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01 January 2013 @ 01:14 pm
Welcome to my journal! Entries which are about fandom stuff only, like cosplay, convention reports or random thoughts about anime, manga, games, and Japan stuff are public, but personal entries are friends-locked. Not really because I have anything to hide, but more because I think people who come here for the fandom stuff aren't interested in reading about my boring life. X'D

I don't really have a friending policy or anything like that, because "friends don't need qualifications!"  =D  But if we've never really talked before and you want to be my friend, please comment here or send me a message saying who you are and why you're interested. Then I'll very likely add you back. ^-^


=> For seeing some of my cosplay, you can go to my Cosplay.com account.
=> For my old Hunter x Hunter drama cd and lyric translations, please refer to my translations masterpost.
(Please note that I'm currently not doing these anymore, and I'm also not available for any other translation requests. Sorry!)

誰でもコメント出来るようになっています ^o^

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16 April 2018 @ 08:38 am
Didn't have the time to select and upload these pics yesterday (so much laundry and cleaning to do, after having had such busy weekends for the past three weeks >< ) but here's some pictures of the actual fireworks last Saturday! They were just as impressive as last year, if not even more, because the organizers had invented some new patterns/color combinations again. ^o^ This festival is probably considered tiny compared to the Sumidagawa or Tamagawa fireworks, but since it's an "Artistic" fireworks festival according to its name, there's a lot more to enjoy than just the biggest/largest amount of fireworks.

There were lots of food stalls too! And we didn't have to line up to buy anything! I really love how this festival isn't overcrowded like the ones in Tokyo - you can arrive just before the show and there will still be enough space to sit, and it's quick and easy buying food at the stalls, and there's so much variety in the foods, too!

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15 April 2018 @ 03:08 pm
Yesterday before the fireworks show in Isehara I went hiking at Takatoriyama~ The friend I was originally going to go with contacted me on Friday night, just as I was about to go to bed, to say that she would be able to make it after all. =D I wish she'd told me sooner though.   And the weather forecast was looking decent until at least 5PM, so I decided to go with the beginner-friendly route that I'd initially planned. I'd passed by Takatoriyama when I walked to Oyama from Tsurumakionsen station but back then I'd only seen one of the two three possible routes there are to climb it, so I figured that it would make for a pretty nice and short 5hr hike by itself if we went up the same way as before, but took one of the other routes down.

It was a good thing the route I planned was relatively short, because my friend had forgotten her wallet and needed to go back home, so we ended up starting only at 10AM instead of 9AM... Of course I was already on the train when she messaged me ^^;;; So I got off at Isehara station, because I remembered there being a cafe inside the station building, and had some tea and sweets while reading a book for about an hour, before getting on the train again and meeting up at Tsurumakionsen station. ^^; I felt like we were starting super late, but apparently 9AM is way too "early" for other people, because this isn't the first time that the exact same thing has happened to me ^^;;; I don't mind it, it was kinda relaxing being able to read a book while having tea at my leisure (I never take the time to do that at home) but I wish people wouldn't make it a habit... ^^;

Oyama from the train... Looking cloudy and very likely also rainy up there... Good thing we weren't going there, but to the slightly lower peak you see on the left. XD

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12 April 2018 @ 09:38 pm
I totally haven't had the time yet to talk about the Rikkai Team Live I went to see last Friday night. Yep, the night before hiking. XD I'd only gotten a ticket for the Friday night 'cause I was fairly sure SOME other plans would come up for the weekend (it was one of the few free weekends I had left in the near future), and I was right, 'cause that weekend turned out to be ONLY weekend that my friend and I could possibly go hiking together (the next opportunity wouldn't have been till July. ^^; So I left work half an hour early on Friday to head over to the Seinenkan. Apparently there was a baseball game going on across the street, so it was super crowded O_O Luckily I made it there in time for the show though!

The "story" was framed by some short in-character skits about Akaya getting bad grades on his exams, and the senpai helping him study to improve his grades during remedials. This included a HILARIOUS rendition of yonen to nikagetsu to juugonichi with the lyrics changed to be about Akaya pulling some all-nighters and studying for four days, two hours and 15 seconds straight until his exam (if I caught that correctly, at least, but it was SOMETHING like that!) Meanwhile, Yukimura was scheduled to be released from the hospital, so they went and had a "party" for him, which was the main talkshow part.

