smiling and waving at me, so I waved back (that was cute) and an old man randomly snapped a photo with his giant camera without asking or saying anything (that was slightly creepy... I wonder if I should've given him my cosplay business card and gone "One photo for 1000 yen"...? =P ) Saturday in Ueno I did see some people wearing yukata already though, so I didn't think I was THAT strange... Just had to make sure to wear plenty of layers underneath it for the cold...

And the rain... Seriously, we JUST finished setting up our spot and unpacked all the food, waiting for other people to arrive, when it started drizzling. =_=; Luckily it stopped after a while, and it got nice and sunny after that. =D
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22 March 2016 @ 09:37 am
Long story short, it was awesome!

 photo SAM_7139_zpsuevapp8d.jpg

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21 March 2016 @ 09:47 am
Sunday was such a busy day. I was just going to for a walk in Ueno park before the Akatsuki no Yona stage play, but then in the morning I found out that some friends who are visiting from the Netherlands would be in Akihabara in the morning. And with my commuter pass, I can go there without having to worry about train fare, so I decided to meet them there at 11. They were going to go to some kind of flea market (that I'd never heard of), but... they couldn't find it, and with me having no idea what they were talking about, I couldn't help them with that either. ^^; So we just ended up going to some shops on the main street, and to a game center to take some purikura.

 photo SAM_7140_zpsbw707wnm.jpg

They had other plans for the afternoon, so after having some lunch (ramen =3 ) we parted ways and I resumed my original plan of going to Ueno... I didn't want to pay train fare for just the one station, so I walked there (about 20 minutes from Akihabara). On the way I came across a second-hand clothing store, and ended up buying a sweater and a cute frilly shirt (both nice ones that I could wear to work)

Then I checked out the park... And there was just about one blossoming tree, lol... xD All of the other ones in the park still only had buds (although they were CLOSE to blooming...) , but people were already sitting beneath them having parties and picnics. So we won't be the only one with a no-flower flower-viewing party today, lol.
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