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01 January 2013 @ 01:14 pm
Welcome to my journal! Entries which are about fandom stuff only, like cosplay, convention reports or random thoughts about anime, manga, games, and Japan stuff are public, but personal entries are friends-locked. Not really because I have anything to hide, but more because I think people who come here for the fandom stuff aren't interested in reading about my boring life. X'D

I don't really have a friending policy or anything like that, because "friends don't need qualifications!"  =D  But if we've never really talked before and you want to be my friend, please comment here or send me a message saying who you are and why you're interested. Then I'll very likely add you back. ^-^


=> For seeing some of my cosplay, you can go to my Cosplay.com account.
=> For my old Hunter x Hunter drama cd and lyric translations, please refer to my translations masterpost.
(Please note that I'm currently not doing these anymore, and I'm also not available for any other translation requests. Sorry!)

誰でもコメント出来るようになっています ^o^

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18 September 2018 @ 08:58 am
On the last day of the long weekend I finally made it to the mountains ^o^ I would've preferred to go on Saturday cause it makes more sense to hike first and then rest, rather than the other way around, but it still worked out... somehow. At first the weather forecast said it would start raining at about 2PM on Monday too, so I planned to go as early as possible and make sure I got back down by about 2, maybe go to an onsen or something afterwards. It didn't entirely go as planned, though... First of all there were train delays around Ōme, both in the morning and when I was going home! ><

In the morning there only seemed to be one train option that didn't involve waiting half an hour at either Ōme or Mitake station (Taking the very first train from home at 5:05 AM, so I did that... except that before I got on the express train to Okutama, my previous train had a 5 or 6 minute delay, while I had about 8 minutes to switch trains. So I ran... and initially I did get on that train, but I'd been hoping to go to the bathroom at the station while switching trains, and so I didn't get to do that... And it was still 70 minutes to go until Okutama, and there was no bathroom on the train D=  (there really should be on trains that you're on for longer than an hour...) So I tried to hang in there and distract myself by reading manga, but eventually I had to go to the bathroom so badly that I had to get off the express train at a random station to go to the bathroom there. >< Then I had to wait for the next one, and then I had to wait the half hour at Mitake... ^^;;; It's a bit annoying to think that I could've gotten up an hour later and still arrive at the same time.

Then the way home also took about 3 hours instead of two and a half, due to... something. I don't even remember, but it was still delayed around Ōme which caused everything else to be delayed too ^^;


Waiting at Mitake station... Weather still looking great =D
I took advantage of the situation by buying some onigiri at the vendor outside of the station, they were so tasty last time.

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16 September 2018 @ 09:21 pm
Today after the Hunter x Hunter event I headed over to the new Natsume Cafe for dinner. It'll take me a while to go through the HxH pictures (and hopefully I'll receive some more via Twitter) so I'll post about the cafe first. It was so nice~

In hindsight it wouldn't have been necessary to reserve, it was so big! While there were a handful of people (about 4~5 other groups of 2~4 people) the cafe space was so big and with so many seats that it felt almost completely empty  ^^; That's really surprising, considering it's the middle of a long holiday weekend - though maybe people are taking the opportunity to travel further away and/or do activities that take a whole day, rather than visit an anime cafe for about an hour. =P  I hope they get more business in the coming weeks ><  For me it worked out perfectly because the HxH event - at least the cosplay portion of it - ended at around 4, so I got a reservation at 5:30 which would give me plenty of time to change and head over to Omotesando (about 40 minutes from the HxH event venue)

It was a bit of a hassle to get in, though. I assumed that having the confirmation e-mail and showing the staff your order number would be enough, but apparently you had to go to the venue's website, log in there, and display some kind of "digital ticket", that the staff should have been able to "stamp" with some device they had, except that of course it didn't work on my brick of a smartphone, so they had to input some code manually... It sure didn't help that the cafe was on the basement floor, so my internet would barely connect there and it took ages to load one page, while the entire process required about 7 steps ( =7 different pages to be loaded). Luckily I'd come early for my reservation, but it would've been a lot less hassle if I simply hadn't reserved. ^^;  I wonder what people who don't have a smartphone are supposed to do, if they made the reservation on PC at home. ^^;;;;

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14 September 2018 @ 08:28 am
Well, that sure was a thing. XD

I knew like... 8 songs or so? Which is a lot more than I was expecting to know though! I wasn't sure if I should expect him to sing songs from the musical itself , from the concert portion of them, or mostly his original solo stuff, but it was all of them!