The talkshow part was even more random than the previous teams' that I've seen. Apparently the actor for Yukimura has the first kanji of "Rikkai" in his name, so he was dubbed "Tate-sama" and he had to solve the problems of the other actors like it was some kind of advice column. He also got to make requests from them, and handed out stickers with the 立 kanji on it to whoever was the funniest, and the person who had the most stickers in the end was the "MVP" in the end.

Then there was a concert segment, which felt really short again - it was basically just one medley of a handful of Rikkai songs. Their songs are so powerful though, so it was really awesome! I was on the 5th row too, so they were really close and totally staring at me ('cause I hadn't had the time to change into my brown wig after work ^^;;;) Probably the best seats I've gotten for Tenimyu in a while! There was also miokuri with all members, and I was surprised by how tall some of them were up close =O And Jackal's actor speaks really good English! =O

So yeah, that was fun =D


Next up will be Dream Live, but before that I ended up with tickets to two other random shows... ^^; This morning I randomly bought tickets for the Touken Ranbu musical for the 21st of April... >www< I didn't know when the next show was going to be, but one of my twitter friends shared a post in which someone was offering to sell their ticket, and I happened to be one of the first people to see it (no likes or replies yet) so I was like, why the heck not? So I sent a PM and snagged it up as quickly as I could on a whim 'cause I've been wanting to see it live for a while. Then I also have a ticket for Haikyuu on the 28th, the next week! =D A friend won way too many tickets in the ticket lottery, so I took one. Haven't seen any of the Haikyuu stage shows before either, not live or on DVD, but I really enjoyed the anime so I'm sure it'll be fun!

Also... I got my tax refund the other day! I can't believe they actually refunded me for everything I declared =O So I'm pretty comfy right now XD I... actually included the full price of the new laptop I bought last year in my "work expenses" (since I do use it for freelance work more than for private purposes, and I do pay taxes over my freelance work...) and included a print-out of the receipt e-mail, and they actually accepted it that way and included it in the refund. Hello 81.000 yen! =DD I'm also finally supposed to get my bonus at the end of the month! So I figured I could afford to splurge on tickets a little! (^^♪
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11 April 2018 @ 10:00 pm
Here's some more decent pictures of the shoot last week~ Finally had some time to sort them out, though at the expense of some sleep this week... ^^; Oh well! It was fun going through them! All 2000 of them, lol. There was a lot more shippy Hozuki x Okou stuff than I thought we'd taken, but I guess the photographers agreed that the pairing actually kind of works =P

These are mostly pics of me, and pics of me with the others, but the others will probably be posting more of their own pictures to their own accounts soon. Find them here:

Hozuki: Mario-san
Hakutaku: Simon-chan
Dakki: Peso-san

Not sure when, though... ^^;  One difference I've noticed with Japanese cosplayers is that after a photoshoot, they prefer to upload the photos by 1~3 at a time, few and far in between over the course of several months, presumably to keep people's interest in their accounts and get a steady flow of 'likes'. XD While I prefer to have all the pictures in one place, so I can easily find them to look back at whenever I want, and point people to photos of a certain costume or cosplay group via only one link, rather than making them scroll through a bunch of unrelated stuff to try and find what they want to see. ^^; Anyway, so here it is~

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09 April 2018 @ 10:26 pm
I'm back alive from Tanzawa~ ^o^/

And I'm so sore, but it was SO worth it! I feel like I could hike anywhere now, even on my own >w< I'm still not sold on overnight trips that involve camping and bringing your own sleeping bag and other equipment, 'cause it's so darned heavy to carry around and simply owning them would take up so much space in my room when I'm not using them, but I might wanna do a trip that involves staying at one of the proper mountain lodges (paid, but with bedding and a meal provided) in the area some time. >w<

