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01 January 2013 @ 01:14 pm
Welcome to my journal! Entries which are about fandom stuff only, like cosplay, convention reports or random thoughts about anime, manga, games, and Japan stuff are public, but personal entries are friends-locked. Not really because I have anything to hide, but more because I think people who come here for the fandom stuff aren't interested in reading about my boring life. X'D

I don't really have a friending policy or anything like that, because "friends don't need qualifications!"  =D  But if we've never really talked before and you want to be my friend, please comment here or send me a message saying who you are and why you're interested. Then I'll very likely add you back. ^-^


=> For seeing some of my cosplay, you can go to my Cosplay.com account.
=> For my old Hunter x Hunter drama cd and lyric translations, please refer to my translations masterpost.
(Please note that I'm currently not doing these anymore, and I'm also not available for any other translation requests. Sorry!)

誰でもコメント出来るようになっています ^o^

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24 June 2019 @ 09:20 pm
I finally took the photos from Animecon off my camera last Saturday, and edited them a little wherever necessary :3 It was only my second time doing the makeup and my third time wearing the wig, so there were some things I wasn't quite satisfied with.

For one, the wig kept sliding back with the weight of it, despite me having put hair pins all around x_x If I end up making my own wig for Alucard and some point, I'll definitely make it a little shorter, but I couldn't exactly cut my friend's wig >w< I also didn't make the eyebrows thick enough since most of them would be hidden by the wig anyways - at least they were when I first put it on - but as the wig slid back it exposed my giant forehead, so I had to touch them up a little in some pics ^^;

Umi took this cool group pic of us while we were shooting outside >w<

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21 June 2019 @ 09:18 am
...that my Japanese friends were surprised about!

Most of these things I never really thought of as special or strange, so it was interesting to learn what kind of things caught their attention during our trip!

- How spacious and empty the country looks when traveling across it, despite it being known as a "small and cramped" country internationally
- Cows, sheep, horses, goats, birds... Every time we saw an animal they were like "omg it's so cute!" xD I never thought of them as much else than part of the landscape, but I guess they can be kinda cute if you look at them closely, or if you've never seen any livestock up close like most people from Tokyo
- That you can just walk up to any field and feed or pet the cows/sheep/horses if you're so inclined (and they get close enough to the fence)
- That there are "silent cars" on the train, but that you're allowed to talk loudly (and on the phone) anywhere else
- How big the toilets were on the trains, and that they were wheelchair-accessible
- Ease of use and access of elevators in train stations
- That the colors of the trains looked like candy
- The graffiti on outside of the trains. "Omg, such pretty artwork! Oh wait, it's vandalism?"
- That you can ride a train for two hours or more without having a conductor check your ticket
- That everybody, including residents, must carry an ID at all times (They forgot their pasports most days... Thank goodness nobody never actually asks for it ^^;)
- That you're allowed to operate a (slow) motor boat without a license
- The only bicycles they could ride were kid-sized ones (but that made the rentals 2 euros cheaper, lol)
- That it rained every day, but never all day. They now got why we don't bother with umbrellas most of the time - as soon as you've taken it out, it stops raining again already
- The variety in shapes of the clouds, and double/triple rainbows
- That many places accept card only (no cash) including buses
- That there are a ton of old buildings, up to 500 years old or older, that are still in regular use (and not turned into museums or protected heritage or whatever)
- Freely accessible grave sites from 5000 years ago, also not surrounded by fences or anything
- The portion sizes of potato fries (We ordered a "small" to share between the three of us a few times, but because we had so many other snacks to go with it, it was more than enough xD)
-That the church bells actually ring on Sunday morning (and every half hour every day, actually)
- That people have "guest rooms" in their houses, or at least rooms designed with the idea of having guests in mind (convertible sofas, etc)
- That there exists shampoo specially for blond hair. (One of them insisted to try it, but no, it didn't turn her hair blond)
- That nobody seems to care if you walk around the streets and shopping malls in cosplay
- That Dutch cosplayers don't take a lot of selfies, or photos in general (I think they do, but still...)
- How open the atmosphere at Animecon was. Many things that cosplayers would get insulted or flamed for in Japan are mostly welcomed or tolerated here, such as cosplaying out of your age/race/body shape, singing/dancing/performing in costume, wearing only a partial cosplay, etc... As long as you have fun and don't harass others
- How cheap all the food was, as well as cosmetics, medication, etc... (We looted the Hema and Kruidvat, lol)
- All the different types of hagelslag and desserts (they bought so much hagelslag to bring home xD)

Though they're not the only ones...