There wasn't really a story to the concert, the basic premise was just like "Hi, I'm Kashuu Kiyomitsu and I'm going to entertain you." And so he did!

The first half were mostly his own songs (I guess), cause I only knew one thing there... I think it's called Utsukushii Higeki, except I don't remember seeing any version of it where Kashuu very suggestively got tied up in ropes and blindfolded by his backup dancers o_O;

Just as I was starting to wonder if the whole show would just be song after song after song, they started switching things up a little with a taiko performance! Kashuu doesn't really seem to be the type for that with his slight frame, his movements weren't that 'big' and near the end he started acting like he was exhausted - or maybe he really was, but it was still pretty awesome. Then he did a couple other types of performance, like dancing with poi sticks that lighted up in pretty patterns.

After a while the backup dancers changed into their Time Retrograde Army costumes (I wonder if Kogitsunemaru's stand-in actor was among them... =O ) and there was a battle scene, all through which Kashuu kept singing one song after the other. Gotta admire his actor's stamina, for not even going off-tune after all that. He did sound slightly hoarse at times in louder songs, but he still hit all the notes, super impressive!

Near the end they also started pulling out group songs such as Shouri no Hata and Yume Hitotsu, I sure wasn't expecting him to sing those by himself! While the audio did contain backup vocals, he pulled it off pretty well, also thanks to his stage presence I guess. He even came out with the main Touken Ranbu theme... Yeah, by himself! The song was fine, but it was a little silly how they kept projecting pictures of him and his name on the screen in different fonts (like, 6 times!) during the part where they usually introduce all the characters XD You introduced yourself at the start, we know who you are!! XD

Oh, and I have to talk about the costumes! When he first showed up wearing so many layers, a hat, mask, etc - so many accessories that you could barely tell who he was at first... I was already suspecting that he would be peeling off the layers one by one during the performance, and he did... for a while, until there was a dance performance with just the backup dancers, which made it pretty obvious that they were buying time for Kashuu to change clothes. And that happened a couple of times, so we got to see him in his regular fighting out fit too (the one with the long jacket) and a couple of other things. I don't even remember, but my reaction for most of them was "Oh dear, what the heck are you wearing!? "

One was like this super-fluffy looking knee-length winter coat with a red and black checkered pattern, and he must've been sweating like crazy in that, poor boy. When he took it off to reveal the tank-top underneath and did a song where he ran through the audience, I could literally see the beads of sweat on the hair in his neck >w< (I was in the second seat from the aisle). Somewhere in the end, after the battle scene, he changed again, this time into... a frilly dress! Not even a long jacket - that was a dress! It was a vaguely-European looking frilly and lacy red and black dress, and he was prancing around the stage in it singing "Amore, Amore" while dancing suggestively with his male dancers (who were actually dressed male, lol). He was actually dancing super suggestively with them the whole time, and they'd hold his hand when he would step onto a platform or chair, and sometimes even while he was walking up the stairs. He was wearing heels during the whole show too, and boy, can he dance on heels! I was like "What the heck am I watching!?" but it was still awesome. XD

He really likes dancing on top of chairs and raised platforms though... Maybe it's because he's so short? In one of the last songs he even got on top of a super fancy, cushy baroque-style chair (You know, the type that you might expect to see at your grandparents' house) and I was like, "Um, shouldn't you at least take off your shoes before stepping on top of that?" He was really struggling to keep his balance because his heels sank away into the cushion. X'D

