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01 January 2013 @ 01:14 pm
Welcome to my journal! Entries which are about fandom stuff only, like cosplay, convention reports or random thoughts about anime, manga, games, and Japan stuff are public, but personal entries are friends-locked. Not really because I have anything to hide, but more because I think people who come here for the fandom stuff aren't interested in reading about my boring life. X'D

I don't really have a friending policy or anything like that, because "friends don't need qualifications!"  =D  But if we've never really talked before and you want to be my friend, please comment here or send me a message saying who you are and why you're interested. Then I'll very likely add you back. ^-^


=> For seeing some of my cosplay, you can go to my Cosplay.com account.
=> For my old Hunter x Hunter drama cd and lyric translations, please refer to my translations masterpost.
(Please note that I'm currently not doing these anymore, and I'm also not available for any other translation requests. Sorry!)

誰でもコメント出来るようになっています ^o^

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19 September 2019 @ 09:11 am
Look at this weather forecast D=

It's been this way ever since the forecasts became available about two weeks ago, and while usually they're super unreliable and end up changing within the drop of a hat, it's been consistently showing the same thing all week, so  I guess that means that it really will rain almost the whole time. What's with this timing!? It's been sunny every day BEFORE my trip and it'll be sunny again AFTER it, but why does it have to rain on JUST those days!? D=

I had some rain last year, but nothing beyond a slight drizzle... And I was hoping that this year I'd have a better chance of climbing Mt. Ichifusa and actually seeing the view, but the only day I'll have to do that schedule-wise is Saturday, so I guess I'll be climbing in the rain again, if it's possible to climb at all... If it's really pouring on the 21st I probably wouldn't want to try and get to the top, because the paths would turn into rivers. I suppose I could just go to Ichifusa Shrine and then relax at Yuyama Onsen or something, but still... It would suck going all the way back to that mountain and not actually being able to go to that spot 5 minutes from the summit that I missed last time, because that's the main reason I'm going back... And knowing myself I might just be stubborn enough to climb anyways, despite it not being very fun in rainy conditions ^^;  I saw photos on Twitter of people climbing it this week, and it looked so nice and sunny... At least that suggests that the trails are still open after the typhoons, but still D= D=

I decided to switch my cycling day to Tuesday (before going back home) because then I'll have more time to start early in the morning and do the whole Kumagawa cycling road, so Friday I'll just walk around Hitoyoshi itself (with an umbrella if needed) and visit the shrines and such... And Sunday I'm meeting with a Twitter friend who's visiting by car, so I'm not too worried about those... It's just the Saturday that needs to clear up, really!

And the trains to the airport need to run smoothly tomorrow! It's always nerve-racking taking a flight at 6AM, because the earliest I can arrive at the airport is 40 minutes before departure... I'm considering biking or walking to Oimachi or Shinagawa so I can take the first train from THERE instead and arrive 15 minutes earlier, though that would mean getting up quite a bit earlier too, so I'm not sure if it's necessary or if I'm just being overly cautious... I took such early domestic flights three times before and it went okay all three times... but on the other hand, maybe that's a miracle and it's about time for something to go wrong? Hrrrmm... =/ 
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18 September 2019 @ 09:52 pm
The Saturday before the HxH event I went to the festival at Omiya Hachimanguu shrine, which isn't actually anywhere near "Omiya" station, but rather up north in Suginami-ku. It's not a famous festival by any means, but it was my friend's local festival, and she wanted to go, so... we went. xD It was only slightly bigger than the festival at Hatanodai, I guess, though there was a bigger variety of food stalls and games.

When we arrived at about 2PM it was still relatively quiet, so we grabbed some food and just hung out on a bench eating until more people started arriving, and then we wandered around, looked at the shrine (and the ikebana exhibition there) and played some games. The shooting game is ridiculously hard, I swear it's set up so you can't win anything besides cheap candy ^^;

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Okay, these weren't as long as the other one, so I did the director's parts as well ^-^

Director Omori Takahiro

Any scenes you especially struggled with, or that required a lot of effort?