All mine!
Okay, maybe I'll hand some of it to other friends whenever I have a chance to see them, but still... (ノ≧ڡ≦)

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19 June 2019 @ 10:12 pm
I wish I could've posted more about the Netherlands since I took a lot of pictures, but after my friends arrived I kept finding myself making days from 6AM to midnight being on constant guide/interpreter duty and I just needed all the time I could get to sleep ^^; Not that it's any different now; it's only 10 minutes until bedtime when I finally found some time to post >w< Thankfully I haven't been having any trouble sleeping since I got back to Japan, but maybe it's just the sheer exhaustion, 'cause my limbs feel really heavy and my mind is clouded during the day. I should stop forgetting still mostly full boxes of laundry detergent at the coin laundry and not noticing it until I need to do laundry again two weeks later X_X The ones I use are less than 200 yen, but still... Seems like I was in a similar state of mind BEFORE my trip ^^;

After landing at 8:30 on Monday I had to go straight into work, though I admit I went and had some tea with my friends at Narita airport after contacting my office saying that the airport was so crowded that it would take me a while longer to come in. ^^; It was only a partial lie though, the airport WAS really crowded! Maybe it's because I never arrived back in Japan on a Monday before that it felt so much worse than usual. Thankfully though, I could use the line for visa holders which only had two people in front of me, as opposed to the line for tourists with hundreds of people in it... In the end I made it to work at about noon, though I did stay until the end of the day at 7 PM, before dragging my luggage home.

I wish I could've used a luggage shipping service, but last time I found out they don't deliver after 7 PM, and if I get home at 8 all week that means I wouldn't be able to get my luggage until Saturday >< So I dragged it all the way to Kudanshita in the morning - there was only one transfer thankfully, but it was from one subway line to the other, and it's at times like those that I realize how much of a joke "barrier free" access is in Japan. ^^; I had to ask where the elevator was at the ticket gate between Higashi-Nihonbashi and Byakuro Yokoyama stations because I don't remember ever seeing one while changing trains there, and the answer was something like "There isn't one near here, but if you go back down to the platform with the escalator, walk to the far other end of the platform, go up the elevator there, go out the ticket gates of the west exit, take the elevator to the surface, cross the street twice at the traffic lights and then walk about two blocks to another entrance while following this map (*hands me a printed map*), take the elevator down, walk to the ticket gates and then take another elevator to the Shinjuku line platform" It took about 20 minutes to find the way, so on my way home in the evening I just opted to lug my 25kg suitcase (I'd added my laptop and some clothes to it after the flight) up and down two sets of stairs because it was so much faster and easier than taking that hike again... My arms are still sore from it, though. ^^;; Don't people here understand that elevators have to be made with people in mind who simply CAN'T walk long distances due to either disabilities or heavy luggage??

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16 June 2019 @ 07:42 am
I only just realized I haven't been to Animecon in 4 years! Apparently the last time was 2015 ^^; Time sure does fly!

