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01 January 2013 @ 01:14 pm
Welcome to my journal! Entries which are about fandom stuff only, like cosplay, convention reports or random thoughts about anime, manga, games, and Japan stuff are public, but personal entries are friends-locked. Not really because I have anything to hide, but more because I think people who come here for the fandom stuff aren't interested in reading about my boring life. X'D

I don't really have a friending policy or anything like that, because "friends don't need qualifications!"  =D  But if we've never really talked before and you want to be my friend, please comment here or send me a message saying who you are and why you're interested. Then I'll very likely add you back. ^-^


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28 August 2016 @ 02:20 pm

Whew, yesterday's Oyama hike turned out to be way more epic than I'd intended... ^^; My friend cancelled last minute Friday night, but I decided to go anyways, because I haven't had much chance to exercise lately. The weather forecast predicted some rain, but seeing how that turned out last time, I decided to ignore it... I also decided to leave ridiculously early this time, since that's usually not something friends are willing to do. But that does mean you have more time to hike, without having to worry about making it back before dark, or before the last bus. (And more time to go to an onsen afterwards, and still be home at a decent time)

So I got up at 5, took the train at 6, then the bus from Hadano Station at 7:30, and started hiking at 8:00. I didn't ride the bus all the way to the end like I did with my friends last time, but started walking from the Minoge bus stop at the foot of the mountain. The bus actually takes a really long detour to the last stop, so it would've been another 30 minutes by bus for what's only a 1 hour hike. And the bus was really crowded and I didn't have a seat, so it seemed nicer to get off early,

 photo SAM_7817_zps8g1jdk6g.jpg

Setting off from Minoge...

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26 August 2016 @ 08:22 pm
This morning, after finally getting confirmation from my friend yesterday night, I managed to book an inn for our trip to Hitoyoshi, the world of Natsume Yuujinchou, next month!

I tried calling the one I'd been eyeing for a while, though I was kind of afraid that they wouldn't have any open rooms anymore since it's on such short notice (remember trying to book anything in Kyoto 2-3 months in advance... =_=; )... So I was prepared to find backups that might not be as nice... But when I called, they said they still had rooms! =D

I guess it's because it's REALLY deep into the countryside, and there isn't really anything to see except hot springs and nice scenery. Really nice scenery though (there's terraced rice fields! I've never seen those for real, even though they're like THE stereotypical symbol of Asian culture xD), but I guess it the scenery doesn't really have any special meaning if you're not into Natsume Yuujinchou... So maybe they don't get that much business there at all.

Though I'll be there RIGHT before the 5th season of the anime starts airing, so maybe I'll run into some advertising or merchandise at the train stations or in Hitoyoshi city itself... >w< But even if not, there's plenty of locations from the anime to visit right near where we're staying. I plan to use this blog and map as reference. =3

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23 August 2016 @ 09:43 pm
I read it...! Pretty much entirely in one go ^^; So much for reading one chapter per day to savor it, it's just impossible with this kind of story arc! Every chapter just flows into the next, begging to be read >w< I'm really glad I waited for the volume release to come out, rather then trying to follow along weekly in the magazine, because that would have been torture! >w<

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21 August 2016 @ 11:37 am
So the fireworks festival yesterday wasn't cancelled! Yay! It was pretty much the perfect fireworks-watching experience, other than the rain. ^^;;; The forecast turned out to be totally off though! In the morning, it still said that it would be raining all day... So I got myself all drenched in the morning going grocery shopping, because I thought it wouldn't make a difference if I waited... But as soon as I got back, at about 11:30, it stopped raining and it suddenly got sunny! Then it stayed sunny, until about 5PM, just as I was meeting up with my friends at Todoroki Station (Three people showed up, yay!  Out of the 20+ I invited, but stilll... Yay! XD) There was a short shower, but it stopped again when we started walking towards the river.

The actual event is held at Futako-Tamagawa, but I figured it would be waaaaay too crowded at the station over there, as it is with any station near a festival. So instead I'd decided to walk 20 minutes from Todoroki (about 2 stations away?), to a park I had discovered during one of my walks along the river a few weeks ago. There are barely any trees or other obstacles there, so you can see all along the river to Futako Tamagawa, so I figured that we should still be able to see the fireworks, but while avoiding the worst crowds!