I also loved how he did most of this with a deadpan kind of expression, like "I'm just doing this to entertain my master, don't mind me..." On the one hand I felt like he was lacking a bit of enthusiasm in some songs, especially in his facial expressions, but on the other hands his singing and dancing was super sharp and polished all the way through - almost mechanical, to the point that it made you wonder, "Is this boy even human!?" Which is totally fitting if you consider what Kashuu really is... So I guess I"m just really impressed by the actor's ability to do a whole 90 minute concert entirely in character. >w<;

It was a little lonely that none of the other characters showed up as guests (I suppose they were too busy playing baseball =P ) but Kashuu owned the stage just fine on his own ^o^ I'm really glad I decided to buy a ticket!
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13 September 2018 @ 09:19 am
Let's post some fun pictures from the two local festivals I visited last weekend!  While I did mostly spend the weekend on "resting", I did need to get some food, and some exercise, and walking to the festivals fulfilled both of those needs XD  I remember that last year, both the festival at Senzokuike and the one at Hachiman Shrine near Ebaramachi station were held one after the other, so I went to them two weekends in a row. But this time, they were apparently both on the same weekend =O

I noticed they were setting up for the festival at Hachiman Shrine when I walked to the Hachimanyu bathhouse last Friday night. They'd already turned on the lanterns, and it looked so pretty at night!

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09 September 2018 @ 02:40 pm
Huh... So it's pretty much confirmed that the new Akatsuki no Yona stage play is covering the Awa arc, considering that actors for Kum-ji and Captain Gigan have been announced... That's... slightly disappointing? I mean, that arc has already been adapted into a drama cd, and the anime, so what else are they going to do with it? =O  It also means that Zeno will barely have a role to play, even though apparently he is going to be in it... =S I was really hoping that this play was going to show us a "new" part of the story, as in, a part from the manga that hasn't been adapted anywhere else yet. I mean, that's what the FIRST stage play did, so this feels like a step backwards in all respects.. Of course I'll still go and see it (maybe more than once, 'cause I regretted only getting one ticket last time), and I'll probably love it, but still...  I'm wondering what the producers are thinking... >w<

I also received my vol 23 of Natsume Yuujinchou, vol 3 of Nyanko-sensei ga Iku (I should get back to translating that...) and the new movie's novel adaptation in the mail the other day! I was surprised they just stuffed them into my mailbox without me having to sign for it. ^^; But I haven't had the time to look at them yet... Maybe I'll end up bringing them on my trip to Hitoyoshi and reading them on the plane there, or on the train, or in the evenings while relaxing at the ryokan. :3 I'm still not sure if I want to spoil the movie's story for myself before actually watching it though... But if the novel is coming out almost a month before the movie, that must mean that the author intends for people to read it first... right? Intersting choice. =O

Last monday evening I went to see the Non Non Biyori movie at a cinema close to my office... Yeah, they built a new cinema within a 5 minute's walk of my office, and I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. They have screenings starting at 19:40, which is just enough time to grab something to eat after work and then go to the cinema, I learned. I've been waiting for this movie for a long time (4 years, apparently!) so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to watch the antics of Ren-chon and her friends on the big screen. I wasn't expecting anything dramatic from this movie - somewhere deep down I was expecting that the cast wouldn't even make it to Okinawa within the course of the movie, just like in that last OVA that we got - so it went way beyond my expectations (lol). It was... so accurate as to what a short 3 or 4-day trip within Japan is like, including the part of staying at a minshuku to save on costs. I literally felt like I'd just gone on a short trip to Okinawa myself in the course of just one evening, it was so relaxing :3  It totally inspired me to start planning stuff for my own trip coming up this month. And it even managed to be a little touching in the end, when they had to leave again. ;_;  9/10 (ish...? or maybe my impression is just skewed because watching it on a big screen while eating popcorn was already pretty awesome XD) 
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07 September 2018 @ 08:39 pm
Oops, yesterday I planned out another day of my Hitoyoshi trip at work instead of... working  ^^; But I still finished my work later XD

For one of my days I wanted to visit Haraigoubashi, the bridge that's used as the model for the bridge that leads to Tanuma's house. Last time it seemed impossible because it's about 15 kilometers away from any train station, but now I'vefigured out that there ARE buses in the Yunomae/Ichifusa Mizukami area - they just aren't listed on Google maps, or anywhere really. except for the bus company's own website if you do a bit of digging there. But that opened up a whole bunch of new possibilities!