This year the event moved to Rotterdam Ahoy for the first time, and it seems like everyone still has mixed feeling about the new location. Personally I liked how large the halls such as the dealer's room were, so it didn't feel too cramped, and there were no issues with people blocking the hallways and such. But on the other hand it was sorta lacking in atmosphere like I'd feared. Most of the building was really dark, with black walls, so it's really hard to take any pictures inside. And while there is a large park outside, it takes about 20 minutes to walk to anywhere worthwhile shooting at. I miss how you could just step outside and take pictures at any time like at the old location, or at Abunai. We ended up missing the cosplay competition because it took too long to walk to the park and take pictures =(

Of course I mostly went for the great company, though, and there's certainly nothing to complain about in that respect! I also ended up seeing a bunch of people from the old TenipuriNL group, even though I had no idea that they would be there. I'd been so busy preparing for the trip that I'd barely contacted anyone, but it was so sweet that they took the time to look for me <3

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06 June 2019 @ 10:06 pm
I picked up my Toumyu concert ticket on Tuesday and got 7th row on the first floor! Seat 9, so maybe a little off to the side, but it doesn't sound bad at all. I don't know what the theater looks like exactly though, I don't think I've ever been to this one. Though it seems to be in the same building as the cimema in Shinagawa I've been to a few times, and since it's on a Saturday I'll probably bike there, maybe get some food nearby... I already can't wait >www< That leaves me three more tickets to be picked up eventually this year, Rikkaimyu ones, Yu Yu Hakusho ones and Toumyu ones for october! And I need to get tickets for the Mahoutsukai no Yome play and the Tenimyu Undoukai somehow! Just a reminder to myself. ^^;

I also read Natsume Yuujinchou volume 24 last week ^o^ I loved the chapters focusing on Taki and Tanuma <3 Taki's brother is cute >w< But Natsume's imaginations of what he might look like were probably the cutest parts in that chapter >w<
Though Mm favorite moment in the whole volume was probably when Natsume realized he was acting the same way towards Tanuma as Natori is acting towards him sometimes <3 <3 <3 I hope it helps him understand Natori's position a little better. ( think I still ship them the hardest even though Natori didn't directly appear in this volume And it was so sweet how Natsume decided to give Tanuma some space when he realized he didn't have the right to stop him from interacting with youkai, just like how he doesn't want Natori exorcising or chasing away the youkai he's friendly with. And is it just me or was Natsume REALLY bold when he asked Tanuma's "guest" up front if he was a youkai, right in front of Tanuma!? What if he was wrong!? He must have been very VERY confident in his judgment! (or very trusting that Tanuma and his "guest" wouldn't be freaked out if he turned out to be wrong...) He's grown so much ;_;

And I'm totally on board with the idea of Misuzu having a human form, and a cool-looking one at that! Somehow I never considered the possibility, but if Nyanko-sensei is powerful enough to do that, then surely Misuzu is too! And since he lives on Tanuma's temple grounds, it would actually be really cool if they got to know each other so they can protect each other. Maybe if they have more chances to interact, they can become similar to Nyanko-Sensei and Natsume? Tanuma seemed so happy to have made a youkai "friend", awww <3

The movie chapter and origami chapter were kinda random, but it was nice to have chapters in which there wasn't any real conflict or impending danger. The origami story actually felt really similar to the stand-alone stories we got early on in the series, so it was nice to go back to that kind of stuff for a while.

I also read volume 4 of Nyanko-Sensei ga Iku during the onsen trip last weekend, which was amusing, though I kinda feel like the author is running out of ideas for jokes, and she was saying the same thing herself in the author's notes... There's only so many spoofs you can do, and it's starting to feel a little repetitive after four whole volumes of this. I hope she gets her inspiration back soon, or otherwise gets to bring it to a satisfying end.
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03 June 2019 @ 08:59 pm
I'm back from a very relaxing weekend (sort of?) in Hakone~ Well, on Saturday I mostly packed for the Netherlands and did some more sewing touch-ups on my friend's cosplay, but on Sunday afternoon I went to meet up with three friends in Hakone to go to Tenzan Onsen again, hopefully to see fireflies there!