And I was right about that!! Even though people tend to 'reserve' spots for fireworks as early as they can by laying out sheets at midnight (and there are rules for how many centimeters your sheet can be per person... ^^; ), there was still plenty of space in this park, when we arrived there only about an hour before the show was supposed to start. There were a few groups dotted on the giant grassy field, but still plenty of space to choose from and lay out our sheet (that was way too big for 4 people, but nobody seemed to care. ^^;

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13 August 2016 @ 08:33 pm
Today I had an absolute blast working at my company's booth at Comiket! I wonder how my younger self would have reacted if they were told they'd be working at Comiket on the 'official' side of it one day! It always seemed like one of those unattainable dreams, like working in Japan at all, but now it's suddenly real! And it's not nearly as scary or difficult as it may seem. I'm basically just getting paid to stand around in cosplay while holding a signboard, or handing out flyers, calling out to people to get their attention, pointing people to the entrance, and saying 'thank you' if they take a flyer or buy something, and occasionally pose for pictures. (And make sure you don't hand any flyers to your own staff by mistake, because it becomes a reflex after a while to just stick one out whenever someone passes by... Apparently it happens, a lot... I only did it once though. >/////< )

Well, I did help a few lost foreign people too, and managed to get their attention by talking to them in English and telling them about our localized games, so I guess that was why the company wanted me there specifically. But it wasn't hard or stressful at all. Overall, everyone was just so nice! There was absolutely none of the scary stuff you might expect at a male-oriented booth like this, like stampedes for limited-edition goods, or people shoving cameras up your skirt or whatever. XP Everyone was really calm, friendly and agreeable, politely bowing, smiling, waving back when I waved at them, etc... It was just... a lot of fun!

Thankfully my blisters (mostly) healed on time, so I could wear the right shoes with my uniform all day =D Though I did take the precaution to wear other shoes to and from the venue, so I wouldn't have to walk around on them all day. Because standing still in them is fine, but walking still hurts my heel a litte... But apparently that's normal for loafers when you break them in, according to a Japanese friend. I feel sorry for Japanese schoolgirls...

 photo IMG_20160813_094755_zpsjmd1qipx.jpg

Me and R-ne, one of the main characters from our latest game! She was so cute! It was so cool to see a character which I've been looking at during work for months and months, come to life like this! I kinda wish I could have cosplayed from the same game, but they didn't have any more costumes for it made. u.u Maybe next time! >w< If only I had the money, I'd make it myself. OTL

Michiru was fun too though! I don't know how many people actually recognized me as the character, or noticed the small details I'd put in (Like the shark pouch, or the blue scrunchie around my wrist), most people just stopped and snapped quick pictures without really talking to me about the costume. (I think that's really a big downside of cosplaying female characters, most guys only take pictures because you're a girl, not because they care about the character...)  But the uniform is really representative of our biggest franchise overall, so that definitely got the attention of the passers-by! I went though my flyers so quickly, I had to keep running back into the booth to get more from the boxes there. =P I must have stood there for almost 6 hours, from 10am to 4pm, with only some short breaks, but it passed by in no time. >w<

Anyways, here's some more pictures~ Only from my phone, 'cause I didn't really have the time to bring out my camera and take proper photos. u_u  I hope I'll find some of the pictures people took online later >w<

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12 August 2016 @ 09:34 pm
Yay, I safely made it though the first day of Comiket, with the only damage being a slight sunburn on my arms >w<  And we were only outside for maybe 20 minutes at most, AND I'd used sunscreen... That just proves how strong the sun was, I guess. Though it wasn't actually THAT hot, as long as you weren't out in the open sun. It was nice and windy in the shade. =3 So we pretty much hid in the shade of this little bush the entire time while we were outside. xD

But my feet held up okay. I put giant band aids over the blisters on my heels, and then covered my entire heels in tape to keep them in place. And it didn't hurt all day, wearing my tennis shoes =D I'm still scared for tomorrow though... Maybe I'll wear different shoes while going to the venue (So much walking! The entrance was at the back of the building, so you had to walk all around it >< ) and then change into my loafers there...

Anyways, pictures~

 photo SAM_7806_zpsczxdqs9r.jpg

Dirty pair! With a different Yuushi this time, but an awesome and cool Yuushi! =3

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08 August 2016 @ 09:04 pm
Other than the ongoing Dragonball Super, I'm watching 5 shows this season. One for every (week-)day of the week, haha.

