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01 January 2013 @ 01:14 pm
Welcome to my journal! Entries which are about fandom stuff only, like cosplay, convention reports or random thoughts about anime, manga, games, and Japan stuff are public, but personal entries are friends-locked. Not really because I have anything to hide, but more because I think people who come here for the fandom stuff aren't interested in reading about my boring life. X'D

I don't really have a friending policy or anything like that, because "friends don't need qualifications!"  =D  But if we've never really talked before and you want to be my friend, please comment here or send me a message saying who you are and why you're interested. Then I'll very likely add you back. ^-^


=> For seeing some of my cosplay, you can go to my Cosplay.com account.
=> For my old Hunter x Hunter drama cd and lyric translations, please refer to my translations masterpost.
(Please note that I'm currently not doing these anymore, and I'm also not available for any other translation requests. Sorry!)

誰でもコメント出来るようになっています ^o^


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20 February 2017 @ 09:12 am
After killing some time at Yoyogi park last Saturday, I went to see the Noragami stage play at AiiA 2.5 Theater. (No, I Have no idea how to pronounce that name either.) Here...

 photo SAM_9295_zpsbsuso05f.jpg

You could really tell that the theater was specially built for 2.5D productions, because they had so many special effects that I haven't seen used in stage plays anywhere else =O The stage looked pretty barebone at first, so I thought they would just carry backdrops and props on stage to set the mood, but no... The entire stage and back curtain pretty much functions as a giant projection screen, so they could actually project backgrounds, buildings and objects on various areas of the stage. Houses, shrines, Kofuku and Daikoku's shop, and even vending machines, lol. Sometimes the actors even interacted with the objects projected. Like, when Tenjin got angry and made lighting strike at his shrine, the prayer tablets fell down from the rack they were hanging on. xD I'm pretty sure a lot of that background art was taken straight from the anime, too! So it was basically just like watching the anime, except with live actors walking around in the 'screen' =O

 photo SAM_9296_zpsibximna1.jpg

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19 February 2017 @ 01:12 pm
It looks like I"m gonna need more than one post to talk about yesterday's excursion, so this is the first one ^o^ Not like I have anything interesting to talk about on most weekdays, so I guess I'll post about the rest some time later this week. xD Also, I fixed my phone, yay! It seems like the automatic update made the APN disappear for whatever reason, 'cause after recreating it, it worked again.

Anyways...  I have no idea why Tower Records of all places is doing a Natsume Yuujinchou cafe now, (I guess because they publish the soundtracks...?) especially after we already got a whole lot of cafes (Well, three or four?) during the airing of season five, and it's still a bit too early for season six promotion, is it..? But it was pretty cool!

 photo SAM_9263_zps70wry499.jpg

...And yummy! And cute!

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18 February 2017 @ 08:21 am
So, apparently I can't go to the tax office just yet, so that leaves me with a free day tomorrow on Sunday... Yay? I finished most of my translation work though (just finishing up the last chapter this morning), with the assumption that I wouldn't have any time whatsoever on Sunday. Maybe I'll go for a long walk, or translate the latest Nyanko-sensei comics, or some doujinshi... And maybe make some Dutch pancakes, or try baking a cake in my rice cooker, which I've been meaning to try some time since I STILL have leftover flour from my oliebollen last month. XD Oh, and go to the bathhouse! And mess with my phone to try and get it to work again, I guess... =_=; I think I have some paper somewhere with instructions from when I first got the contract, so maybe it'll work if I use that to re-set the entire APN...

Anyways, it's because apparently my company is organizing a lecture about taxes on Tuesday afternoon, and I figure it'd probably help to listen to that, instead of going to the tax office by myself on Sunday ^^; And, when I asked about it during our weekly meeting yesterday, they also said it was okay to go to the tax office during work hours! So I won't even need to waste a weekend day on it at all, yay! (Instead, I get to be behind schedule at work, I guess, since the deadlines don't change... fml )

That means that next Saturday, I can probably make it for a skiing trip I've been invited to... I haven't accepted yet since I thought I'd have either translation work or taxes to do, but now that I don't... I might actually go, even though I've never skied before in my life. ^^;;;; I mean, it looks like a lot of fun, and I might pick it up surprisingly quickly, since the guy who's organizing it said that if I can ice-skate I should be able to ski too, lol. He was so surprised when I said that I couldn't, at least. Though, it's not so much that I CAN'T ski, than that I've just never had a chance to try it... So who knows, maybe I CAN if I just try it... We'll see...! And if not, it'll be a nice chance to go out into the mountains, see some snow, and go to an onsen, in any case. =3

Anyways, that'd be next weekend... First I'll enjoy this one ^o^
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15 February 2017 @ 07:32 am
Monday during lunch break I met two friends at an owl cafe in Akihabara. There's a couple of those around the area now, but that one turned out to be about five minutes from the office, haha. I could totally go there more often if I wanted. I don't have a specific like (or dislike) for owls in particular, but they were so cute!

