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01 January 2013 @ 01:14 pm
Welcome to my journal! Entries which are about fandom stuff only, like translations, cosplay, convention reports or random thoughts about anime, manga, and Japan stuff are public, but personal entries are friends-locked. Not really because I have anything to hide, but more because I think random people who come here for fandom stuff aren't interested in reading it. XD;

I don't really have a friending policy or anything like that, because "friends don't need qualifications!"  =D  But if we've never really talked before and you want to be my friend, comment or send a message saying who you are and why you're interested. Then I'll very likely add you back. ^-^

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11 April 2014 @ 06:40 pm
I feel like all I've been watching lately is sports anime. ^^; With Kuroko no Basuke ending last season I thought that was it for sports stuff for a while, but half (well, two out of four) of the series I picked up for this season turned out being sports ones again. ^^;

Everyone in the anime club at TUFS seemed to be really into the Haikyuu!! manga, and I saw a bunch of cosplayers from it as well, which seems pretty rare for something that hasn't been animated yet, so it must be doing something right. So I watched the first episode, and I thought it'd be just another "underdog character gets good at a sport and aims at beating his fated rival" kind of story, but no, he ends up being in the same team as his rival! That should make for some interesting character dynamics as they have to try and work together, it definitely caught my attention with that! I just hope it'll build up its' world and characters a bit more than it did in the first episode, it's a bit hard to relate to characters when all you get to see is them playing one match after the other, without any breaks. (That's the main problem I had with Kuroko lately ^^; )

The second one is Baby Steps, it's a tennis anime, so of course I wanna see how it holds up to Tenipuri! XD It might not be possible to compare the two though because they seem fundamentally different, with Baby Steps not even taking place at a school club, and take a way more realistic approach to the sport. But I like tennis, so it should be interesting in any case. =3

And I've still been following Yowamushi Pedal as well, so that's three sports anime for me this season! XD  Although I'm a bit sad there isn't as much otaku references in it anymore as before, it still manages to stay funny and exciting, and actually teach you something about cycling. Some parts of the races felt a big dragged out lately, but since I'm already at episode 26 of 37 I might as well follow it until the end. I also watched the live action musical, which is probably the most ridiculous musical ever (in a good way though).  I'd love to see it live sometime if they do another one! (If only for seeing Naoya Gomoto dress up like a schoolgirl and actually being very convincing at it... X'D)

Another one I've picked up is Isshuukan Friends, the simple but cute artwork caught my attention, and after watching the first episode I like its honest and straightforward storytelling, it kinda reminds me of Hourou Musuko. I also like the concept of the girl losing her memories every week, but I wish they would explain a bit more about her background, 'cause right now her condition isn't making much sense to me. Why is she like this? And how / why does she even go to school if she can't remember anything for longer than a week? There's no point in studying then, is there? ^^;;;

Lastly I'm of course watching Mushishi Zokushou! I can't believe it got a second season after all these years! I remember the first season being one of the anime that made me realize how varied and deep anime can be. I was enthralled by it, every episode just leaves me in awe about how amazing nature is, and it isn't even about real nature. XD But I was glad that the first episode of the new season left me feeling exactly the same as 9 years ago. This season should be good. =33
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Everyone brought multiple outfits to wear for this event, so we also got a lot of awesome pictures in our respective team jerseys!


Having cosplayed Fuji for about 5 years now, I already have a bazillion photos as him, now that I think about it, this month actually marks my 5 year anniversary as a cosplayer (April 19th, to be exact). But it's always nice to have some more good photos. =3  I'll just post some of the ones I liked, no commentary needed, I guess. XD

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05 April 2014 @ 12:20 pm
On March 23rd there was a cosplay event at an elementary school in Ikebukuro. Last time at Shiobara we could enter the grounds of a school, but the building was closed. But this time, the entire school building, classrooms, roof, etc. were open for photoshoots! It was so cool!


Waiting for the event to open was just like waiting for a normal school day to start.