I think I'll forgo the bicycle rental idea (since there are only 4 bikes available at Yunomae station and apparently it's not possible to reserve them) and instead take a bus from Hitoyoshi all the way up to Ichifusa where the "Tanuma Bridge" I wanted to visit is... And looking at the bus route, the bus stop I'll need to get off at is called "Ichifusa Mountain Trail Entrance"...

Wait, there's a mountain!? So looking THAT up, I found that apparently "Mt. Ichifusa" is one of Japan's "200 most famous mountains", and apparently it can be climbed as a day trip within about 7~8 hours from that bus stop. And the bridge I wanted to visit is on the trail, as well as some shrines... That sounds like the perfect day trip for me ^o^ And apparently it's also the location of the 5th season key visual~! I've seen a lot of similar places to it (at first I thought it was at Hitoyoshi Castle) but I didn't realize that it was at Ichifusa too until I looked it up and saw a lot of photos of that familiar-looking place. All the more reason to go there!  (I actually think I looked it up before but dismissed it as "too far away; impossible to visit on foot" and then forgot about it again, but then I didn't know about the buses yet)

The main difficulty is that the first bus from Hitoyoshi arrives at Ichifusa at 8:54 and the last bus back to Hitoyoshi already leaves at 16:50... Which gives me EXACTLY 8 hours to complete the hike, and that's if I don't get lost or injured or caught in bad weather or anything... So I'll be cutting it uncomfortably close going by the times on the hiking map I found, and taking quite a bit of a risk... But I think I can trust in my ability to shave an hour or so off the estimated hiking time by now (even when I'm not consciously rushing), going off my experience at Mt. Tanzawa recently... and if it looks like it's taking longer, I could always turn back before reaching the summit, I suppose. Or call a taxi if I miss the last bus, though that might cost me over 10.000 yen... ^^; Or hitchhike, I guess?

Another downside is that I won't be able to visit Ichifusa Yuyama Onsen if I'm cutting it that close with my hike, unless I manage to shave nearly two hours off the estimated hiking time... ^^; It would be really neat to visit an onsen THAT deep into the countryside/mountains... But I have other onsen planned on my trip, so that's not too big of a concern. And 8 hours is a long time to just spend looking around the town and onsen, so if possible I do want to climb the mountain...

That means I'll be climbing TWO mountains this trip, Mt. Ichifusa and Mt. Aso! Oh well, the idea was to go "further out there" and explore more than I managed to go on my trip to Kumamoto two years ago, and this sounds like a great way to add to that!
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06 September 2018 @ 08:27 pm
Speaking of Akatsuki no Yona, I bought volume 27 the other day, along with the drama CD that came with last week's issue of Hana to Yume. I actually ordered them while I was in the Netherlands, along with a bunch of Natsume Yuujinchou stuff coming out on September 5th, like the new novel for the movie. Amazon said that due to that, the entire package's would be shipped "after September 5th", and I chose to have as few shipments as possible, so I figured it'd be okay to pre-order while I was away... Except that they then tried to deliver the AkaYona stuff separately about three times while I wasn't home. After the first time I got an e-mail notification, so I had it rescheduled for the weekend after getting back, and yet I still found THREE missed-delivery slips in the mail, all for the same package, so apparently it took a while for them to get the note. ^^;

I made the mistake of listening to the CD before reading volume 27 though D= I didn't realize it at first because the story seamlessly connected to the part I'd read in volume 26, but apparently two of the tracks almost literally adapted two chapters of volume 27 so I had them spoiled for me before I could read them >< The author's notes said that one of those chapters was specifically written to make Shin-ah and Zeno talk more though, so I guess the CD and manga kinda go hand-in-hand there anyway. Oh well...