And they seemed to be fairly well looked after considering circumstances, being allowed to fly through the room freely, and having plenty of places to sit and hide if they wanted to. There were signs saying how to treat them and which ones didn't like to be touched, and the staff seemed really knowledgeable. Some of the friendlier owls were so calm that they almost looked like ornaments when they were napping and wouldn't wake even if you touched them. And for some reason there was a random chicken roaming around on the floor as well. xD

It was only 890 yen for an hour plus a drink, cheaper than some cat cafes, haha. But the time flew by in an instant. >w< I guess you just can't win a staring contest with an owl within an hour, haha. Seriously, there was one giant one staring at me from above the entire time, and when I started staring back, it started pulling funny faces. So cute! >www<

 photo IMG_20170213_141849_zpsqm5heg6a.jpg

I didn't think to bring my camera (I've been pretty much on auto-pilot mode in the mornings lately ^^; ) , but here's some phone pictures...

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13 February 2017 @ 08:13 am
Seeing this myu made me realize that I've never seen a Rokkakumyu live before ^o^ For second season I was in Japan during Hyoutei, so Rokkaku must've been some time after I left... And I also realized how little I actually remember from this part of the story, even though I must've watched the 1st season one over and over... I couldn't even recall what the original opening song was. Well, other than "My Best Tension" and the re-cap of the Ryoma-Hiyoshi match... ^^;;

 photo IMG_20170213_081038_zpsn5rkrh2g.jpg

...And I've had the poster for it up for quite some time... ^^;

This time, they went all out with the re-cap... They pretty much re-capped the entirety of the Hyoutei matches in one long epic song. It really gave me that feeling of "Ahh... Tenimyu... *sniffle*..." lol. The rest was pretty straight-forward, except with a LOT of added comedy bits. I guess that's all that Rokkaku's got going for them, so that worked out nicely. xD They're just such a nice and fun team that there's barely any tension in the matches, despite how they try to add some drama with the Kaidou-Aoi match. This time they'd upped the comedy so much that the "tension" song actually felt kinda out of place ^^;

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10 February 2017 @ 07:10 pm
I cut my bangs in a different style this time. I hope it doesn't look too weird... ^^; It was just a whim; I was getting really annoyed at my hair getting in my eyes during work, so I 思いっきり cut it super short, so I won't have to trim it every couple of weeks anymore for a while. xD It'll probably have grown back by the time I might have to cosplay Christina again for Character1 on April 30th (or I could use my Fuji wig if it hasn't ...) , and I'll probably cut it much shorter for summer anyways if I still feel like it then...>w<

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Here's some more random pictures of my week...

Pic #2Collapse )

The Katsudon I had for lunch last Wednesday, because I had a coupon... And because I went ice skating that day, haha. I actually went on both Tuesday and Wednesday this week, on Tuesday with kurayamihimitsu and on Wednesday with one of my coworkers, who´s been saying she wanted to go all winter, but couldn't come every previous time I invited her. x'D But when I told her that the place would be closing next week, she was like `Can we go today then?` I wasn´t planning to go anymore on Wednesday if I'd have to go alone, and I hadn´t had much sleep this week, but... Um, sure! Any time 8D

...And after I finished eating I got another coupon, so I might have to go again next week. =P I'm thinking that maybe I'll start going out for lunch and treat myself to something I usually don't eat about once every week, now that I can afford it. =D