Amaama to Inazuma - I'm a sucker for things like Yotsuba&, Bunny Drop, and Akachan to Boku, provided the characters are written somewhat realistically... And in this one, they are! It's really heartwarming to see the dad doing his best to cook nice food for his little daughter, and her behaviour and reactions seem believable enough for a girl her age. Not that I'm an expert on kids, but she's not overly cutesy and 'perfect', but not an annoying little brat either, and she seems to be voiced by an actual child, which is impressive! And I'm learning some things about cooking along the way. (Though I wonder why the dad didn't just make curry or nabe in order to "make vegetables tasty"... Those two dishes are the easiest ways to do that, I'd say... ^^) Very enjoyable show~

Amanchu - Cute, relaxing summer anime! You just need one like this every summer =3 And it's by the same writer as the Aria series! My friends and I were really into that in high school, and we even had cosplay plans for it (I was going to be Alicia) that sadly never happened... But I really like the similar art style and atmosphere in Amanchu! And the girls' uniforms are so pretty! More school anime should have elegant but cute long dresses like that, rather than fanservice-y mini skirts. And I'm actually learning stuff about diving! Not that much, 'cause the pace is rather slow, but it's still really interesting! Guess there are still plenty of sports and hobbies left to make interesting anime about. =3

Arslan Senki - Second season, yay! Though I'm sad it's really short, the narration at the beginning of each episode, and the short descriptions that appear on screen when new characters appear, make it easy to keep up despite the really fast pace. And it seems like every historical fantasy anime lately needs pirates in it, lol! Both Akayona and Akagami no Shirayukihime did it, and now Arslan too! Not that I mind though, the plot is interesting! Arslan should be able to gain the peoples' support in no time, if he saves them from the pirates and corrupt officials. >w< So cool! I'm rooting for him! Though I hope the conclusion will be somewhat satisfying, since I heard the novels are STILL being written... ^^; So the ending won't really be an ending, I assume... Oh well, I guess it's the ride that counts, not the ending. >w<

Battery - Baseball anime! I haven't watched any of those since Oofuri, I missed out on the Daiya no Ace hype, or rather, I chose to miss out because I already had a lot of sports anime on my plate at the time, and I couldn't imagine one that's much better than Oofuri... ^^; But I think I'm ready for another one now, and I heard a lot of good stuff about this one! My first impression is that the character designs are rather plain, so it might be hard to tell all the team members apart, but the focus is probably going to be on the main two guys (and the little brother) anyways, so that might turn out OK? It seems like it has a lot of potential for character development and interaction (and shipping, apparently?), though with this slow pace, I'm afraid it won't actually show them appearing at any tournaments, especially not Koushien, unless this series gets really long... ^^; But I"m liking it so far, so I'll see...

Handa-kun - I loved Barakamon, which is why I'm checking this out, but... I'm not sure what this is supposed to be... The main reason why I enjoyed Barakamon was the countryside setting and the calligrapher interacting with the villagers, so what's left if you take that entire setting away? Not all that much, to be honest. It kinda seems to be trying to become the next "Sakamoto", with the school setting and the one guy in class who's pretty much untouchable, but... It's not as funny. ^^; It's actually really sad how Handa doesn't realize that he's actually quite popular. Maybe that's supposed to be the whole joke, but... It's not really working yet for me. ^^;
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07 August 2016 @ 09:35 pm
A while ago I saw a poster saying that there would be a festival at Nagahara, one of the local stations this weekend. I wanted to go for a walk in the evening anyways, to cool down after a hot day, so I decided to have a look. I was also curious how exactly they were going to dance "in front of the station", since there isn't really any open space there, just a normal shopping street...

But surprisingly enough, they actually made it work. =O Instead of dancing in a circle, they made this long oval shape down the street and back. The only downside was that you couldn't really pass by, with the dancing people and the people watching the dance blocking the entire road.

 photo IMG_20160807_194323_zpselwyttbq.jpg

It was cool to watch though! It was really tiny though, maybe about 40~50 people dancing, at most. And everyone seemed to know each other, so it seemed way too awkward to randomly join in on your own... So I didn't, even though I kinda wanted to. ^^;  I just watched for a bit and got some food from the stalls before heading home again. It'll be another early morning tomorrow, after all >w< Gotta do work before going to work =P

Only three workdays this week though, before there's a holiday, and Comiket! The holiday is "mountain day", but while I'd love to go hiking, that seems like a really bad idea right before Comiket. There's still a lot I need to get ready, and I'm sure it'll be exhausting. OTL I hope it'll be fun though! (And not too hot... =_=; ) And I hope that this stye on my right eyelid goes away before then... It suddenly appeared today, and it's hurting pretty bad... Not sure how I'm going to do makeup if it gets any worse or doesn't go away in time... >wwww<