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I also bought volumes 4 and 5 of the English version at Abunai. Not like I need it since I already own all volumes of the Japanese version so far, but it's just so interesting to see how it's been officially translated. The only really "strange" thing so far are the name spellings. I can see how "Kija" might become "Gija" because the Korean "K" is kind of in between a K and a G, but I'm not so sure about "Sinha" for "Shin-ah". Even though it might be easier to pronounce for English-speakers, it changes the pronunciation quite a bit, and the "ha" part also overlaps with Jaeha's name (which is spelled as-is, but without a hyphen) which may lead to incorrect speculation about the meaning of Jae-ha's name. ("Sinha"'s name meaning is still given as "The light of the moon" so people might think that Jae-ha's name also has "light" or "moon" in it, but it doesn't ^^;) Also would you really want to put the word "sin" in the name of somebody who believes that he is cursed and feels guilty for having killed people in the past? That's kind of cruel, isn't it? ^^;;; Or maybe I'm the only one reading into it this deeply.

Other than that, the translation is great, though! I love the way the translator is portraying Kija's style of speech - formal, but not TOO stiff, as well as how natural the sound effects are done. I have a lot to learn from that! *memo memo*

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05 September 2018 @ 10:10 pm
Back in June (when I posted about the Akayona fanmeet in Japan on Facebook) I read that somebody might be coming as Zeno and bringing a Kaya with them on Saturday at Abunai, so that's why we decided to wear Kija and Jae-ha on Saturday too, in the chance that we might run into them. And we did, even though I never heard whether or not they'd be going through with their plans.

Here we are~

We spotted the Zeno cosplayer as soon as we got in line XD Apparently she was one of the people who talked to me three years ago when I debuted my Kija cosplay, and we inspired her to start cosplaying Akatsuki no Yona as well, knowing that there were other fans in the Netherlands. Feeling that, I feel kinda bad for not showing up at any Dutch conventions for the three years after that ^^; Apparently they had a pretty big group last year though, even more people than this year. =O  They had somewhere to be first, but we arranged to meet up later in the morning to take pictures. >w<

On Saturday, the weather wouldn't be all that great according to the forecast, so after getting into the event, we first went to take pictures outside of ourselves (on second thought, we could've just gone and take photos as soon as we arrived, no need to wait in line for that. ^^;)

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02 September 2018 @ 07:43 pm
Only after the con do I realize how badly I've always wanted to try this! ^o^ Cosplaying Eiji hasn't been something that's always been on my mind, like "I'll definitely do it some day!" I just never really considered it. Whenever I cosplayed Seigaku before, there would always already be somebody else as Eiji, first for years in the form of mimi91chanwho just looked too perfect and realistic as him with her real hair, and even when cosplaying with different groups in Japan, he would be one of the most popular characters to cosplay, so there'd just always be somebody, and so I needed to "fill the gaps" by cosplaying other characters. I never thought of that as a bad thing though, I think it's much nicer to have a complete group of matching characters, rather then to have a bunch of double characters and some missing because everybody insists on only cosplaying their top favorite. =P

So my friend said she wanted to try cosplaying Oishi once, I just naturally was like "Well, I guess I'll have to be your Eiji then!" And it was really nice being able on the "other side" of the Golden Pair for once! I realized I had lots more fun this way than when I'm Oishi, even though my personality is probably more like his XD Back when I was really into Tenipuri back in high school, and I used to come up with stories about them in my head, I always did so from Eiji's point of view - so I guess the desire to try actually becoming him has always existed in the back of my mind somewhere. :3

It was kinda weird though, I felt like I was cosplaying as my friend rather than a character  ^^; I tried to make the wig as close to the anime as possible though, instead than going for a more "realistic" color and style like in the manga and in Tenimyu. I spent about half an hour in the wig shop going between the more red-ish wigs and the more brown-ish ones, but there was no perfect compromise somewhere in between the two, so I ended up going with this one in the end. (It's exactly the same color as my Gakuto wig actually, I noticed later ^^; )  And I'm glad I did, 'cause I'm not sure if I would've been able to style it so well if I'd gone with a different one, and this one is a lot more iconic and stands out a lot more in photos.