The scene where Yorie cried after Mukuo (Honokage) left.  During this scene, Yorie herself isn’t quite aware yet of what’s happened, and of the change that went on inside her heart. She never really saw him leave, but the moment he left, the memories she had of him disappeared, and were replaced by the old memories of her real son’s death. But it’s not as if those memories suddenly pop up – it’s more as if it slowly dawns on her, while the comfort that Honokage brought her lingers in her heart. That’s what causes Natsume to be moved deeply when he sees her later, and it’s also why Yorie’s expression couldn’t be too sad in this scene. But naturally she wouldn’t be smiling either, though she’s not really suffering either. Rather than her heart, it’s her body that responds to the loss by reflexively spilling some tears. Then, when she watches the fluff rain down from the sky after Honokage left, she must have felt something, but she tries to act nonchalant about it in front of Natsume. Within that small time, a gradual change must have taken place in her heart, but I didn’t want to spend too many words explaining it. Instead, I wanted the viewer to feel it for themselves while watching the scene. So there aren’t any lines which the emotion can be poured into, which I think was also difficult for Shimamoto-san, playing Yorie. And the animators drawing this scene must have been faced with an incredibly difficult task. But they all did a splendid job, and the scene turned out exactly as I intended.

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I was going to go hiking on Monday, a national holiday, but then it turned out to be rainy all day, so I stayed in and did this instead. It's a translation of the special Q&A with Midorikawa Yuki, published on the official movie website here. It seemed like something fun and easy to translate, since I actually saw the movie and attended the event, so I know what they're talking about. And I wanted to read it myself, anyways :3


On August 10th (Saturday), an event to commemorate the Blu-Ray and DVD release of “Natsume Yuujinchou: Tied to the Temporal World” was held at the Kawaguchi Cultural Center, Lilia Hall, featuring Kamiya Hiroshi, Inoue Kazuhiko, Horie Kazuma, Satou Rina, and Shimamoto Sumi.

For one of the talk show segments, we had original creator Midorikawa Yuki, director Omori Takahiro and director Ito Hideki answer some questions. But because not all their answers could be addressed during the event, and because some of you might have been unable to make it to the event, we’ve published all their answers here for everybody to enjoy!

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This is taking longer than I thought, so I'll do the director's answers maybe later... 

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16 September 2019 @ 03:07 pm
Another year, another HxH-Only event...! I'm trying to remember how often I've been to these, and I think I've been ALMOST every year since 2013, when it was still called "Climax Hunt"... Then "Re:Hunter01" in 2014, and then... I dunno, I think I only missed 2015 and then went to every other one since then. I admit it always takes a bit of courage and motivation to get myself to go these days, since I haven't actually been actively reading the HxH manga or watching the anime in years and I'm afraid I don't have much to contribute or talk about at this point... ^^;  But every time I go I'm reminded of how awesome the fan community was, and still is =D  And since I made my new Kurapika cosplay last year, it would be a waste not to wear it again >w<

Yayyyy! Back in 2013 I was freaking out about getting my first picture with the main 4 together at the only event, and now it was super easy to get another one, albeit with three different people xD

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14 September 2019 @ 12:07 pm
This morning I stayed home to recieve 4 packages that kept having to be rescheduled. Next to Amazon's "Delivery Provider", Sagawa is probably now my next least favorite shipping company D=  I was supposed to receive two packages by them, but I only got a missed delivery slip from one of them, and for the other one Amazon just said "Your package may be lost"... Thanks, very helpful and informative ^^; Sagawa's own website said the status was "Waiting for redelivery request", but they hadn't even attempted to deliver it in the first place! Or if they did, they hadn't put anything in my mailbox... So without the numbers on the slip I couldn't even make a redelivery request, and if I searched for the tracking number in their system, it just said "This item cannot be found". D= So I had to e-mail the amazon customer service, and they gave me a phone number to call Sagawa, and when I did, they said "Your package is already scheduled to be delivered on Saturday morning". Wait, what? I'd ordered a redelivery for the ONE package, but not for the other, and it didn't even seem to be in the system at all. ^^; If they decided to group my orders together, that's fine, but they should've at least said so ^^;;;;  So in the end it probably would've been fine even if I hadn't done anything, ugh >___>