I loved how you could totally see that everyone was going to cosplay sports anime. In the morning the whole Ikebukuro train station was filled with girls carrying tennis bags, even though there aren't really any big courts nearby. Usually cosplayers bring their stuff in a rolling suitcase, but those weren't allowed in the school because it might damage the floors. So EVERYONE was carrying tennis bags! In the end there weren't THAT many Tenipuri cosplayers at the entire event, but I figured that even people who were cosplaying a different sports anime this time, all had tennis bags because they have cosplayed Tenipuri at one point in the past. XD

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04 April 2014 @ 11:18 am
This is the last set of pictures from the Shiobara event. My friends changed to their Rikkai outfits, but I don't really have anything Rikkai I could do (I did try on the Yagyuu wig for a bit, but it made me look more like Riko from Kurobas than Yagyuu. X'D) So I figured I'd just be Jirou again and take pictures of the awesome Rikkai people. *-*


Azusa-chan as Niou again and Jill-chan as Marui <3

It was even in character for me to be all like "You guys are so awesome!!" =P

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02 April 2014 @ 07:09 pm
I need a Hyoutei icon... ^^;

At the Shiobara cosplay event there was an elementary school available as photo location, which was really cool...! Except it didn't really fit the kind of image we need with this cosplay. =P It was waaay too rural and worn down to be Hyoutei or anywhere related to Hyoutei So I guess they're visiting Fudomine for a practice match or training or something? XD


Obligatory looking-cool-standing-on-stairs shot. And we're even ranked according to degree of regular-ness!

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30 March 2014 @ 08:03 pm
Slowly catching up on stuff I've been wanting to post.. ^^;

This set of cosplay photos is from the trip to Shiobara Onsen on the 15th and 16th. On the first day I cosplayed Yukina from episode 112 of Yu Yu Hakusho. Kinda. ^^; I tried to get as close to the actual episode as possible with the limited time and means I had, but there's still a couple of things off. orz; One is the collar of the dress, it's supposed to be a star-shaped kinda collar, but I had no idea how to make that neatly without a sewing machine or without having to cut up the whole dress.

Another thing is the shoes, after re-watching episode 112 I realized that we never really see Yukina's shoes in it! =O  The first scene in which she appears takes place indoors at Genkai's temple, so she just wears white loose socks there. Then in the next scene they go to the beach, but she's barefoot there...  But I didn't really want to walk around barefoot in the snow, so I just wore some random red sneakers to go with it. ^^;

 photo IMG_0050_zps7f387ebe.jpg

But when they don't show in the photo it doesn't matter, I guess. ^^;

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30 March 2014 @ 12:40 pm
Last monday in Japan I went flower viewing at Ueno park with a friend.  I didn't really expect there to be flowers yet, because the forecasts said that they would bloom the next week (just about now, I guess). But despite that, there were already lots of flowers blooming! Not as impressive yet as last year though, but hey, it was something! =3

 photo SAM_9219_zps66beaeb5.jpg

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27 March 2014 @ 12:54 pm
There are so many things from the past week to catch up on posting that I don't even know where to start. ^^; I spent my last couple of days seeing as many friends as possible for as long as I could, also while trying to get plenty of sleep, because I'm very prone to getting sick during long flights if I'm only weakened or tired the slightest bit. ><  And it seemed to have worked, 'cause I'm totally okay! =D For some reason the return flight from Japan always has less of an impact on my health than the flight there, there's virtually no jetlag either. I think it's because the time difference works in the opposite direction; When flying from the Netherlands to Japan you would get on a plane in the morning, then spend about 11 hours on it, and when you arrive in Japan it's STILL morning and there's a long day ahead of you. So that totally destroys my internal clock. But on the flight back, I left at 11:40 in the morning and arrived at 15:00 in the Netherlands. Even though there's the same 11 hours of flight time in between, it just feels like I left in the morning and arrived in the afternoon, totally natural. =3

And the flight itself was probably one of the most comfortable I've ever had. I'm still scared shitless of flying itself, but other than that there was nothing to complain about. I'm still confused as to why it happened as I sure didn't pay for it, but apparently I got an upgrade to the "comfort class", which had bigger seats with more leg room. When I checked my flight details online in the morning, it said I was assigned to seat 22B which was normal economy class, but when I printed my boarding pass at the check-in counter at the airport (my suitcase was only 22,6 kilos, yeah~!) , it had changed to seat 10B. I didn't think anything of it, until during the boarding process when I couldn't find my seat in the economy class. ^^;;;  So I had to ask someone and they took me to a little seperate room in the front of the plane, and there was my seat, apparently. =S  Things got even better, 10B was a seat in the middle of two other people, but behind us there was a whole row of empty seats, so after takeoff a stewardess told me I should move and sit there, so everyone would have more space. The only issue with that seat was that there were some continuously screaming babies right behind me (apparently everyone with babies chooses the "comfort class"... only to disturb the "comfort" of other passengers... =_=;) but luckily I had some earplugs with me, which didn't block out the noise entirely, but at least turned it down a little... ^^;