This time I went with a friend/acquaintance (not sure where to draw the line after only having met IRL three times) who's a pretty hardcore hiker and doesn't like paying for anything, so he suggested that we stayed at a (free) emergency shelter that was basically just a wooden hut with nothing in it but a table and two benches. I don't have my own sleeping bag, mat, or other stuff like that (for the reason I mentioned above), but apparently he had spares of everything that I could borrow =O Glad my bag is big enough to fit all that stuff! XD

The first day we met up at Hashimoto station, then took the bus towards lake Tsukui, from where we walked to Yakiyama and then Kibigarayama, where the free shelter was. I had no idea that you could access the Tanzawa area from Hashimoto station, but it was so convenient! It's only an hour train ride and 520 yen from my place (as opposed to at least an hour and a half/1000+yen for Takao or Hadano/Shibusawa), so meeting up early was no problem. The only ’problem' was that there are only two buses per day to the trailhead of Yakiyama, the beginning of our route, and the first one was earlier than what we could catch when taking the first train, but my friend knew that there's another bus route that has buses going about halfway there more frequently (close to where I got on the bus home when I walked from Takao to Lake Tsukui) , and it's about a two hour walk to the trailhead from there, passing though some very picturesque villages.

I wouldn't call it a 'problem' when the views are so nice, though. The sakura season is pretty much over in Tokyo, but at a slightly higher altitude, where it's colder, they were still in full bloom! I feel like more tourists who visit Japan need to know about this... I see so many people being all disappointed because they "missed it", but you can see sakura pretty much throughout all of March and April if you go to the right places at the right times. Anyways...

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The original plan for our spring cosplay meetup was to have a hanami party somewhere in cosplay, but we opted for a studio instead because we weren't able to find a suitable outdoors event where there would be sure to be blooming sakura. The only candidate was Toshimaen, but when we planned the shoot for April 1st about two months in advance we weren't sure if the sakura would be blooming at exactly the right time, and Toshimaen doesn't have THAT nice of a sitting space for hanami (mostly just concrete... and benches...) But with a white room in a studio you can just imagine what the background looks like, and the lighting isn't reliant on the weather, so maybe it's for the best that we went with that ^o^ And they actually did have the props to recreate the kind of scene you'd see at hanami, so... that's what we did!

All's peaceful in hell... XD

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05 April 2018 @ 08:03 pm
This post is a mix of pictures from my own new camera and from one of my friends' digital camera~ She only had about 150 photos - the easiest to sort out, so I did that before getting started on the daunting task of picking photos from our 'main' camera with over a thousand pictures.  ^^;

I guess I haven't really talked much about the studio yet either. We went to CURAS in Kawasaki, a pretty big and well-known cosplay studio that requires online registration in advance. It costs about 4000 yen to use for a day (10AM to 8PM), which is pretty steep, but it's really big and they have a huge variety of sets and props that you can use, and also tools like tripods and reflectors that you can borrow. In the end we only used a few of the sets, because it was moderately crowded, and many of the sets didn't really suit the atmosphere we wanted to go for, and time went by way too fast! It was already 11:30 by the time everybody was dressed up (well, it was mostly me that took a long time ^^;) and by the time we'd done a brief group photoshoot at one of the sets, it was already lunchtime. After lunch we used two different rooms and took purikura before heading back to the main 'white room', because the lighting was by far the nicests in there.

I was so uncomfortable all day though T_T I'd already noticed that the contacts were kinda uncomfortable when I took test photos, but I hadn't had the time to order new ones (and even if I did, there wouldn't have been enough time for them to arrive if I ordered online), so I ended up using the same ones, which resulted in my vision being blurry all day (even though they're supposed to be -5.50!) and getting teary eyes and a runny nose which totally ruined my make-up. I had to go back to the lockers so often to try and fix it, and even eye-drops didn't seem to make a difference. D= I really wonder what's wrong with them...

The kimono itself wasn't easy to move around in either, because the sleeves get in the way of doing anything with my hands, and the snake plushies tied around my waist kept getting loose, even though I'd tied them really tightly. It's not like they fell down or anything, but as I moved around the knot just slowly loosened, so there was this gap between the plushies and the blue obi and it made me look really fat. T_T I had my friends pull on it to tighten it a few times during the day, but they were way too careful not to hurt me or damage the plushies, so I couldn't get it as tight as I liked. I wonder if there's anything I can do to keep them from getting loose, other than a whole load of safety pins maybe?

