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01 January 2013 @ 01:14 pm
Welcome to my journal! Entries which are about fandom stuff only, like translations, cosplay, convention reports or random thoughts about anime, manga, and Japan stuff are public, but personal entries are friends-locked. Not really because I have anything to hide, but more because I think random people who come here for fandom stuff aren't interested in reading it. XD;

I don't really have a friending policy or anything like that, because "friends don't need qualifications!"  =D  But if we've never really talked before and you want to be my friend, comment or send a message saying who you are and why you're interested. Then I'll very likely add you back. ^-^


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14 October 2014 @ 04:35 pm
I really need to clear out my closet, so I'm selling a couple of Japanese doujinshi I don't need anymore. Represented fandoms are Hunter x Hunter, Dragonball and Prince of Tennis. The HxH ones may have some slight wear on the spine from scanning, but I scan very carefully, without folding the book, so it shouldn't be too bad. ^^

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07 October 2014 @ 04:37 pm
Apparently I just had a root canal treatment at a dental clinic in Ikebukuro... It hurts... >__> Not as bad as it was hurting before though... I was really nervous about going, and I had a hard time finding blogs or accounts about foreigners' experiences with Japanese dentists (like, actual Japanese dentists, not foreign ones in Japan catering specifically to foreigners), so I guess I should make this public in case it might be useful or reassuring to anyone.

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03 October 2014 @ 04:54 pm
Mostly Yuushi x Gakuto... ^^;;  It was really hard to bring the amount down to less than 20 photos because we took so many awesome ones!  Because we all had other stuff to do later in the day we couldn't really bring any rackets or other large props, so I thought that we might end up being a bit uninspired without anything to work with.  But the school environment provided enough photo ideas, so we spent a good couple of hours going through the various locations thinking of things to do.


Still not sure about the wig though... The style looks so awful on me, I think my face is just too long for it. And the bangs keep parting in the middle, even after putting lots of hairspray on it. There's so many photos that just didn't look right because of that, even though I did like the rest of the photo. The wig probably needs some fixing (glue?? Anything to keep the bangs in place...) before I'd want to wear it again. >w<

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02 October 2014 @ 04:26 pm
I haven't climbed any mountains at night since Mt. Fuji back in 2011, but it really IS awesome...!  Just look at the view~

 photo SAM_2311_zpsed8c6eb0.jpg

This wasn't even at the top yet, at the top you could see even more of the city! But there was no fence or anything I could rest my camera on so I couldn't take any photos from there... ^^; So this one is from a viewing platform somewhere halfway.

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26 September 2014 @ 08:31 am
On the last day in Kyoto we just walked around the area of the last ryokan we stayed in, because apparently some famous landmarks were really close. Or, they were supposed to be close, but even if it looked close on the map, it was often still more than half an hour to walk there >w<  On the map they gave us, it looked like Ginkakuji was right around the corner, but it really wasn't ^^;  We still went there though, it was really pretty~

 photo SAM_2132_zps8849c923.jpg

The gravel mountain is supposed to represent mt. Fuji, it was impressive how they made such a neat shape out of just gravel. It was supposed to rain all day so I wondered what would happen if it started raining and the gravel would be washed away (would the monks come running out to try and fix it? XD ) but it ended up not raining at all.  (I don't believe the weather forecasts over here anymore... It was the same yesterday when they said it would rain all day, but it only rained for maybe 5 minutes ^^; )

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24 September 2014 @ 09:07 am
Yesterday we went on a trip to Nara, which is about an hour away from Kyoto.  I mostly remember it as the place where Oishi and Eiji went on their date in that one OVA episode where they went to visit Shitenhouji. XD It really looked exactly like in the OVA, with lots of deer everywhere!

 photo SAM_2114_zpsbd8ecde4.jpg

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22 September 2014 @ 10:19 pm
Lots of temples~ That's about what we saw today XD We were going to meet ayanihime_0909 at Fushimi Inari shrine at 1 PM in the afternoon, but we still had some time in the morning before that, so we went to see a different temple on our way there. We were also too cheap to take any train lines other than the JR lines we can use with our pass right now, so we walked there along the river XD

 photo SAM_1971_zps3520fa58.jpg

Well, river? There was only about 30cm of water in it at most, if you wanted to you could probably cross it by walking through it. =P

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21 September 2014 @ 07:24 pm
Yay, we got to Kyoto without any trouble, all according to keikaku plan XD The first thing was meeting up with sindraa at Shinagawa without any way to contact each other in emergencies, but everyone managed to get there on time. I'm really glad we ended up deciding to meet at Shinagawa and not Shin-Yokohama for the Shinkansen, because apparently there was some train trouble around there due to an accident this morning >w<  Then we had to reserve our tickets, we were afraid it might be booked full already because of the long weekend, but there was practically no line at the ticket office, and we easily got the tickets for the train that we'd planned to take.