The increased security at the airport also didn't give me as much trouble as expected... I could've gotten past passport control in a matter of seconds if not for a foreign guy in front of me that had walked into the wrong line ("european passports only" ) and the guard decided to check him anyways, rather than sending him to the right line. Which took ages, because the guy apparently didn't have a valid reason for coming to the country, nor a place to stay, nor could he show a return ticket to Japan. After a long discussion the guard had to call someone else to deal with that guy, after which my passport check only took a second.  ("Hello *hands over passport*"  ... "Okay *hands passport back* " )  =P

Another surprising thing is that my student OV card actually works again! For the uninformed, in the Netherlands, university students get a card that allows you to use public transport ("OV") for free or with a discount at certain times. And it never works properly because the involved companies don't care about students, the procedures to activate the card or to get it fixed if something is wrong with it are horrible and take ages. But if you choose not to use it, you can get monetary compensation, so I'd applied to have it blocked for the year I was gone. I'd imagined the procedures to get it activated again to take weeks, filling in multiple forms, several trips to train stations only resulting in faillure to activate it, phone calls to the company, etc... But to my great surprise, when I tried to activate it at a ticket machine at the airport train station, it just said "*bleep* your OV card has been activated", and that was it...! O____O Can you believe it!? Something related to OV actually works on the first try!!  Well, I haven't tried to check in to any trains yet, so I don't know if it actually WORKS works, but it looks promising at least. ^^;

I'll have to see about that tomorrow, when I have to get on the train to go see some of my friends. I can't wait! =3
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22 March 2014 @ 05:29 pm
After staying at the house of some awesome friends for the past two days, I've arrived in the little Ryokan room in the middle of Ikebukuro for my last couple of days.  It's so cute and tiny, but I love every centimeter of it! =3  I would totally live in a room like this, provided there's access to a good bathroom and kitchen somewhere.

 photo SAM_9151_zps52f26e8a.jpg

And it's so cheap!  I totally forgot that it was a long weekend so I didn't take out any extra cash on Thursday (probably should've... ^^; ) , but I totally had enough for the room, and for the cosplay event tomorrow too! And doujinshi. My friend had to buy some emergency cosplay supplies for tomorrow so we went to look for them at otome road, but ended up in the K-books...  Oops ^^;;;

I think I managed to get the weight of my suitcase down to 23 kilos too, I think... ^^; I gave away the stuff I was going to give away, then I shipped another box with some clothes and other heavy stuff, and I'll also be throwing out my towel and old tennis shoes after the cosplay event, and then I'll be wearing some of my warm clothes for the flight. So I should be okay... I hope. ^^;
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20 March 2014 @ 04:17 pm
Where did all this crap come from!? I've been packing and throwing stuff away and sending out packages for days (weeks?) but I still have way too much... TT_TT When I weighed my suitcase yesterday it was still 25 kilos, 2 or 3 too much... -_-;;;; I'm leaving behind some stuff for friends like my blanket and tennis racket and case, and I'm definitely throwing out my tennis shoes after the cosplay event on Sunday, but even then it's probably still too heavy... Maybe I need to ship another box... I planned to take my irreplacable stuff like some photo albums I got as presents, rare doujins I recently found, and the HxH musical dvds and such in my carry on bag, and then there's my laptop that has to fit in with that, but that's probably too heavy as well... ^^;;;

   photo SAM_9148_zps39ab75b9.jpg

Poor Nyanko-sensei... I have to squish him all flat, but at least he fits! =O

I threw out some more clothes today, but I have no idea how much everything weighs now, because some idiots have been hogging the scale all day... There's one, and only one, for communal use near the manager's office on the first floor, but I carried my suitcase downstairs three times over the course of the day, only to find it gone! The manager said "someone borrowed it", and when I asked him later he said that it was back, but when I immediately went to get my suitcase and use it, it was gone again when I got back!  Don't those people realize that they're not the only ones who have to pack their suitcases today!? EVERYONE has, so please leave the scale in a place where everyone can use it!  Stelletje aso's.... ( <--- Can't think of any way to say that in English, but it's the best way to describe those people  >_________<  )