Last year we got back super late, so this time we booked a room at a guest house nearby, so we wouldn't have to go back to Tokyo in the middle of the night. Staying at Tenzan Onsen or any actual onsen ryokan in the area was way too expensive, and because we only booked about two or three weeks ago there wasn't much available either... But I found this guest house called K's House that was mostly aimed at foreign tourists, which also had private rooms for about 5000 yen per person. :3 I was afraid it'd be a bit dirty and noisy considering its target demographic, but the place was surprisingly clean and quiet! Apparently it was only built about three years ago, so it didn't have any of the dustiness of old minshuku or ryokan. xD   Apparently they also had their own indoor and outdoor onsen (AND rooms had an in-room shower and bathtub) but since we were going to Tenzan and the guesthouse onsen wasn't available in the mornings (weird...) we pretty much only ended up sleeping there. ^^;

Such a pretty room though! It felt exactly big enough for three people (though I've definitely stayed at similar-sized rooms by myself, lol) There were 5 or 6 futons in the closet, but I"m not sure if that many would even fit in it xD
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01 June 2019 @ 10:21 am
This completely slipped my mind already but I have some pictures from the cosplay test / karaoke thing I did last Sunday =D My friend said they would lend me the Castlevania costume, but considering our differences in body size and shape I was very doubtful that anything but the coat would fit me, so I suggested we'd get together one time beforehand so I could try everything on.


I didn't even have to try on the pants to figure out that they wouldn't fit, both in width and length, lol. But it's just plain black pants, so I have my own black jeans that I can use. They worked pretty well with the boots that had arrived a few days earlier. The coat and top were fine too, though I wasn't really worried about that since my shoulders are probably narrower than my friend's, and it's not like the coat needs to close in the front. xD

The belts didn't fit either (I think my hips are about twice as wide as my friend's, lol) but she still had some of the fabric that they're made of, so I figured I could just elongate them and make them adjustable by adding velcro, which I've done on a random weekday morning this week, using my sewing machine.

I've also been fixing the decorative band on the gloves and coat bit by bit, since they seem to be have been cut and then glued on without having any stitching to stop the fraying, and since it's been used a lot, it's fraying a lot and the glue is peeling off in some places, and there was a hole in one of the gloves. When I said I'd fix all of that, my friend was like, "I'm gonna get this costume back in a better state than it originally was in", lol. I just don't want anything to fall off while I'm wearing it, that'd be embarrassing.

The wig's a tangled mess too, though I'm afraid that it's beyond saving... ^^; My friend said she washed it before handing it over, but it feels like she didn't use fabric softener or wig conditioner, because the texture is super rough, and brushing only seems to make it more frizzy, and pulling at it too hard is going to undo the curls entirely, and because it's so tangled, braiding it to fix the curls seems impossible. So I'm just gonna try and fix the styling of the bangs (they need to be lifted) and leave the rest, I think. I'm glad it's not MY wig, because then I'd probably try a little harder to re-wash and fix it xD
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30 May 2019 @ 08:38 am
I won one ticket for the Yu Yu Hakusho stage play!!! I applied for five different tickets over 4 shows -  the only 4 that I could possibly go to because the show only runs for less than a week, only including one weekend, and the venue isn't anywhere near my office. So I applied for one regular ticket for each show and one "premium" one for one of them. I supposed I could've applied for "premium" tickets for all the other shows too to increase my chances, but the process was a bit tedious because every application required you to log in again and input all your info over again, so I gave up after 5 times ^^;  And the one I won turned out to be one of the regular ones, anyway xD I wasn't expecting to actually win though, because when the play was anounced it was trending on twitter all day, and people were saying there was going to be "war" over tickets, lol. But yay!!!!!! Now to pay for it... When I do, I'll have exactly 303 yen left for this month, whoops...

On the other hand, the Mahoutsukai no Yome stage play ticket presale lottery got pushed back from "late May" to "early July"... I wonder what happened there ^^; Oh well, gotta keep an eye on it, I guess... I can't imagine it being so popular that it'll sell out completely though, it's probably similar to the AkaYona play for which I got all three tickets that I applied for, and I don't think there's any super big name actors in it?

