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Dragonball Z boots cosplay tutorial

I haven't found any tutorial for this yet which I found to be both understandable and gives a satisfying end result. So I've been asked to do this after mine happened to turn out rather well. There seem to be many different ways people use to make these, so I took some ideas from different places and picked out the things that seemed the most useful to me, and made up my own method as I was going.

So... I'll just attempt to describe how I made mine, and I hope it'll be useful to some people. I'm just a beginner and an amateur at making cosplay stuff and even more at sewing, and I've never tried to make a tutorial before, so I can't guarantee that I'll be very helpful or even be able to pretend like I know what I'm talking about, but... I'll try. ^^

Just to clarify, it's these which I tried to make, for my Trunks cosplay. But lots of characters seem to be wearing a similar style of boots, so you could probably use this method for some of those others too.

What you'll need:

- Pencil and paper (to draw the pattern)

- Shoes to use as the base of your boot. You'll want something that looks like this, without any shoelaces or any other kind of fastening. You'll need to be able to slide your foot into it easily without  needing to use your hands to help.

- Fabric in two colours; that typical yellow-ish colour, and some bits of brown. Most people recommend using felt for this, but as I couldn't find felt in the right colour, I used some cotton-ish stuff instead for the yellow parts. That did make the process lot more complicated though. ^^;;

- Textile glue, I used something called "Bison textiellijm" which was recommended to me by another cosplayer, and it worked great. I don't know if Bison is available outside of Europe, but it's basically a high quality, strong, elastic and washing machine-resistant textile adhesive.

- Velcro

- A black marker, preferably one meant to draw on textile.

- Scissors

- A sewing machine and ironing equipment. Well, you could probably sew everything by hand, but I don't recommend it for this. ^^;

-Lots of free time on your hands. It took me about 7-8 hours, but you can probably do it faster if you don't make things as unnecessarily complicated as I did. ^^;;


So, first you're going to need to make a pattern. How big all the parts are going to be, depends on your shoe size, so I recommend holding the paper up to your shoe, and tracing over it with a pencil to get the right size.  If you're not sure about the size, cut them a bit bigger than they need to be at first, and then hold up the pieces to your shoe again and adjust them where it's needed.

I ended up with 4 different pieces, one for the two sides of the boot, one for the middle front part, one for the little rectangle flaps on the front, and one for the brown tip and heel of the boot. I made more pieces than I needed though, and first tried to construct the boot out of paper just to see how it all comes together. Doing that is a good idea if you have a poor visual-spatial ability like me. ^^;;  It makes it very clear how you'll need to put everything together in the end.

Photobucket         Photobucket

Next you need to cut out all the pieces from your fabric. Pin your paper pattern to the fabric to keep it from moving around, and cut around it with a pair of sharp scissors.

Photobucket        Photobucket

If you're using felt, you'll need to make 4 sides, 4 of those rectangles, 2 front panels and 4 of the brown parts. Cut them out exactly around the edges of your paper, to make them the same size.

If you're using something else that isn't as sturdy as felt, you'll need to double everything, AND cut them out slightly bigger. So when you're cutting them out, leave about 1 centimeter extra around the edges. In order to make one part, you'll need to cut two pieces with the same shape, but mirrored to each other. And then you'll have to sew your two pieces together like this, inside out, with the seam about 1 centimeter from the edge; that's what that extra space was for.


The white part is the inside of my fabric, the yellow part is the outside. I laid the two parts on top of each other crooked for the picture, so you could see that it's inside out, but of course you'll have to put them straight and exactly on top of each other.  Sew around the edges, and leave open the smallest side. (The side that's on the left in my picture) Then you have to turn it inside out (Thus making the outside come on the... outside. Following me?) , make sure that all the corners are fully pushed outwards, then iron it to make it flat. Then you can make a seam that's about 1 centimeter from the edges, for decoration and to make it look like it does in the anime. You can draw those lines on too if you want to save time, but I think sewing them looks better.  Do the same thing to all the pieces. (I didn't take any pictures during that process though, sorry! ORZ ) So for one boot, you'll end up with these pieces:

(don't look at how dark my front panel is, I took this picture after I spilled glue on it and had to wash it out again and I was waiting for it to dry ^^; It's really the same colour, but it looks darker 'cause it's wet. )
You can see that I sewed the two side panels together already in the back, because I thought that would make it sturdier than glueing them together. I also attached the two rectangles to one of the side panels. I actually put them inside of the seam between the two pieces of fabric I used, but that's kinda complicated to explain so if you just put them on the underside that's probably okay too. As long as it looks like the picture. ^^  Keep in mind there that you're doing a right shoe and a left shoe, and the rectangles come from the inside of the shoe. So what you see above are the pieces for my left shoe. For the right one, it should be mirrored.

Then you glue on all the pieces to your shoe, in the same way you put the paper parts on it in the beginning. I recommend you put the shoes on while doing this, so they keep the right shape during the process.  It may be best if someone helps you with glueing the different parts on, because it's hard to do it while you're wearing them yourself. But I didn't have anyone to help, and I managed it somehow. ^^;

You glue the front panel on first, with half of it glued to the shoe, and the other half going up your leg. (of course, don't put any glue there! Just glue on the front part! ^^; )  After that's stuck, you do the big part of both the sides, make sure that the seam on the back is exactly in the middle of your heel, and fold it around your leg and foot and onto the shoe. Hold it and press it until it sticks in the right way. Now the front of your base shoe will still be exposed, you all that's left is to put the brown part on there to cover the front of your shoe. Don't forget to put one on the heel too, one of exactly the same size as the one on the front is good. Don't take the boots off until you're sure that everything is stuck and won't come off again!

Photobucket        Photobucket

You'll see that on my left shoe, there's still a part of the front of my shoe exposed because the brown felt wasn't in exactly the right shape. No worries, just cut out another tiny part you had left over, and glue that on to cover it up.

In the anime there's lots of lines on the brown parts of the boots, so draw those on there with your black marker.

Then, you'll want to be able to actually fasten your boots, so I used some velcro for that. It's probably better to try and find velcro in the same colour as your fabric, but I just happened to have white velcro on hand, so I used that instead.

My end result:  
    Photobucket       Photobucket

I hope I've made it clear enough this way. ^^ And if you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask, although I can't guarantee that I'll be able to answer everything. orz
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