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This... isn't some kind of Japanese language exam, but I think it should be! xD
It's the manual for my new wifi router, which I used to set up a network in my room! I was surprised that I managed to make it work, actually. Getting a router via my internet provider would be extremely expensive, so I just went to the Sofmap during lunch break yesterday and asked what router they recommended, and it was a 3000 yen one. So I bought it, the worst thing that could happen is me not being able to figure it out and having to return it to the store... But it worked ^o^ Though it wasn't as easy as just following the manual. Step 2 just says "connect to the internet", but... it'd be nice if they explained how. xD Turns out I had to make an account and log in on the router's manufacturer's website and, input the username and password of my broadband connection's contract there... And that magically gave me access to the router's settings, so I could set up an SSID and password for that. After that it still didn't work, so I randomly messed around with the settings on my laptop's wireless adapter for a bit, and that made it work somehow... I wouldn't be able to reproduce what I did to make it work exactly, though. ^^;;;

So... Yay, wifi! ^o^ (And yes, that's totally going to be my SSID, so I can tell it apart from all the people in my neighborhood who are using a router by the same manufacturer and didn't change their boring names... ^^; )
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08 February 2017 @ 04:00 pm
I've been reading a translated version of Natsume Soseki's Kokoro on my commute lately, and... Is there anyone else who's noticed that even though this is generally considered "classic literature", it reads pretty much like a BL novel? Or at least, the first part does, so far. I mean, the premise is like, 'naive university student gets obsessed with an older man and basically starts following him around and hanging out with him for no reason in particular, other than craving company and wanting to talk to him about deep topics'... Basically? I can't help but picture the young student as someone like Yotaro and the "Sensei" as someone like Yakumo from Rakugo Shinjuu, lol. It does seem to take place in a similar era, and the way the student admires his "Sensei" just reeks of BL... It seriously makes me wonder if anybody has written any BL manga adaptations of the story. ^^;;; Regardless, it's a nice and interesting read. =P

(Edit: Apparently I'm not the only one who noticed... Fascinating paper here.)

Speaking of BL, I also re-watched the entirety of Gravitation recently. Well, minus the OVA. My friends and I sang some of the songs at karaoke a couple of weeks ago, and that made me realize that while I still listen to the songs, I barely remember the story. I'm pretty sure I originally watched it back when I was about 14 or 15, (so over ten years ago... ._. ), because I remember talking to my mom about buying the translated manga as well, which was labeled as "16+", while I wasn't 16 yet. But when I explained that the rating was only because it had gay characters in it, she was like "Oh, in that case it's fine. Americans are just over-sensitive to that kind of stuff."  Haha =P

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05 February 2017 @ 05:27 pm
My new shelf arrived early this morning (9AM O_O;), so I could start working on getting it installed and rearranging my stuff right away. I moved the one I had in the 'living room' to the hallway, and put the new one in its place, 'cause I got a longer one this time which fits that space better. So now I have this awesome setup... >w<

 photo SAM_9249_zps8r3k2bi2.jpg

Let's hope they won't fall down any time soon. Though, I think I figured out why the one fell down last month; it probably wasn't just the weight, but also because it's winter and it'd gotten a lot colder all of a sudden. And because it's cold, the walls probably shrank, leaving more space in between them, and thus less tension on the shelf. ^^;; But since I installed this new one in winter (and moved the other ones too, and distributed the weight equally between them), the fit should only get tighter in summer, so I'm not expecting any major breakdowns after this... Hopefully =P

I got so much other stuff done this weekend too! Once I started rearranging stuff, I didn't want to put things back before cleaning thoroughly underneath and behind them, so it turned into an early spring-cleaning weekend. I also mended some holes in jeans and socks that I'd been meaning to fix, and bought about 2000 yen worth of things at the Daiso that I'd been meaning to get for a while. (Like little storage boxes... to put in my big storage boxes, lol xD And some for my contacts and hair accessoiries in the bathroom) It doesn't happen often that I don't have work or anything else during the weekend, so it might've the only opportunity I'll have had in a while. But now, my muscles are sore from all the moving around, cleaning, and lifting stuff ><

I just saw that the files for Amimaru's next project are up already... so I COULD start on them now and get a head start if I wanted... or I could just take a bath and go to bed early and start working tomorrow morning...  =w=;