And apparently there's going to be a Tenimyu Undoukai in fall? I've never been to one of those, so I'd love to go, even if it means I have to take a day off work because it's only on a Tuesday and Wednesday >w< My poor wallet though. Is that bonus there yet? (Though I'm still going to save that to buy a bicycle >w< )

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29 May 2019 @ 09:35 pm
My birthday isn't until tomorrow, but I got presents >www<  Thanks Mizhi-chan and pyuuki! ^o^

I got a pet bottle cover that'll keep your drinks cool in summer (or warm in winter), and a cute personalized keychain! It's so pretty that I'm almost afraid to use it because I don't wanna damage it >www<


In other news, I also finally got a package that Amazon had been giving me trouble with X_X It didn't get sent with one of the reputable shipping companies, but rather with a random "delivery provider", and that's usually bad news... As in, they don't come at the time you specify, and they don't have a proper customer service number - The number they do have is an automated voice menu only, and even if you specify a new redelivery time though it, it somehow doesn't get through to Amazon? So after doing that two times and the package failed to show up twice, I called Amazon's own customer service to reschedule it with them directly, and the first time they said that they were unable to take requests for package delivery times because they had a too big backlog of packages? That doesn't make sense? If you want to get rid of your backlog of packages, you have to deliver at the time that people will be able to receive them, d'oh! D=

So they randomly tried to deliver it again on Monday afternoon when I obviously wasn't home, and took it back with them even though I'd specified that they could leave it in my mailbox... And then I called again, and they finally agreed to schedule it for after 7PM, though that still meant there'd be a 50% chance of missing it... So this time I told them that if it doesn't fit in my mailbox for some reason (even though it's just a pair of fake vampire teeth for my cosplay...), they could just leave it in front of my door... In the end they didn't come until 20:55, but I guess that works, too. I'm sure the package would've fit in my mail box though =/  Anway, I also got sindraa Touken Ranbu DVD a couple minutes before that! And I got my Natsume Yuujinchou Movie DVD yesterday! Yay! =D
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28 May 2019 @ 08:19 am
Well, technically it's the 8th time that it was held, but I think it's my 3rd time in a row attending it ^o^

Pretty, pretty~

After we made our way to the Isehara Sports Park, it was still more than half an hour before the meeting time at 5PM, and there was still plenty of space to sit down, so my friend and I just wandered around the food stalls for a bit and bought some fries and kakigoori before going to find a spot. We ended up in pretty much the same spot as last year, to the far right side of the stage. Somehow I always end up there while searching for a "quieter" spot, because it's so damned noisy right in front of the stage, but since there are speakers on the far sides too it never really makes a difference. ^^;

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27 May 2019 @ 08:13 am
When someone asked me how often I'd been to Mt. Takao and Oyama a while ago, I had no idea, so I searched through my LJ and found at least 17 posts about Takao and 9 about Oyama... So I guess this might be my 10th visit there? Somehow it feels like I've been a lot more often than that. xD

The reason this time was the Isehara Fireworks Festival! I planned on going there again, but since it only starts at 7PM, it would feel like a waste to haul my ass all the way over to Isehara without doing something else there... So climbing Oyama was the obvious choice! And my Swedish friend had never been before and likes to collect Goshuin stamps, so I figured she would like to visit Afuri Shrine. I also invited a bunch of other people, but nobody else showed up ^^; In the end I'm kinda grateful for that though, because smaller groups are way less stressful when you're considered 'responsible' for them having a safe and enjoyable hike >w<

We took the same bus to Minoge again at 8:05, and started hiking at about 8:30. There was a small group of others getting off at Minoge, which was somewhat surprising because most people seem to go to Yabitsu. We didn't see them the rest of the day though, so I'm not sure if they took a different trail or maybe we were just that much faster?

The weather was fantastic! It was supposed to be sunny and close to 30 degrees all day, though there was a bit of a breeze so it didn't nearly feel as hot in the mountains. And I didn't even get sunburned, maybe thanks to reapplying sunscreen about 4 times during the day.

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24 May 2019 @ 08:47 am
Besides all the busy stuff going on, life's actually pretty decent =D  The weather has been great this spring! Today it's going to be almost 30 dagrees and sunny all day, and same for the Isehara Fireworks Festival tomorrow! It's nice not having to worry about whether or not it will be cancelled, and having to alter plans or find an alternative thing to do with the nice friends who said they would come >w< Yep, this time I'm hoping that at least 3 or 4 people will show up, since about 7 said that they would. I'm also taking my Swedish friend to Oyama beforehand, because she's never been and she wants to collect the goshuuin from the shrine there.