The safety pins I used to keep my blue obi up, and the ones to keep my fake innter sleeves aligned with the outer sleeves worked really well though! I'm happy to say I haven't seen them showing up in any photos yet, at least.

Here's a pic my friend took with my camera... I don't like the dark shadows on my face, but that's just how the lighting in this room was. ^^;

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04 April 2018 @ 09:47 pm
So Dragonball Super finally ended... Or should I say "already", 'cause I feel like the show has only just gotten started and has barely accomplished anything yet besides the great Zamasu arc and a couple of amusing filler episodes. So there goes my hope of anything interesting finally happening after the tournament of power. ^^;;; In the end, most of the series was just movie rehashes and some tournaments...? Yawn... And to top it off, the 'ending was incredibly predictable... Who would've guessed that the final "wish" would be to restore all the universes that had been destroyed during the tournament, le gasp! The only slight surprise was *who* actually ended up making that wish, but I'm sure that if it had been Goku or Vegeta they would've wished for the same - Goku because he wants to fight all those strong guys from the other universes again, and Vegeta because he promised it to Cabba.

Other than the ending montage there weren't even any episodes showing the world at peace again after the tournament, so the ending felt incredibly rushed and sudden, while the fight was drawn out way too much... Couldn't they have allotted some of that 'fighting' time to having a proper epilogue? ^^; I'm not sure why they even bothered casting a new actress for Bulma this soon if she wasn't even going to appear in the series anymore. ^^; Anyways, I'm excited to see whether the movie's going to be slightly more original... I really like the art style of the key visual so far, though!

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I think we took close to 2000 photos at the cosplay studio on Sunday if you combine the ones from all our cameras! XD It's gonna take a while to sort them out and pick the nicest ones to post, so in the meanwhile, have some random fun selfies and totally OOC pictures~  Not that the 'normal'  photos we took aren't silly though...! Hozuki no Reitetsu is just such a fun series, and pretty much anything goes when cosplaying it =D


Welcome to hell...? XD

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And because they'll be gone really soon... On Saturday they'd finally set up the festival at Senzokuike park, about a week too late for the start of the hanami season. ^^; So because we weren't able to get any festival food last week, I went and got some for myself this time, and take some more pictures while I was at it. =3 I actually made it a combined trip with a 40 min walk to the bakery at Ookayama, and grocery shopping at some other places, and I ended up going on the rowing boats again because I noticed that there was no line for them, and I ran into a former roommate by coincidence and had a nice chat, so it turned into a great afternoon out in the sun. =D

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves~

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30 March 2018 @ 07:18 am
What day is it...!? Feels like it's March 45th or something, lol. I'm not used to having more than a whole week without freelance work anymore. ^^;  I finished all my non-Amimaru stuff for March last Wednesday 'cause it was rainy back then, and I'm probably not getting my Amimaru stuff for April until after the weekend, so while I'm waiting for that to come in, the end of the month is feeling super long. @_@ Work at the office has been crazy busy this week though, with an important deadline being today, so maybe it worked out all right like this...

Anyways, since Ueno Park has been way too crowded with tourists and hanami-goers lately, I've had to come up with some alternative walks for my lunch breaks again.

On Tuesday I went to Sanshiro Pond, on the Tokyo University campus. I'm not sure if you're supposed to enter if you're not a student or staff member there, but it was listed on google maps as a public park, and you could basically just walk in (didn't see any fences or signs), so I figure it's okay! It's a little far to go there regularly (Or maybe I just walked slowly 'cause I was still sore from hiking ^^;), I barely had time to walk around the pond once and then scarf down my lunch really quickly before I had to head back... But it was really pretty~

Nice and quiet, too!

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29 March 2018 @ 08:32 am
I wasn't planning to well, plan half a year ahead at this point, but before I realized it I found myself with plans almost every weekend until July!