I ended up with so much nice photos that it's hard to pick just a few to post because they're almost all good. X'D So this'll be very image-heavy, but sure, why not!

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01 September 2018 @ 03:06 pm
Yes, it took me more than a week to start posting about Abunai, and I still haven't had the time to make a complete post with edited cosplay photos XD I did select a bunch of pics from our Tenipuri cosplay on Friday, but then I got a whole new batch of photos from a friend and now I'll have to select and edit those too >w<  So first I'll just talk about general stuff, I guess!

On Friday I had to leave pretty early, despite the con not starting until 2PM ^^; It was over three hours to travel to Eindhoven from my parents' house, and we wanted some time to drop our luggage by the hotel (at Eindhoven - we couldn't get a room at the hotel venue itself) too, so I think I left at around 9AM... And I did my wig and make-up before that, because that really was the safest way to transport the wig to the con, but wearing a wig without contacts or make-up just looks strange... So I had no choice but to go on the train in full cosplay. Not that anyone minds in the Netherlands though, which is awesome. I actually got recognized two or three times before even arriving at the con, lol.

I was sitting in the area between carriages because my suitcase couldn't fit though the door to the seating area or up/down any stairs (talk about "barrier-free" =____=; ), when two guys got on the train at Zwolle Station and sat down in the same area because it looked crowded inside. Then one of them started talking to me in English like "You're cosplaying from Prince of Tennis, right?"  Yep, that's a GUY who knows it! And... wait for it, his companion was a Japanese exchange student. X'D Apparently they had been to a Dutch language school in Beilen for the summer (I didn't know there was one =O ) and just returning home - The Japanese guy lived in Wageningen and studying at the university there, and the other guy said he lived in Eindhoven and worked in Veldhoven... And yet he didn't know about the con!!?  So I told him about it, and that it was on all weekend, and he said he would definitely check it out. I didn't see him at the con itself, but I hope he had fun.  Once the Japanese guy caught on that I spoke Japanese he asked me a bunch of questions about my cosplay and about what I do in Japan, and we talked about Comiket for a bit too, and and after that I gave him my cosplay- and company business cards he said he would check it out too. XD Potential new customer? Zwolle was the last place where I thought I might be able to recruit one.

In Utrecht I had to switch trains too (I lost track of the guy even though he was going to Eindhoven too) and I ended up sitting with some overly-chatty first-time congoers, they were kind of annoying ^^;  Luckily we had to go different ways at Eindhoven 'cause I had to go and meet my partner for the day and go to our hotel.

Yay! =3=

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27 August 2018 @ 02:01 pm
If you're reading this, it means that I survived three days of Abunai!

It was fun!
Beforehand I was kind of afraid that I would hate everything and everyone there because it's been ages since I've been to a Dutch anime convention, and it's so chaotic and unorganized compared to Japanese events, but I was totally reminded of the fun sides of casual cosplay meet-ups like this, and of how awesome my friends in the Netherlands are. =D

Here's the (one?) nice picture of Kija and Jae-ha I got on my own camera using my mini-tripod. Time to go through the rest of the photos on my flight, I guess? =P
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17 August 2018 @ 06:13 am
When I arrived at the ryokan, I was immediately led to my room... and it was so cute and cosy! It on the second floor again, but a different shape and size than the one we stayed at before. It consisted of two 4.5-tatami-sized rooms, (though only one had actual tatami in them) connected by a door that probably once had a sliding screen in it. I guess this was their designated "one-person room", though it would've probably have fit two futons as well if you moved the table to the other little room on the side. (I think we shared a room of this exact same size with 3 people in Kyoto some years ago, haha.) It also had its own private "unit bath" bathroom attached too, pretty similar to what I have at home. Though I just used the onsen itself, so I didn't end up using it other than for the toilet and sink.