How many different people did I email or message individually this week to organize stuff Um *looks back at calender*...  Oh,17! And that's ot counting the ones in the Facebook event pages that I made, instead of contacting people individually...  It's not just about the hiking / fireworks tomorrow, but also about animecon and the rest of my trip to the Netherlands, about another potential hiking trip on the 23rd of june, about Comiket, about people visiting me in Japan later this year, and about possibly joining up with some Twitter friends to go sightseeing in Hitoyoshi in September so they can maybe drive me around in their car, ghehehe You'd almost think I'm a social person ^^; Nope, I still very much prefer my peace and quiet, but it's more a case of "If I don't do it, who will?"  If you want something, usaually you have no choice but to organize it yourself.

Here's some random pictures from this week~
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23 May 2019 @ 10:24 pm
I thought that quitting my freelance would give me MORE time to sleep and watch anime/read manga, but somehow I end up taking on more and more other stuff, even though I have less money... It seems like I'm just really really bad at doing nothing ^^;;;;;;

So it looks like I will be putting together an all new cosplay for Animecon, in just 3 weeks... I just assumed that my Japanese friends and I would be doing Hozuki no Reitetsu again, since we all have costumes from that and we've only worn them together once... Or that maybe I could do Kurapika again if they wanted to do something else?

But it seems like their interest has completely shifted towards other stuff, especially the Castlevania Netflix anime... So now they want me to cosplay from that with them. And well, I watched it a while ago, and I liked it a lot, so why the heck not? So yeah, I will be cosplaying Alucard, because he's blond and my friends say I would look good as him. x'D Yeah, that's enough motivation for me these days, if it will make my friends happy. Granted, I'm not putting a costume together from scratch entirely, as my friend will lend me a wig and a coat... But there's no way that her shoes, pants or shirt are going to fit me, and I'll still have to figure out how to do the make-up and maybe vampire teeth?

So I bought myself some spiffy boots~ Thankfully they arrived AFTER 8PM when I selected the 7~9 timeslot, for a change! I cycled home as quickly as possible today and arrived at 7:50, but it turns out I hadn't needed to go through the effort as they arrived neatly at 8:10. =) And the size fit, too! I"m always a bit apprehensive about buying shoes online, but the reviews had said that they run small, so I bought the "25 cm" size instead of the "24 cm" that I usually get for other shoes... And I think it's good that I did, because they fit exactly! They're maybe about half a size too big, but that's nothing that can't be solved by wearing an extra pairs of socks (while there's nothing you can do when they're too small, so...)  Looking at the bottom of the sole, it says that it's a "size 41"... O__O  I wonder in which country's system this is a "size 41", because in Dutch sizes I usually only have size 37... Anyway, they fit!

And I'm sure they'll come in handy during the rainy seasons in general (I currently don't have any waterproof shoes anymore other than my hiking shoes, my Kija shoes have a crack in the sole now ^^;  ) , so I wouldn't have minded buying some new boots even if it wasn't for the cosplay >w<

We're getting together on Sunday for cosplay karaoke so I can try everything on, which means that I won't have a single day with nothing planned until I leave for the Netherlands, and so I won't be home during the day at all... ^^;;; I hope the rest of the deliverymen will be just as nice to arrive after 8PM on weekdays, so I can get my vampire teeth (that I just ordered from amazon, lol), and also Sindraa's Touken Ranbu DVD that's supposed to be coming to me in the near future? Hrmm...

Ahhh, way past bedtime already X_X

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Here's the rest of the pictures from the HxH photoshoot at Hacostadium! It's so nice when you don't have to edit the photos because they already look great in the first place =D

Everybody had brought a ton of screencaps and official art to work with! We kinda needed to, because come to think if it, there are barely any scenes in the Yorkshin arc when everyone is together. This scene when the gang all met up at a hotel is one of the only ones that we could think of.

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