This one:

 photo SAM_1902_zps06ce3e52.jpg

Well, not exactly that one, I took a photo of a train arriving before ours while we were waiting, but still, ours was like this too. XD

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21 September 2014 @ 01:29 am
On Friday I went to see Marui Bunta's live concert at Zepp Tokyo. Yeah, that's the place where the first season Tenimyu Dream Live 3rd was held! I'd never been in there, so that was already kind of touching, but the concert itself was so awesome too! Marui isn't specifically one of my favourite characters, but my friend got tickets and I'll enjoy pretty much any show as long as it's good =3 His voice actor is apparently also a singer, so he was really good at stage performance and dance too! And he had cool background dancers *-* I jumped way too much, the songs were so fast and catchy! My feet still haven't entirely recovered from that XD My favourite was probably the ondo version of Daroi, accompanied by a cute little bon odori type of dance. And we were really close to the stage! Well, not the actual stage, but there was this part of the stage in the middle extending towards the audience, and we were right in front of that. So during one of the last songs Marui's seiyuu totally noticed us when he walked up there, his expression was priceless!

It was also fun how most of the other Rikkai voice actors were in the audience, they were sitting on the first row of the balcony above the floor where we were standing. They were really into the show, waving around the penlights and everything. And Jackal's voice actor was in the show as a guest, too (why didn't they just bring ALL of them on stage though, if they were there anyways...? =P ) . He sang a solo song and some with Marui, and only halfway through the show I realized that his voice actor is actually Hiyama Nobuyuki, who is also Hiei in Yu Yu Hakusho! It was so stupid, it's something that I DID actually know, but for some reason it didn't really hit me until he introduced himself and said his name. ^^; So yeah, I saw Hiei too that day. X'D


Then yesterday we went to see the Kuroshitsuji musical live! I also enjoyed that way more than I thought I would. Ciel was so tiny and adorable! His actor was actually a REAL 12 years old boy, it was impressive how well that kid could sing and act! It was just a liiitle creepy how much the other (adult) actors were over him though, they even did the scene where he wears the pink dress! XD And the costumes and dance were so amazing, it's really on a different level from Tenimyu ( Not that Tenimyu isn't amazing, but with a story like Kuroshitsuji there's so much more to work with in terms of costumes XD ) There were a lot of Tenimyu actors in it though, like, more than half of the cast? XD And Terasaki Yuka (Zushi's voice actress from HxH) was in it too apparently, as a maid, she was so cute! And during the curtain call we were noticed by Araki (2nd cast Inui XD), again with that "OMG foreigners! O_o" type of expression Japanese people do a lot, it was too funny XD

One thing they messed up was during one scene where some people were riding a carriage, and they had the scenery projected in the background; the story is supposed to take place in London, but they showed scenery of Amsterdam. I guess they just picked some random 'European' looking photos and didn't really check their stuff. Not as if most Japanese people would notice, but it's kinda silly XD

And today we're off to Kyoto! Ittekimasu~

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19 September 2014 @ 10:16 am
There's so much stuff to do that there's no time to post... >www<   So here's a bunch of random photos from the last couple of days ^^; On Tuesday me and Umi went to Oedo Onsen Monogatari to meet another friend there, Wednesday we shopped in Ikebukuro and yesterday we went around Kamakura and Enoshima. =3

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16 September 2014 @ 12:20 pm
OMG, the latest Tenimyu is so long! My butt still hurts from sitting that long XD For first season the Rikkai Nationals match was two musicals, but they put the two in one show now, so it was like 4 hours long including two intermissions. >w< It was for the better that they joined them though, I remember not being able to get through the season 1 ones in one sitting when I tried to watch the DVDs, because some things dragged on so long that it got boring. They also crammed lots of songs into it, some new, some old, but enough to keep everything interesting.