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16 August 2018 @ 07:54 pm
Yep, last Monday I did the thing I've been wanting to try for a while - climbing Mt. Tanzawa on my own, as a one-day trip, via the steep Ookura ridge. The opportunity came up when I heard that my friend's barbecue on Tuesday would be held at a campground near Mt. Oyama, so I thought it would be nice to do a hike in the same area, stay somewhere at an onsen overnight, and then head to the BBQ in the morning without having to get up early or travel all the way back to Tokyo for just one night. Also, Odakyu's Oyama Free Pass is valid for 2 days, so with that I could pick any ryokan or hotel in the wide area (anywhere between Shibusawa and Hon-Atsugi or along any bus routes that connect to those station) without having to worry about transportation.

Anyway, the Ookura route up Mt. Tanzawa is known as "Baka-one", or "idiot's ridge" among locals, allegedly because the climb is so strenuous (and a bit monotonous because it's mostly stairs)  that only idiots would attempt it... XD *raises hand* Here's one! There were actually quite a few people climbing it, surprisingly. Not enough for it to feel crowded, but enough people to feel reassured that if you ever need help, just wait in place for 10~15 minutes and somebody is bound to pass by. The climb actually wasn't as long and strenuous as I was expecting it to me, which makes me wonder why I never attempted it before... ^^; Or maybe I only feel that way right now because I've been hiking so many other routes in preparation for this. Overall, the climb up to the summit to Mt. Tanzawa itself took about 4 hours - including a 20 minute break at Tounodake - as opposed to five an a half hours, like the map says), and the descent... It would probably take a little less than that if you walk straight down, but... I ended up having to take some detours, so in the end I got back down at exactly 4PM.

Still earlier than I had planned though. I started walking at 7:30AM - Got up at 4:30; took the train at 5:20; arrived at Shibusawa at about 7:00 and took a bus to Ookura from there. And for the way back I planned to take the bus from Ookura at 5PM, then the train to Isehara, from where another bus would get me to my ryokan (check-in was until 6, dinner at 7). So I definitely got my money's worth for the Free Pass. =D According to the hiking map I wouldn't have enough time for that schedule - it said that the whole hike would take about 10 and a half hours. But I was already assuming that I'd at least be slightly faster then the times on the map, and I was right about that... Even with the mishaps on the descent ^^;;;;;;

When I set off, the weather was pretty much perfect! Since it was still early it wasn't too hot, and I'd be walking under trees for most of the time too... Except around the summit, but it's several degrees cooler there anyways, so I didn't sweat quite as much as I was fearing. I only brought two 500ml bottles of water with me (more would be heavy ><), because I remembered seeing several teahouses on the route when I descended it some time last year (?) with sindraa, and there was also a spring near the summit of Mt. Tounodake marked on the map, so I counted on being able to fill up on water along the way as needed.

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15 August 2018 @ 08:14 pm
Yep, I went to the Animate cafe again, two weeks in a row. XD Granted, this was a different place from the YYH one (apparently there are three locations in Ikebukuro now) but overall it felt pretty similar, except of course the different theme. I applied for a couple of different days, but the only reservation timeslot that I could get (and that I had time for, really) was in the evening after Comiket starting at 18:20. Luckily I caught a direct train from Kokusai-Tenjijo station to Ikebukuro at about 5PM, so I got there with plenty of time to spare to find the place, and even look around some anime and cosplay shops. :3 (Not that I needed anything right now... ^^; )

Look at these cute acrylic stands~ Too bad they were random, so I didn't get any 'cause I didn't feel like getting a bunch of characters I don't care about ^^;

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