Anyway, stuff! I had some points on Amazon built up (thanks to a postal survey I've been participating in, which pays rewards in Amazon points =D) so decided to replace my Kija cosplay shoes, 'cause they were also my "waterproof shoes for bad autumn weather"  but I recently noticed the sole was cracked beyond repair and they were all but waterproof anymore D=  So I got a similar pair of fake leather shoes, 'cause I found some really nice ones! The color is a bit lighter than the old ones I had, but I think that would look better with the costume - if I ever have the chance to wear it at all, at least ^^;; I mostly just wanted some new autumn-proof shoes xD

I got them a few sizes bigger (size 40 xD ) than my actual size to accomodate heel inserts for cosplay AND an insole that I bought a while ago to possibly help with my sesamoiditis but turned out to be too big (or too 'high', rather) for any shoes I had ^^; Everything fits exactly, and they're really comfy! =D

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12 September 2019 @ 09:43 pm
I'm still watching the new Fruits Basket, which is super cute by the way! But when watching episode... 23, I think? I finally noticed why the area it takes place in looks so familiar. They showed a very clear shot of a blue bridge that I'm sure I've walked and cycled over before, the Maruko bridge! So I guess the Soma family lives somewhere in my area? That's cool ^o^  Here's a blog with some comparison photos that I found

I also started watching the Baby Steps live action series that I randomly ran into on Amazon Prime =O I always thought it was an anime that would work just as well as live-action, so it's cool to see that it actually exists =D It's too bad all the characters look so generic, so it's kinda hard to tell who's who... But I guess they didn't want to give them spiky hair or blond hair to make it more realistic? Anyway, if the story is just as enjoyable as the anime, I might just watch it to the end.


I think I finally mastered how to make tasty and practical onigiri to bring with me for lunch or hiking :3  The 'secret' is to use a bit more water than usual when cooking the rice to make it more sticky, and I find it also helps to cook the rice the evening beforehand, make the balls, and then leave them in the fridge overnight to cool down. When I make them in the morning and then try to eat them the same day, the rice tends to fall apart in my hands, but when they've cooled down in the fridge they seem to keep their shape better. But the nori gets all soggy if you leave it on the rice overnight, so the best way is to make the onigiri in the evening, and then wrap the nori around them in the morning. (Or bring it separately and only wrap it when you're about to eat, but I'm not quite THAT picky about my nori being crunchy xD

For flavoring, I still find it too much effort to make real "fillings" like the onigiri you buy at conbini have, but I found that an easy shortcut is to just buy packs of furikake and add it to the rice after cooking. My favorite ones so far are the dried salmon flakes and the Cocoichi Curry flavor (whatever it's made of...), and I noticed that Daiso has some that the supermarket doesn't have. I also still like adding edamame or sesame seeds to the rice for texture, and sometimes I add dashi or salt to the water when cooking the rice, for some extra flavoring.

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10 September 2019 @ 09:13 pm
So the typhoon came and went, pretty much overnight on Sunday, so it didn't really affect anything, at least not for me. It only started raining at about 9 or 10 PM, so I just went to bed at the same time as usual, having gone to the bathhouse a little earlier. (The lime bath was amazing :3 )  I closed the shutter of my window to keep any potential flying debris out, and chained my bike to the rain pipe (though I usually do that already anyways for theft prevention) before going to bed. I didn't put in earplugs at first because I kinda like listening to the rain when I sleep. But then at about midnight I woke up from a dripping sound, and noticed my door frame was leaking again. Oh well, it always does that when it rains, so I put my shoes on a higher shelf and covered them with an umbrella, and put a towel on my mailbox to absorb the dripping noises. Then at 4AM I woke up again because the storm was getting pretty loud, and the dripping noises sounded like it was raining indoors, lol. So I had a look, and my genkan was pretty much flooded. Good thing I'd already moved my shoes. xD It's about a 15 cm step to get up into the house though, and the water wasn't nearly that high, so I figured it was fine and just went to bed again with earplugs.