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01 February 2017 @ 05:22 pm
Looks like the big Natsume billboard was replaced by a Fune wo Amu one... I dunno who's in charge of it, but this shop sure has good taste! =D

 photo IMG_20170130_101219_zpscb9nq9yb.jpg

Yesterday morning I met up with another friend from the Natsume Yuujinchou scanlation group. =O It was really sudden, I didn't even know she was in Japan, but apparently she was leaving that day and wanted to meet up before her flight. Luckily I don't have part-time work this week, so it was no problem to head out a little earlier than usual and have tea with her at a cafe in Akihabara before going into the office. She was so nice, and even got me a gift >w< I don't think I've ever met anyone from Iran before, but it's pretty amazing how people from all around the world are into Natsume Yuujinchou, and that they're all really nice people. Seriously, I believe the world would be a much better place if everybody watched it ^o^

Also yesterday, and again today during my lunch break, I went to look at laptops around some shops in Akihabara. Yeah, with the recent computer trouble at my company, I'm figuring it's about time I start looking into getting a new one (for real this time! I swear!) before my own suddenly breaks down and I'm left without the means to do any research about which one to buy. And, (less importantly? =P ) without any means to do any of my jobs... ^^;

But apparently it's pretty much impossible to find laptops with a normal English keyboard in Japan, much less the exact type of laptop that I want. Even in Akihabara, most of the major electronics stores didn't carry ANY of them, and the two shops that did have a couple only had Macs, and a few big laptops (with CD drive), while I absolutely want a smaller, lighter one than that. (I already have an external USB cd drive anyways...) So I guess it's time to re-think my options...

Go for a Japanese one after all and try to get used it? (They had some really nice ones at Sofmap, exactly the kind that I wanted... other than the keyboard!) Or try and import one via an online store and pray that everything'll work the way I want...? Like, "imported English laptops" sound fine and all, but what if, for example, it comes with the wrong kind of power adapter or American plug...? (The ones with the third prong that doesn't fit into Japanese outlets) For some reason all the online import shops don't specify anything beyond 英語版, which isn't very helpful… >__>  And I'm clueless as to how the warranty would work when ordering from any of those random sites, too... Though I'm not sure if it'd be easier to manage if it were a Japanese one from a Japanese store...

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31 January 2017 @ 09:56 pm
So I tried to edit some pictures from the event~ And by 'edited' I mean, I tried a few filters on them and applied whichever ones seemed to make them look slightly better, lol. Though I'd really like to do a studio shoot some time again, with good lighting, so it doesn't require any editing. =D Or maybe I'm just getting old OTL

 photo _16409438_10154525273483547_1965481175_o_zpsnsh6jggw.jpg

Close enough...? =P

Anways, yay, Jirou~! I had to borrow the wig from kurayamihimitsu again, but I think it looks alright on me too >w< Or at least, I hope so!

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30 January 2017 @ 06:09 pm
Yesterday was the Tenipuri Only event at Tokyo Big Sight! Well, like the Yuri on Ice event, it wasn't actually Tenipuri ONLY... because there were lots of other anime events going on at the same time, in the same halls. The main ones seemed to be sports anime, but there were also lots of other ones, like Shingeki no Kyojin (Didn't know that was still a thing =O ), Naruto (same...), and I even found two random circles with Natsume Yuujinchou stuff =O So I couldn't really find a common theme. The event title was apparently "Comic City Tokyo 139", though it wasn't one of the major "Comic City" events with all genres represented. I really wonder how they decide which anime to put together at smaller events like this. It's fun to see all the cosplayers together though, kind of like at events like Comiket, except with an unusually high percentage of certain series represented. =P

 photo IMG_20170129_132724_zpsswjtskeu.jpg

I cosplayed Jirou for the first time in about 3 years. And again for a date with Marui-kun xD

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22 January 2017 @ 11:05 am
Look at the flowers in my local park~ They're so pretty! On days like this it's hard to believe that it's still winter and it actually snowed a little the day before. Japanese 'seasons' are weird...

 photo 16107288_1351523841589435_902176239022396736_o_zpsij15fx2c.jpg

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I usually don't bring my phone on short walks, but yesterday I was glad I had it.

I also had a look at a free exhibition of bird photos taken in the park. I always wondered what those old guys with their giant cameras were doing amongst the hordes of Pokemon Go players, but apparently there's about 80~90 different bird species to be found. =O (Don't remember the exact number ^^') Gotta snap em all? =P

This morning after finishing up my translation work (done for this month, yay!) I made pancakes =3 I still have flour and sugar left over from when I made oliebollen, and it's taking up space, so I figured I should gradually start getting rid of it.

 photo SAM_9204_zpsivvwltes.jpg

Yum~ =3 This should give me enough energy to last through the karaoke party this afternoon. xD  Time to get ready...