At least I did survive the bureaucracy hell of unregistering as a citizen at the city hall... I had to go to at least 5 different counters on 3 different floors to get everything settled because apparently every little part of the process is handled by a different department. I'm so glad I brought my Japanese tutor for that, 'cause I probably wouldn't have been able to figure out the insurance stuff by myself. >< Apparently when I first paid for the insurance they made me pay too much (despite them knowing exactly for how long I would be in Japan), so now I had to fill in a bunch of forms at one department to get that money back at a different department. It turned out to be a grand total of 700 yen... yay... =_=;  Just enough to have some lunch with my tutor afterwards. She was a fourth year student, so she just graduated as well. Apparently she's going to get married and become a housewife... It still baffles me how many Japanese girls work so hard to get into a good university, but they do it for the sole purpose of finding a "good man" there and end up doing absolutely nothing with their degree when they get married. Such a waste... >_>  Oh well, whatever makes them happy, I guess. ^^;

It's almost time to head out... It's so weird, I feel like I've only just arrived, especially with my room being so empty.  I'll miss it... TT_TT
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17 March 2014 @ 05:18 pm
This weekend was the cosplay event in Tochigi Prefecture, at Shiobara onsen!  It was really interesting, it was so similar to the hotel conventions we have in the Netherlands but I had no idea such things existed in Japan too!

We could go there directly by the JR highway bus, it was about three and a half hours. A long ride, but it took us all the way into the middle of nowhere, surrounded by mountains and rocks, rivers, hot springs and even wild monkeys!  Yes, monkeys! <3  I didn't think you'd see them outside of the zoos and parks, but they were just hanging out by the roadside near the town.  =O    Too bad I couldn't get a photo from the bus. u.u

It was funny how on the bus, and even before the ride, at Shinjuku station, you could tell exactly who was going to the event. There were pretty much only a couple of obaachans actually going there for the onsen, and all the other people were girls with huge suitcases buried in anime buttons and keychains. You could also already tell WHAT they were going to cosplay exactly, like the group carrying a basketball would obviously do Kuroko, and the group with country flags on their bags would do Hetalia X'D

Then we checked in at the Ryokan (Yamaguchiya) , which was completely reserved for cosplayers. It turned out to be a fairly small place with just a few rooms (About 6 or 7 I think?), the first day we wondered if there were even any other people at all. I guess Ryokan staff is really good at making sure that the customers never see each other. ^^;  The thing with the onsen photograpy also finally made sense to me; besides the public indoor and outdoor baths they also had two little private baths that you could reserve to use at a certain time with your group, and then you could lock it and do whatever you want inside, without getting any naked strangers in the background of your photos. =P  They were outdoors, but surrounded by wooden fencing on three sides and looking out over a Japanese style garden and pond on the other side. All the outdoors baths actually looked out over that same garden, but the fencing made sure you couldn't see any other baths from the bath you were in. As for getting your camera / cosplay / wigs wet, that seemed to be your own responsibility, as there were no specific rules for using the onsen. When we arrived and checked in at the ryokan there was only one other group that had made a reservation, and it didn't seem like there'd be much more people coming soon (the actual event started on Sunday), so we reserved it for an hour two times; once in the afternoon to take pictures in yukata and once in the evening to actually use the bath. XD

What reminded me of Dutch events is that it was okay to walk around in the entire town in cosplay. Well, in the Netherlands we just do that without really having to ask anyone anything, but here it seems like they'd made arrangements for cosplayers with all the shops and restaurants within a certain area, and we got a printed map of all the places we were allowed to go. It was also allowed to show up for breakfast at the Ryokan in cosplay, but besides us only the Kuroko and Hetalia groups seemed to make use of that. I still find it funny how awkward Japanese people seem to feel walking around in cosplay in public, they should realize that it feels exactly the same as walking around anywhere in Japan in public while looking foreign; you get stared at no matter what you wear. So maybe that's why we just don't care, I dunno. X'D  And our costumes weren't even that "costume-y" at all, we did Tenipuri so it was just jerseys and school uniforms. ^^;

I didn't take a lot of pictures with my camera, my friend had brought a really awesome camera so we took most cosplay photos on that. But here's some photos I took of the scenery to get an idea what it's like, and some I sneaked of Niou and Yagyuu's rabu-rabu onsen date. X'P

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13 March 2014 @ 03:36 pm
Today was the closing ceremony of this semester for foreign students. I think it's bit weird that the "foreign students" need to have a seperate closing ceremony from all the other students, especially because there was nobody there to watch anyways. (It's not like we have any family here to invite, and they didn't tell us we could invite friends). It felt more like a formality to humor us, rather than something with an actual meaning. I guess we're can't be treated like normal people right until the end... >_> And we didn't even get our certificates handed out during the ceremony either... ^^;;; Well, a few "representatives" (1 student from every department) got it, but since most students have already gone back to their countries, they'll be sent by post to all the other students later.  Seriously, from my department, the exchange students' department, there were only 4 out of 15 students remaining to attend the ceremony. =P (none of which were my classmates)  If only they'd held it in the middle of February (together with the normal closing ceremony) while everyone was still here, it might've been more meaningful, but this just felt like a huge waste of time.