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06 August 2016 @ 04:29 pm
While I did have some translation work this morning, today I finally had the time to go shopping in my own neighbourhood at my leisure, for the first time in a long while, it feels like. The previous 3~4 weekends have been so busy! Well, mostly the fun kind of busy, with friends and festivals, but still... It's really nice to have a whole weekend to yourself once in a while as well. I also finally got some laundry done (hadn't done it in 3 weeks... oops ^^;) and hung my futon outside to soak up some sun, because everyone seems to do that on sunny days here. They say it makes it smell nice or something... I'm not sure about that (Isn't it enough to just regularly wash the sheets?), but it probably can't hurt either. xD

Anyways, shopping~ I found the school-uniform style shoes I need for Comiket in the first shop I looked at! I remember looking for shoes like this in the Netherlands years ago, but I couldn't find them anywhere there, the closest being those kinds of step-in shoes that grannies wear (but none of them looking exactly right ^^; ). But in Japan, every middle and high school girl wears them, so they must be considered one of the most basic types of shoes, and thus sold everywhere for reasonable prices. I hope they didn't think it was too strange that some random, adult foreigner was buying them though. ^^;

But I think they look pretty nice as everyday formal shoes as well, they don't exactly scream "cosplay" to me... So I think I'll probably still wear them regularly, if I need to look nice for something or other. They're actually really comfy, and easy to step in and out of =3
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I also shopped for groceries at a store that's a little further away, but has more variety than the local supermarket, and also a bigger 100-yen store in the area. Then I saw that they were setting up for a Bon Odori festival in front of Nagahara Station. Apparently it's tonight and tomorrow night between 6 and 9 PM, so maybe I'll go have a look later... If I haven't melted from the heat yet by then! ><.

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03 August 2016 @ 08:27 pm
Today I started wearing the new shoes I bought a while ago, because the soles of my old shoes completely ripped in half ^^;;; And thus I found out that 3000 yen shoes don't last any longer than 1000 yen shoes... I only bought them back in March, and they lasted even shorter than most my other shoes that were much cheaper... u.u  So 1000 yen shoes it is again this time! 8D

 photo SAM_7632_zpshlbfn4ot.jpg

Pretty standard, but I really like how they're perfect Seigaku-color. If you ignore the Hyoutei socks, at least. xD

I also bought a 10-baths ticket for the local bathhouse, because I figure I'll surely be going there ten more times in the coming year (which is how long the ticket is valid) One visit is 460 yen, but the ticket for 10 visits is 4300 yen, so it saves you 30 yen on every visit. Not a whole lot in the long run, but still something! It's nice to finally be able to make these big purchases all at once. I also have a 3-month commuter pass now, which is cheaper than 3 one-months passes in the long run, and I've also been buying more groceries in bulk at the Hanamasa supermarket near my workplace. =D Even though it's cheaper in the end, I wasn't able to do it before, because of the large sum you need to pay up front. Funny how you're only able to save money though methods like this if you're rich enough to do buy a lot at once. I guess that's one of the reasons why the poor stay poor, and the rich only get richer and richer... ><


I'm just rambling here while I'm waiting for my rice to boil, because the clock on my rice cooker thought it was 8AM instead of PM, so it wasn't done when I got home. Oops. ^^; Guess I forgot to re-set the time after I had the power off for a while yesterday night while I defrosted my fridge. ^^; Due to the humidity, there was so much ice in it that I couldn't fit much in the tiny freezer anymore. But now it's fixed again~  It's been raining a lot the past two days though, and I was roughly woken up by thunder yesterday morning as well. I had my window open, so it was really loud! Luckily it didn't rain into my room... The area in front of my window seems to be well-sheltered from the wind, so it doesn't rain inside that easily, it seems. So I left my window open anyways, even with the rain and thunder, because it was nice and cool that way. xD

There have also been a few earthquakes... And I found out what it feels like to be in one when I'm on top of my bed. It's weird, because the hinges (?), the 4 corners where the bed's attached to the rails on the walls, kind of seem to cancel out the shaking. So while I could hear the rattling of the room shaking around me, I didn't actually feel any shaking. ^^;
And then there was the big non-earthquake... xD A false alarm was sent out that a magnitude 9 earthquake would hit in Tokyo Bay within 5 seconds, and apparently people were freaking out... I got the alert too, but I was at work, so I only noticed after about 20 seconds that my phone was flashing and vibrating (It was in my bag under my desk.) By that time it was already clear that there was no earthquake happening, so I didn't experience the panic, but... Maybe it's wasn't that good that I didn't notice the alert, because I wouldn't have noticed it either if there'd really been an earthquake... ^^; I really need to pay better attention to my phone, but I just don't have that habit of keeping it within hand's reach all the time...  Oops. ^^;;; Oh well, I'm glad nothing happened...