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20 January 2017 @ 07:35 pm
I got home early today due to a lucky (or unlucky?) mishap. My computer at work crashed, and after about two hours of trying to fix it, it started doing a disc check that would take hours, so they sent me home so I could finish the rest of my work on my own laptop. I did lose a file, but I was only checking it, not translating myself (I'd already finished and backed up my own translation work in the morning, thank goodness...) , and I remembered all the comments that I'd left, so it only took a couple of minutes to rewrite them and move on. Still didn't do as much as I probably could've done, but... eh. I'm not gonna spend my Friday night doing overwork. =P Instead, here's some thoughts about anime (that I mostly wrote up earlier this week, but I didn't want make a post about just one or two anime, so I waited until I'd watched at least three. xD )

I started watching Onihei the other day... It looks really cool! It's a nice change to see samurai with (somewhat?) historically accurate clothing and hairstyles, rather than having them all be super bishonen, lol. The first episode made me think that the former thief was going to be the main character, but apparently it's about the officer (?) that took him in? I'm really curious what the rest of the story is going to be like - just episodic stories, or a big overlying plot?

Watched two episodes of the new Rakugo Shinjuu, though it doesn't really feel 'new' since it connects to the previous season so flawlessly. I'm a bit surprised at how quickly they made Yotaro become a shin'uchi though - I thought the story would focus more on him /becoming/ one. But this way is interesting too! I still wonder if Konatsu isn't going to pursue a career as a Rakugoka though... At this rate, she's being pushed into the stereotypical "mom" role, which seems kind of like a waste of a good character... I'd love to see her get on stage and break the tradition of rakugo being only performed by men - it would be a great way for her to help renew and revive the art, just like Yotaro and the writer guy are trying to do. And I was really amazed at Ishida's performance as the old Kiku, I didn't know he could do old men voices that well, so I almost didn't recognize him =O Tomokazu Seki (Yotaro) imitating Ishida's 'woman voice' was really neat to hear, too.

I also watched a random movie from my to-watch list, called Asura. Well... That was a thing. A dark thing. =P It wasn't BAD though... You just need to be in the mood for this kind of thing, just like with Grave of the Fireflies, haha. It was interesting though, really makes you think about things like, what defines humans, and how are they different from beasts? If you see the main character as a beast, the story may not seem as sad, but if you keep in mind that he's just a human boy, it's absolutely heartbreaking... (Or is it? Because the boy himself doesn't know any better, having grown up in a world of famine and cannibalism.) The animation style was unique but cool as well, and Masako Nozawa voicing the main character... I couldn't tell it was her at first because the kid doesn't talk much, until he started screaming and I was like, 'Hey, it's young Goku..." =O
The story could've used some more context though, like how did the world end up the way it was, and how did the baby boy survive long enough until he could live on his own, and how did he suddenly go from knowing a few words to being able to speak full sentences? But I guess those issues mostly stem from the movie being only little over an hour long. Anyway, not sure if anyone would watch this movie for "fun" really, but it definitely makes you realize just how grateful you should be if you have enough food, even if you don't have much else. >w<

Maybe I'll start on some more anime from the new season after cooking dinner and going to the onsen tonight... Or maybe I'll translate some more chapters of Nyanko-sensei ga Iku? (Have to catch up with the bonus chapters from vol.2)  Decisions, decisions...
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15 January 2017 @ 05:19 pm
Today was Ginban no Glory, a Yuri on Ice doujinshi event. Or rather, it was one event in the middle of a bunch of (mostly) sports anime events, but I assume that the vast majority of the people were there just for the Yuri stuff. I've been to small "only" events before, but I've never seen something as giant as this one... There were about 900 circles, which was most of west halls 3 and 4 at Tokyo Big Sight. It was actually the exact same place where my company's booth was at Comiket two weeks ago. XD But it looked totally different, and the hall was a lot more packed =O

I wasn't THAT interested in buying even more YOI doujinshi, since I already got one before, and I'm not super invested in the fandom, but so many people I know were going, so I figured I might as well take a look too. And... I managed to spend less than 5000 yen? Yay? *hides*

 photo SAM_9200_zpskjdgpig6.jpg

It was mostly doujinshi, but there was also an entire section on keychains and other accessoiries. Here's a bunch of stuff I got. (and some  freebies =3 )

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