And in the end I won't even get my certificate at all, apparently. D=  It's all because my supposed "supervisor" in Japan told me that we were allowed to choose courses from any program (International Studies AND Japan Studies), as long as the total amount of credits adds up to 12 from content courses and 8 from language courses. And I earned way more credits than that this year. But apparently what that supervisor told me is false, and you can only get a certificate if all the courses you took belonged to the same program... I've been trying to get a hold of the guy since the beginning of the semester to ask what the heck is up with this, why did he give me false information, but he seems to have disappeared from the surface of the earth completely, not replying to any e-mails or phone calls, and he's never in his office either. I'm sure it's not a misunderstanding on my side, I'm 100% sure that it is exactly what he told me (he even SIGNED my course registration form and approved of it!), and my classmate even witnessed that. But when I went to the exchange students' office to report what happened and ask what I should do, all they could say was "shouganai" (It can't be helped).

Shouganai is probably the most grating phrase in the entire Japanese language to me. Everybody uses it, but it is the absolute worst when it's said by people whose job it is to do something about the problem at hand!! Like police officers, managers, teachers / tutors and such. They always say things like "You should come to me if you have any problems", but when you do so and tell them your problem, all they can say is shouganai, they never even attempt to do anything about it! It is definitely the exchange students' office's responsibility that the tutors working for them have correct information about the program requirements. So if one of the tutors gives out false information, it's THEIR JOB to fix the issue, or at least to apologize on their behalf, right!? Or reprimand the tutor for it to make sure it doesn't happen again? There's so many things they could at least attempt to do...  But yet, nothing... I hate it so much how Japanese people just shrug off their responsibilities like that with a single phrase. >__<

Like I mentioned, it's not just teachers, but also the police that can't be relied on. This is just a small example, but I've heard many more stories like this My friend had his bicycle stolen while it was parked outside a shop (in a bicycle rack, locked) and when he wanted to report it at the local police office, all they said was something like "shouganai, you probably shouldn't have parked it there anyways."  This nonchalance really scares me. This was just about an old bike, but what if you become the victim of a serious crime, like violence or haressment!? Will they not take your report either then? Is it "your own fault for being there at that time and place"...!?  I think I'm starting to understand why the crime rates are supposedly so low for Japan, it must be partially because the police doesn't allow people to report any crimes properly, and the people seem to accept that too, because, well, shouganai...  ^^;;;

...This ended up being about completely different issues than the graduation I was going to talk about, but as soon as I was told that one little phrase again, all the bottled up frustration associated with it came out again. =P  I love Japan, but this is one of those cultural things that I'll never be able to agree with...
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11 March 2014 @ 11:08 am
So I got... A grand total of 3 entries in my giveaway... =P  I'd expected more people to want free stuff! ^^; But oh well, I guess this makes it easy in that I don't even needed to do a lottery, everyone wins! I'd feel bad if I didn't have anything to give to everyone anyways. ^^; So I'd prepared some posters, postcards and stickers (just random things I've gotten for free at events like Comiket and Jump Festa) to send to people who didn't win the towels, in case I got more than 3 entries... But I since those aren't needed now, so I think I'll just throw them in with the winners' prizes. Lucky guys, getting extra stuff! XD  I'll have to fold the posters a bit awkwardly to make them fit into the envelope (they were already folded when I got them too... orz) , but they're made of pretty strong and glossy paper so it should be possible to straighten them out again by putting some heavy books or something on the creases.

I hope everything arrives safely~  >w<


Next weekend I'm going on another overnight trip, to Tochigi prefecture (I think? ^^; ). A cosplay trip!! I guess it's a bit like the weekend conventions we have in the Netherlands, where you stay at a hotel with a bunch of cosplayers and you can just use all of the facilities like restaurants while wearing cosplay. Except this is Japan, so they'll have Japanese style rooms of course, and ryokan food, and they also have an onsen you can use... in cosplay! I have no idea how that's supposed to work... Like, can you take photos while IN the onsen!? Usually that's strictly forbidden due to privacy issues, because people are, well, naked, in there together. Is it allowed to take nude photos? What if you end up in the background of someone else's photo without permission...? And what if your camera gets wet!? >www< But it's an interesting concept, it'll be interesting to find out what it entails exactly.

