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Dream pair - sleepy

Kameido Tenjin Shrine

Along with the tulip places I visited the past week, this shrine was another thing on my list of "things to visit in spring when the flowers are in season" (Yeah, I had a list for that, but this was the last thing on it xD) It didn't seem worth a whole day trip by itself though, so I decided to check it out in the morning before going to Tousute today - and hopefully before it would start raining, because the forecast said it would rain all day...

Ohhh =O It was definitely pretty! It was slightly underwhelming how the big wooden constructions stood out more than the flowers themselves, but the combination of the two, and how they were positioned around a big pond, made for some really interesting sights.

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Gon - WTF

Okay then!

...It looks like I'll be going not only to Toyama for Aoe Nikkari's show, but also to Niigata? Ahhhhhh! It still hasn't really sunk in, but I'm sure it's going to be awesome!

I'd told my friend from Niigata that I wanted to go to one of the Niigata shows with her, but since I hadn't been able to get a ticket for those, I apologized about not being able to go, and decided to go ahead with planning my trip to Toyama instead... But apparently a few weeks ago, one of her other friends became unable to go, and so she ended up with an extra ticket... and asked if I wanted to go instead. I was about to say no considering the cost of transportation from Tokyo>Niigata and then Niigata>Toyama, plus at least two extra hotel nights, but apparently my friend is going to Niigata by car and offered to let me ride with her on the way there, and I can also stay with her at her old family home for free... (not WITH her family of course due to covid reasons, but in an old house her family still owns, where her grandparents used to live when they were still alive) So then there was no reason to say no anymore ^^;;; So I was like, I guess I'm going then! 8D

The only issue was that I'd already reserved the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Toyama (because of possible Golden Week crowds) but I hadn't picked up the ticket yet, so it was easily cancelled and refunded. Now I'll have to find transportation from Niigata to Toyama instead, but I doubt the crowds in that area will be as bad (and apparently there's highway buses too, cheaper than Shinkansen!), so I'm sure that'll be fine.

I really can't wait to see what the show will actually be about... One thing I noticed is that most (if not all?) of the venues are near the sites of historical castles or castle ruins - The one at Niigata is near Shibata castle for example, definitely wanna visit that too while I'm there! So maybe Nikkari will tell a different story related to each place's history in every show? That would be super cool >www< I noticed there are no penlights or anything among the goods, so it's pretty clear that it's not just going to be a regular concert, in any case!
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Mt. Sekirou (Restored!)

At the beginning of April I saw some posts by people who said they had climbed Mt. Sekirou again! The last time I went was in 2019 before a typhoon destroyed the trails in autumn that year, and for two years the mountain remained unaccessible D= It's probably one of the last places that was still suffering damage from that typhoon two whole years later, along with some trails in Kamakura. Maybe it's not that high-priority to fix, since it's not nearly as popular as the nearby Takao, and there also aren't any connecting trails to other mountains, so it's not an important trail for thru-hikers either. I REALLY liked this mountain though, because the 3~4 hour hike was a perfect and less-crowded alternative to places like Takao for bringing newbie hikers, and the atmosphere in the ancient forest with all the mossy rocks was really something special.

So I was really curious to see what it looked like now that the trails supposedly have been repaired!

I got an early start at 7:15 AM, so I decided to walk from the station instead of waiting for a bus, and also check out Mt. Arashiyama while I was there, because it's only 2 hours extra and supposedly the trails there should have been fixed, too.

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Dream pair - sleepy

Chiba cycling

On Saturday I gave this whole "Rinkou" thing another try, carrying my bicycle on the train to go cycle somewhere else. Having learned from the last time how much of a pain in the neck (or more like, shoulders) it is to transfer trains while carrying it, I chose a place that would allow me to ride a direct train without any transfers. I can't access it from the station closest to my home, but there's no rule saying you have to get on the train at your home station... Lesson 1: If you're traveling with a bike, you might as well cycle to a slightly further-away station that is more convenient to use! So I biked 5~10 minutes to a station where the train between Haneda and Narita airports passes by, disassembled my bike there, then rode all the way to Chiba in one go from there. As a bonus, the trains to and from the airports are almost completely deserted right now, so there's plenty of space to manouver and put the bike somewhere without bothering anyone, and you also get to sit for the whole ride without having to worry about anything =D 10/10 would recommend!

Also, this area in Chiba is great for cycling! When I visited Sakura town and rented a bicycle there last year, I already thought so, but it's 10 times better with a bike that isn't way too small for you.

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Fuji cosplay

Showa Kinen Kouen pictures

Here's some photos from when I visited Showa Kinen Kouen last weekend :3 I didn't explore the whole place 'cause I still wanted to bike all the way to that onsen on the mountains, but the areas that I did see were well worth the 450-yen entry fee (that's way cheaper than the Keukenhof in the Netherlands, haha). Apparently it was exactly the right season to see the tulips, although it took a bit of effort to find them, 'cause none of the maps said WHICH flowers could be found at WHICH of the 3 or 4 "flower gardens"... xD

First I got distracted by signs pointing towards a Japanese garden though, so I went and had a look around...