4/1 - Cosplay photoshoot, and spend the day beforehand preparing... Ironing my kimono's gonna be a bitch >< Gotta do my nails too! And bake a cake for the next weekend and put it in the freezer, in case the hiking trip is a go! (A friend is taking his time to act as my guide to some mountains I wouldn't think of trying to scale on my own, so bringing some cake for him to thank him and as a snack to eat on the way is the least I can do in return.)

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Then there's my trip to the Netherlands in August, and I'm really hoping to make it down to Hitoyoshi again in September... Yes, despite the Natsume Yuujinchou movie only coming out on the 29th... ^^;

About that... I was like... "What!? I was so sure it was going to come out in summer!" Well, weather-wise it's technically still summer, especially in Kyushu but... This does pose a new issue for me - the long weekends in mid-September were my only chance this year to possibly make a trip and visit all the new locations that would appear in the movie... But if the movie isn't coming out until the 29th, I won't know where to go yet!!  ( ゚Д゚)

But well, there's still the places from seasons 5 and 6 that I haven't visited yet, and I also really want to try and get to Mt. Aso and the shrine from Hotarubi no Mori e (If the infrastructure has been restored by then...? Not sure what the status of the railroads is, has it been fixed yet since the earthquake...?) , so I'm sure I'll be able to fill up a whole 4 or 5 day trip with stuff to do... But that means I'll have to go back yet AGAIN some time AFTER the movie comes out if I want to visit the places from that, lol. D=

Anyways, speaking of Natsume Yuujinchou, I watched the Anime Japan livestream after hiking last Sunday. And I'm kinda glad I didn't bother going all the way to the crowded event just for that, because I could see everything perfectly fine on the stream, and the show was so short and empty it was kinda disappointing. It was fun, sure, but it basically amounted to "Nobody has any idea yet what the movie is going to be like!" Then why bother having an event at this point!? XD

I LOVED the bit of speculation where every seiyuu contributed part of a 'story' that ended up making absolutely no sense, though. Disregarding what the others said, I'd totally watch a movie featuring Natsume trying to travel to Tokyo (like Kamiya suggested) and getting totally lost there (like Inoue suggested). And Horie Kazuma just couldn't stop gushing over how cute little Natsume looked in the trailer, d'aww... They also talked a bit about having to record new lines for the trailer while having no visuals to go off at all, so the event was their first time seeing it, too.

Looking at the trailer though, it seems like it'll feature an original story (no novel stuff, boo!) about a girl who used to know Reiko, and something involving a little bell? That doesn't give a whole lot away yet, but I'm sure it'll be amazing *-* Animation looks great, at least! Can't wait! >ww< . (Just need to remember to keep a weekend free to actually go and watch it...)

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28 March 2018 @ 08:53 am
After hanging out at the onsen for almost two hours and walking back towards Sagamiko station, it was still only about 4PM. Granted, I didn't walk back via Arashiyama again, even though that was the only 'trail' pictured on my map. =P  I just followed the road, which was nice and level, and gave a good view over the lake the while way!

I noticed there were still some boats out on the lake, so I wondered if you could still rent them at this time of the day... It was still early, so 30 minutes or something might be nice... I did row at Senzokuike the day before, but Sagamiko is quite a few times bigger, so that would be kind of awesome...!

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27 March 2018 @ 08:47 am
Moving on, I went towards the main event of the day, Sekirou-san! I had to go through a bit of town to get there though, which was kind of confusing. ^^; I had to ask for directions two times, and even then I didn't end up on the path I'd been meaning to take. ^^; I wanted to walk the loop to the summit clockwise, going up the west side (with the best views of Mt. Fuji) and going down the east side, but apparently the recommended route is the other way (because the main temple is on the east side and it's considered slightly rude to approach temples from behind/above instead of from the main approach). So the only signs I could find were pointing to the temple, not the trail that I wanted to take, and I had to resign myself to walking the route that way, along with all the other people XD

So picturesque, though!

And it's not like  it was THAT crowded, but there were a couple of pairs and two or three large groups going the same way, so it was slightly awkward getting stuck behind them, or passing them and then having them pass ME while I took a break, and then having to pass them again 'cause I walk faster ^^; Oh well...

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