The location is quite far up to the north, so there might also be snow, and there's a temple, so I'm thinking of doing Yukina's outfit from Yu Yu Hakusho episode 112 properly this time. I couldn't find any suitable pink skirt in any shops though, so I ordered a dress on Amazon that looked perfect for it. I just hope it arrives in time....  Amazon is usually pretty good about that, but I paid last Thursday and I still haven't gotten any shipping confirmation, even though the 'estimated shipping date' was yesterday...  >w<;   And I hope that it fits, too. ^^; And then I need to sew some buttons on it, which I already made. I couldn't find any big white buttons in 100 yen shops or hobby shops either, so I bought some grey ones and painted them with several layers of white nail polish, that was a fun little project I did last week. I also bought some new white knee-high socks because the ones I had were old and gross-looking, I threw them out during a cleaning spree earlier that week. >w<

As for other cosplays, we're bringing our Hyoutei uniforms too, so just imagine the Hyoutei regulars going on a fancy onsen trip! I'm sure it'll be a blast!
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10 March 2014 @ 04:33 pm
...It'd be boring to write about how I've been cleaning and packing and working on my thesis, so instead I'll write about the few unusual things I've seen and done. ^^;

It's already been a few days, but last Thursday I went to a screening of a documentary about the Tohoku disaster in 2011, held at a public libary in Musashisakai. Tomorrow it will be exactly three years ago that it happened, so there seem to be memorial events held all over Japan. My university has a Tohoku support group that does stuff like volunteering and collecting donations, and they organized this event too. The documentary is called "Living Through March 11th", and it has very detailed and extensive interviews with teachers, students and their families, all from Kadowaki Elementary school in Ishinomaki. On the news you usually don't get to hear personal stories like this, so it was very emotional and fascinating to watch. It also contains valuable lessons on all the possible scenarios that can happen in case of a disaster, and makes you think about what you should do in such a case yourself. If you have a chance to watch it somewhere, I really recommend it. (Apparently there's an English DVD release of it now)


Then on Saturday I went to see the Gin no Saji live action movie! It pretty good!  I'm not going to write a whole review because you should just watch it yourself when it comes out on DVD, but here's some basic first impressions: The characters were very well captured, personality-wise!  They looked a lot more 'normal' than they did in the manga and anime though. For example characters who had blond or coloured hair in the anime, all have plain black hair in the movie. So I thought it might be hard to recognize them, but they totally made up for that with the good acting and characterization! As for the story, it managed to cover pretty much ALL of the main events that happened in the anime so far, in only about an hour and a half. It did so by mixing up the plot points a bit, making things that happened one after the other in the anime, happen around the same time. That sounds a bit chaotic, but somehow they managed to work everything into one coherent story, while retaining all the elements of humor, educational stuff and drama that the anime has. The one issue I had with the story is that it possibly spoiled the ending of the (still ongoing...! >< ) anime... I only read the first volume of the manga so I don't know how it's supposed to end, but the movie definitely tries to wrap up things that aren't solved yet in the anime. If the anime ends with exactly the same story, I might be a bit disappointed. It's not a bad ending, in fact I loved how realistic and believable it was, but if the anime does the same as the movie it just won't have as much of an impact anymore ^^;


On Sunday I went to a karaoke cosplay meeting for the first time! I had no idea you can do this, but apparently at some karaoke places you can reserve a room and say you want to cosplay, and then they will cover up the windows of your room so you can change clothes in there in full privacy. It's really neat! And I did another new cosplay: England from Hetalia. I'm still not really into Hetalia and don't plan to either, but my Japanese friend (who had her birthday) really likes it, so my other friends made me do it, lending me the wig and everything I needed. >w< I always feel awkward cosplaying characters I don't have any personal emotional attachment to, I never know what kind of poses and expressions to do. And I'm afraid that I can't do the character enough justice, especially not in front of people who really know and love them a lot. ORZ;  But I like seeing how different wigs look on me (as long as I don't have to buy them myself =P ) and my friend seemed to be very happy that I did it, so... Sure!  =P

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