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Gon - WTF

Epic Tamagawa bike ride~

 Today I took a random day off work because the weather seemed nice, and apparently I have 20 paid holidays saved up that I really need want to use some time, even if there's no specific reason why it had to be this specific day. I also figured it might help my boss get used to the idea of me taking random holidays again, because I haven't taken any in a while... And I do NEED to take those two days in May for the upcoming trip to Toyama that I already booked (but didn't tell my work about yet, whoops...) So I figured that setting a precedent might help make asking less awkward when the time comes. xD

I had a couple of ideas for things to do, including checking out the restored hiking trails at Mt. Sekiro (I read it's finally open again, two? and a half? years after that big typhoon), or taking my bike to Chiba to cycle around the flat countryside there... But another thing on my list was Showa Kinen Kouen, especially in spring to see the tulips there... And if I have a weekday, I should probably take advantage of that and go to a place that's probably crowded on weekends? Mountains aren't that crowded no matter when you go, so... the park it is! I also wanted to cycle along the Tamagawa again when it isn't crowded. I think the last time I went (along any significant distance at least) was during the first state of emergency and it was ridiculously croweded because EVERYONE had the idea to "let's just go for a walk along the local river..."

But it was definitely better this time! There were still some people, including some pedestrians walking on the cycle path instead of the walking path =_= But never so many that you had to slow down or stop to dodge them, so it was a fast and comfortable ride!

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Gon and Killua

Kozu / Shimosoga village walk (part 2)

After lunch, the route led me to... even more temples! I didn't upload photos of all of them 'cause they looked pretty similar and I'm not sure about the significance of each of them (even after reading the leaflet for the walking route... xD) But the scenery along the way was nice!

Biiiiig sakura on top of a hill near Zuiunji temple!

There was also supposed to be a pond / spring nearby, of which it's said that drinking the water from it gave the Soga brothers the strength to carry out their revenge, but I couldn't find it... No strength for me, I guess =(    I also didn't spend THAT long searching though, because I was still only halfway on my route, and my feet were starting to get a little sore from my new shoes ^^;

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Fuji cosplay

Kozu / Shimosoga village walk

On Saturday the weather was absolutely amazing! *-* I didn't really have the energy to really "plan" something in detail, and I also wasn't sure if I had the energy to walk up a whole mountain (especially not while breaking in my new shoes...) so I simply printed out another of the walking route maps from Odawara City's website
 and only really looked at it and decided on a specific route while I was already on the train in the morning xD

I'd chosen this particular map because at a glance there seemed to be a lot of pink on it, indicating plum and cherry blossoms... so I might even get lucky and still see some, even though most of the sakura already finished blooming in Tokyo. And... I did! There was so much to see in this area, not just blossoms but also a lot of temples, shrines, and interesting historical spots =O

The map contained two routes starting at Kozu station going to Shimosoga station, and two circular routes starting and ending at Shimosoga station, but they overlapped in a lot of places, so I ended up pretty much seeing ALL the stuff from the 4 routes in one day, by walking the outer outline of all the routes combined, haha. It was still less than 20km though - perfect for one long, sunny day :3

I'd never really disembarked at Kozu station before, I mostly just know it as the place to transfer to the Gotenba line... But a short walk from the station, I already found some gorgeous blossoms!

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Kija - love

New shoes!

I got the money from my tax return deposited in my bank account the other day =D And this year I'm not paying apartment renewal feels since that's only once every two years, so I actually get to keep it all... So I decided to buy a bunch of things for myself! =D


While it all looks like "outdoors" stuff, the binoculars are actually mostly for theater, because they're tiny and the magnification isn't that high, haha. I got my Tousute ticket for the April showings in the mail the other day, and it's 35th row or something again, despite being from the first presale lottery =_=; So I figured I should finally get some "opera glasses" as they call them here. But I bought a type that works for outdoors as well (or at least looks like it does, haha) because it was the most light-weight one I could find.

Then I got a tiny portable gas stove set, because it really is nice to be able to drink a cup of hot tea at the top of a mountain when it's cold... Every time I'm with someone who has a stove, I'm always thinking how nice it is and happily make use of it, but I was always too lazy to carry one myself because they're heavy xD But I think I just need to get used to carrying heavier stuff, because it would also be good for muscle training and endurance, I guess :3 (Lately I'd already started bringing more water and food than necessary, to get more exercise out of a short hike when going with friends, and in case someone I'm with needs more food/water)  And I think it'd also be good to have one at home for emergency situations like earthquakes, so I could at least make some noodles or something.

And I got new hiking shoes! I found exactly the same model as I already had, except in a different color, so I just ordered them online because I know for sure that this model/size fits me. I looked at (and tried on) a lot of different hiking shoes in different shops over the past months, but I didn't find any that had a better fit than these (and also looked just as sturdy and durable), because apparently the front of my feet is unusually wide >< So if I get my usual size, it pinches at the ball of my foot, but if I go a size up, it's too big everywhere else... But these don't have that problem! And since my old ones lasted 3 years, I can hopefully expect these to last for another 3 years too.
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