- I loved the Golden Pair match and song, I was totally caught off guard when they started singing Dare ni mo Mienai Ito again, they had this slow version of it with really nice harmony, they sounded amazing! Then it transitioned nicely into Saigo no Golden Pair. =3 And they did the awkward face-crotch hug in the end, that was impressive! XD

- Inui and Kaidou held hands for a full couple of minutes, like, through an entire song! O__O; Like, seriously guys!? Is this even allowed!!? (I don't remember how it was in the manga ^^;) It was when Inui had gotten beat up by devil!Akaya (who was creepy as hell) and Kaidou was all like "Inui-sempai!!!!" when Inui fainted. <3

- They actually showed the Seigaku third years' graduation, and then they had some scenes of how the new buchous were doing afterwards! I can't believe they went there! It was never even shown in the manga, was it!? (As far as I'm aware, haven't read much of Shin Tenipuri though) That was so cute, but really sad too, because of the idea of all teams having to split up, and the way some characters said goodbye to each other as if they were never going to see each other again... I cried a little ^^'

- They sang "This is the Prince of Tennis" near the end! That was the very first Tenimyu song, so it feels so appropriate to sing near the end of the last myu. They even did the original dance with it, I can't believe I'd ever get to see THAT in my lifetime anymore, so nostalgic!

Afterwards we went to the Tenimyu cafe, they were doing the same thing as last year where they had the dishes and drinks based on certain teams and characters.

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14 September 2014 @ 10:46 pm
もし名刺を渡した方々がブログをチェックしてくれたら、ありがとうございます! このブログは誰でもコメントが出切るようになっていますので、私の写真を撮ったなら是非送ってほしいですね~ 私もいろんなすごいコスの写真を撮りました! 自分の写真を送ってほしければ遠慮なくそう言ってください~ そしたらアップします。  英語でも日本語でもOKです! よろしくお願いします~

Otsukaresama~  I'm so tired =3=

But the event was amazing, this was well worth coming to Japan for!
For one, it was WAY bigger than last year!! It was held in a different building, with lots more space, and there were so many people! I'm really glad that the HxH fandom is still going strong even though the manga is on hiatus again and the anime is ending next week... Or maybe it is because it is ending next week, that everyone wanted to have one last big celebration of it. XD  I sure hope there'll be another event next year though... =3


I debuted my movie!Kurapika cosplay there~
As expected there were lots of them, but I'm still the only one doing it with my real hair =3=

My friends were as Kuroro and Neon, so we kinda fit together, but kinda not... ^^;  Any combination of TWO of these characters would work together, but it was really hard to come up with poses for the three of them. We did do a few, but I don't think I have any of those photos because other people took them... u.u  We have some nice solo and pair shots though!

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11 September 2014 @ 06:15 am
Well, barely... =P I don't even know how I'm awake right now, I've been awake for about 35 hours the 'day' of my flight and because of jetlag I woke up again at 3 AM after maybe about 4 hours of sleep... ^^; Well, I guess 4 hours isn't too bad for a first night, I think I've had it worse. =P I stayed in bed until about 5 when I figured I just wasn't going to fall asleep again anymore, so I might as well take the time to update, 'cause I"m not sure how much time I'll have for that througout this month ^^;

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03 September 2014 @ 11:09 am
Or maybe it's better to say, "family photos"....  Like that one in the latest ending sequence:

 photo DSC05469_zps2155d2f1.jpg

It was so much fun to finally have the main four together! <3 <3 <3  That one time in Japan doesn't really count because back then we just took two pictures and seperated again without really talking. ^^;  But this time we got to hang out for a while and take lots of pictures. It still felt like a way too short time though, and none of us were really prepared for a photoshoot. We thought we'd just do the one scene for the CMV, but since that fell through we were suddenly left with an hour or so for photos, but nobody had brought any reference pictures or ideas. We didn't have any of our props with us either, since we wouldn't have needed them for the CMV.  I've accumulated so many props over the years though, like swords, skateboard, fishing rod, yoyos, Hunter exam number plates for pretty much all relevant characters, hunter licenses, Greed Island ring and book, chocorobo-kun boxes, warifuda, etc...seriously! And I imagine that the others must have lots of stuff like that as well.... So we really need to get together outside of a con so we can do a more inspired shoot sometime.

But for now, it's mostly just group hugs and other random fun, which I guess is appropriate enough for a first meeting. =D
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