When I woke up in the morning at about 7:30, it was perfectly sunny again. Surprisingly my bike had fallen over while still chained to the rain pipe. I guess the rain cover catches a lot of wind. ^^; And after opening the shutter, my window wouldn't open at first, until I pushed it really hard. And then, the mosquito screen wouldn't open, and when I pushed it it made a loud creaking sound. I guess it must've rattled off its rails, but I managed to put it back using a screwdriver and some bicycle chain oil xD

Then I biked to work as usual, and while there was some trash, a few fallen branches, and a carpet of wet leaves on the road, it was perfectly fine. I just had to get off to duck underneath a fallen branch that was hanging about 1 meter above the cycling path along Hibiya park, lol. But I arrived at work at the same time as normal, only to find nobody there yet. ^^; I guess some people were actually unable to come because of the train delays, though I feel like others, especially the ones who live way closer by, just used the typhoon as an excuse to sleep in and not even TRY coming in at a decent time. ^^;
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08 September 2019 @ 03:10 pm
So where's that typhoon that's supposed to be hitting Tokyo right now? It's the weekend of both the local festival at the Hataoka Hachiman Shrine near my place, and the Senzokuike festival, so there's been mini-parades with music and portable shrines all weekend, as well as food stalls all over the place =D It's super sunny out, and I went for a nice long walk around the neighborhood.  It suddenly rained for a bit just as I was meeting up with some friends at Senzokuike, but it cleared up again just as quickly.

Kagura dance *-*
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Yesterday I biked to Shinjuku to take my bicycle back to the shop for a check-up. When I bought it, they recommeded that you have it checked after about a month, or after riding about 100km, but I'm pretty sure I've already ridden about 600km since I bought it, lol. They laughed pretty hard when I said that. xD  The front brake had been acting a bit weird since the day somebody knocked my bike over at the company's parking space =(  So it was nice to get it realigned, and apparently the first check-up was free too. =D  They said they could do everything in about 30 minutes if I was in a hurry, but I asked if they could keep my bike for about 2 or 3 hours so I could do some shopping and go to the cinema in the meanwhile (without having to pay for parking, lol), and they could. They actually seemed to prefer that, because they were quite busy.

I was already counting on being able to do that, 'cause I'd bought a ticket for the 14:50 screening of the Violet Evergarden movie. It was sold out when I got there, so It was good that I did! I usually don't go and see anime movies unless it's for a top favorite franchise (I'm only vaguely familiar with Violet Evergarden after watching the anime once last year) but I thought it'd be a nice way to help support Kyoto Animation in whatever way I can. ;_; I suppose a lot of people had the same idea, since most screenings for the day were sold out. And it was a beautiful movie! The story was so sweet, though a little bittersweet, though that's not too different from the stories in the TV series. But you don't really need to be familiar with the seires to be able to enjoy the movie, since it works fine as a stand-alone story. But it definitely helps knowing about Violet's background, 'cause she meets a girl who's somewhat similar to her. And it was fun seeing all the side characters appear, too. And the art was absolutely gorgeous, especially on the big screen. *-*  If the next movie comes out next year, I'd definitely go and see it too, though I hope that KyoAni takes as much time as they need to recover.

The ticket also came with a bonus booklet which looks to have a short story (novel) in it as well. I'm looking forward to reading it!

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06 September 2019 @ 08:16 am
I struggled bit to find something else to do in Tokorozawa to make it worth paying the train fare and going out there for a whole day, because the aviation museum itself seemed pretty small. I mean, there's the Seibu amusement park and indoor skiing park, but those aren't really things to go to randomly by yourself on a weekend. So instead I looked at google maps and saw that there's two big lakes nearby, the Tama and Sayama lakes. The latter seemed to have more nature around it, including a forest called "Totoro forest"... That sounded intriguing, so I rode the train for a few stations to Kyujomae station to go for a walk there too.

View on Tokorozawa from the Sayama dam... These buildings with the towers on top stand out a lot from a distance =O

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04 September 2019 @ 09:42 am
On Sunday I did ticked one of the things off my "random days out" list, cause I'd managed to take care of most other errands and chores after the YYH play on Saturday. The Tokorozawa Aviation Park is about an hour and a half away by train, but fares and entry fees were very affordable (the museum is only 410 yen with a discount ticket you can print from their website), so it seemed like a nice thing to do casually without breaking the bank or planning too much.

Getting off the train at Koukuu-kouen station, there was this huge modern plane just sitting next to the road =O Apparently it's open to the public on only certain days, but not this day. Oh well, I was mostly there to see the old planes.