Ah, looks like my rice is done. =D
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01 August 2016 @ 09:39 pm
Last Sunday I climbed Mt. Oyama again, this time with three Japanese friends! We were doubting whether to go or not until the last moment, because the weather forecast predicted rain, starting somewhere between noon and 3PM. But we were starting early in the morning, so we decided it'd be fine if we'd shorten our route a little so that we'd at least arrive at the cable car station around 2, so we could get on it if it was raining too badly. But in the end, we didn't need to, because it was perfect weather all day! Not too hot, and mostly sunny with a few clouds. Well, maybe there were one or two showers during the afternoon, but we barely noticed them because we were safely covered by a thick canopy of trees. (It's so weird hearing the sound of rain all around you, but not actually getting wet xD)

And, with perfect timing, the summit was actually free from clouds when we were there! So after three times, I finally got to see the view~

 photo SAM_7719_zpszjyfw4gz.jpg

Just one part of the view... More pictures to follow after the cut~

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30 July 2016 @ 11:28 pm

Today I went to meet some friends for the Kagurazaka Festival, in... Kagurazaka. xD  I really need to get to bed 'cause I need to get up again in less than 6 hours, but I just wanted to drop some photos here, because it was really cool! This was another dancing festival, except they danced the Awa Odori, and instead of having people dance around a platform with musicians on it, it was more like a procession though the streets.

 photo IMG_20160730_162809_zpsbkiozv1s.jpg

The shrine~

Anyways, pictures~

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29 July 2016 @ 11:23 pm
Today after work I went to have a quick look at the Obon festivities in Ebisu~ I noticed it happened to be held this weekend, and while I didn't have anyone to go with, it's a really nostagic festival to me, having gone three years in a row from 2011 to 2013, so I just had to go when I learned I had the chance. =3 I could only be there at around 8PM though, and it ended at 9:30, so I could only see a bit of it. But it was still really cool!

Especially because apparently they got the cast from some kind of musical to be the lead dancers? I didn't catch what was said about them exactly, but there was this group of guys who looked like they could be in Tenimyu or something, and everyone was cheering and squealing really loudly for them... I wonder who they were... =O

Anyways, they were really fun to look at! Usually it's only some grannies who lead in the bon odori, but to have these young, handsome professional musical actors perform the traditional (and some not so traditional) dances with so much grace, and with a straight face as well, was pretty cool. Many other young people in the crowd were making fun of the dances, not doing them seriously. (They do look kind of silly sometimes xD) But if you think about the origin of Obon, that the dance is in honor of the spirits of departed ancestors, it does seem like something that should be done with some level of respect.

Here's a video of them~ *-*

Still a lot of grannies xD But the four guys in the corners were the actors.

All the talking is because apparently this was the first time this dance was being performed this night, so they were still explaining the moves, to get the people in the crowd to learn them. I didn't have a towel though, so I couldn't do this one. u.u

I did participated in a couple of songs I already knew ("Tokyo Ondo", "Tanko Bushi", "Yes Yes Ebisu" and "Hey Mr. Ebisu") to the best of my abilities, and as far as you can dance while carrying a bag... ^^; But other than that, I was pretty happy just to watch. =3

Okay, bed time now...

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24 July 2016 @ 06:31 pm
The only thing I ever visit these big department stores for: Manga exhibitions. xD

 photo SAM_7659_zpsrsbdynmh.jpg

And then I remembered why... These buildings are like mazes!  it took me about 40 minutes wandering around the massive complex to find the gallery ^^; Apparently it consists of 4 buildings, each with up to 7 floors, and having "north" and "south" parts and also certain sections within those, like, A, B, C, etc... And you can only move between buildings on certain floors, so if you're in the wrong one, you have to go up, or down, and up and down, etc... ^^; I don't know how, but somehow I ended up in the parking garage, and couldn't find an elevator that went up to the floor that I wanted. ^^; Seriously, why have elevators that only stop on the B2, B1, 1st, 4th, 5th and 7th floor, but not all of them!? And why have staircases that don't have entrances to every floor!? And why aren't there signs saying where anything is!? And is it really necesary to make the routes run THROUGH random expensive shops, so that you're not sure if you're even supposed to be walking there or not? Ugh, so confusing...

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