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02 September 2019 @ 09:41 pm
Aaaaaah! I still can't believe that this actually happened, and that I was there to see it ;_; The Hunter x Hunter musical was the first anime musical that I ever saw (before Tenimyu even), but I was into Yu Yu Hakusho way before HxH, so who'd have ever thought they'd make a musical of it, 25 years after the manga ended... Can it be considered a classic now? Some of the actors in the musical weren't even BORN when the manga was ongoing! There was only about 1 week of Tokyo shows and only one weekend, and even though I applied 2 times for all shows I could go to I only got one ticket, so I was really lucky to get it! =D

My seat was on the first balcony, but first row, so I had a great overview of the stage!

I was surprised to see that the audience was 95~99% women, though. There were almost as many actresses as actors, and Botan, Keiko, Atsuko, etc were all super cute, so you'd think there would be more male fans coming to see them, especially the fact that YYH ran in Shonen Jump... But I suppose that theatre-going is more of a feminine activity in general? Or maybe the popularity of the main cast prevented anyone but the most crazed fans from getting tickets...  And they did play up the Yusuke x Kuwabara and Kurama x Hiei subtext quite a bit, lol.

From the way the story was set up, it seems like they already expected the audience to be familiar with the entire story until the end. Remember the plot twist regarding the anime's narrator near the end, and the reveal that we had been watching Koenma's video tape records of the characters' lives? Well, that was pretty much used as the set-up for the entire stage play! It was really clever, actually!

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30 August 2019 @ 08:55 am
The main reason we went to the Bon Odori in Hibiya was because my friend wanted to "dance at a festival" - she initially wanted to go to the Koenji festival, but when I told her that it's more like a parade that you watch than a festival that you participate in, we decided to go to both! More excuses to go out in yukata, haha!

I was also going to give her my old bicycle, so I biked over to her house first, where we went to a bike shop to change the registration, and then we changed clothes at her place.


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29 August 2019 @ 08:03 pm
On Saturday I went to dance at the Hibiya Bon Odori with a friend~ It's still her first year in Japan, so she hasn't experienced all the annual events and festivals yet, and going to them with her reminds me of how excited I was about this kind of stuff when I first came to Japan, too. =D

I think I became aware of the Hibiya festival when I biked past it on the way home from work two years ago and heard the music, but that was on a Friday night (It's two days, apparently) so I just had a quick look. It looked really fun, so I always thought it would be nice to actually attend it some time. So we dressed up in yukata and actually participate in the festival from beginning to end.

The stage... The lanterns are so festive! And even though it's super crowded, the dance is danced around the huge fountain in the middle of the park, so it's fairly orderly and there's plenty of space to join or leave the circle whenever you want.

The food stalls, however, were set up terribly... ^^; They were along a narrow path, with the stalls on once side and a knee-height fence and ditch on the other (aka a tripping hazard!), with no space in between for lines to be formed, even though hundreds of people wanted to buy food. So the lines blocked the entire path and you could barely even walk past the stalls if you just wanted to see what they were selling. D=  There's a huge, wide open grassy lawn nearby, so I feel it would've been better if they'd set it up on THAT, rather than squeezing it along the path to the side ^^'

We were in the dance circle most of the evening though, so it was great fun! Time passed by so quickly!  They played "Tokyo Ondo" in between almost every other song they did, since most people probably know that one and can participate. But for variation, they also had a good mix of other traditional and modern songs, and they even taught some new dances on the spot. For two of them, there was a famous guy (a singer? actor? comedian?) explaining all the steps slowly before actually playing the music, so it was really easy to join in. But for others, it was more like a performance by a group that was meant to be watched, rather than imitate the dance yourself, because they were way too hard D= There was also a song and dance advertising a chocolate brand, I guess they were sponsors of the festival? xD

I did like how a new band came to promote their new song and made everybody dance to it using the familiar moves of "Tokyo Ondo", lol. The music was totally different, but it somehow fit really well. I also really liked the "Hanabi Ondo" - I hadn't seen or heard it before, though most old people around us seemed to know it, and the dance was easy enough to pick up on the spot (and it was easy to understand that it was meant to express different kinds of fireworks). I should remember it for next time >w< Right now I only really know Tokyo Ondo, Tanko Bushi, and two modern-ish songs specific to the Ebisu Bon Odori (lol I'm in that video), but those are practically useless since they aren't danced anywhere else D= 

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